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Dorenbos Plumbing is a plumbing company in Chicago. The company has been providing plumbing services in Chicago for both residential and commercial customers for more than 20 years. Dorenbos Plumbing is a family owned and operated company and provides one of the best plumbing jobs in Chicago. It is a bonded, insured and licensed plumbing company and the staffs are a group of highly trained licensed plumbers and are up to date with the Chicago plumbing code for the state of Illinois. Dorenbos Plumbing is local plumber in Chicago that provides an efficient and easy to work service at affordable competitive prices

Some of the few plumbing services provided by Dorenbos Plumbing are:

Sewer and drain services
Video inspection of sewer lines
Drain cleaning – High pressure water jetting
Drains opened
Water heater repair and replacement
Toilet, sink and tub replacement
Pipe repairs
Code violations
Gas line installation and repair
Leaks stopped
Electric rodding – Flood control
Sump & Ejector Pumps
Clean, rebuild & repair of catch basin
Repair work
Rehab specialists
New Construction

Dorenbos Plumbing Customer Service Number

Dorenbos Plumbing guarantees quality in all their work and strive to exceed each of customers expectation to offer you the best plumber experience in Chicago. The office hours of Dorenbos Plumbing is open through Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Dorenbos Plumbing does not offer 24 hour plumber services to their customer but they do offer emergency plumber services in Chicago. For any problems with your plumbing or for any emergencies, customer can call the customer service phone number at 773-286-8700 and get immediate help. To book an appointment or request a free quote, customer can send an email to the plumbing team with all the information and get a response back.

Dorenbos Plumbing Customer Service Number
Dorenbos Plumbing Customer Service Phone Number – 773-286-8700
Dorenbos Plumbing Customer Service Fax Number – 773.286.8709
Dorenbos Plumbing Customer Service Email Address[email protected]
Dorenbos Plumbing Headquarters – 4321 N Lowell Avenue Chicago, IL 60641

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