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  • Sohan Khan says:

    Hello,I have been using KM player.This is one of the most popular media palyer around the world in windows operating system. I like it much more.Now I have a question. When i play a high resolution video in this player, The video player works very slow first time. Most of the time, It hangs the itself.Provide a solution to resolve the problem.Thank you very much. Rating: 5

  • KMPlayer able to work with Google Drive, that’s excellent, but TeamDrive from Google is getting popular nowadays, hopefully KMPlayer can support TeamDrive as well in near future. Thanks

  • Once Upon a Time, Kmplayer was the best media player, and now is the worst media player just because of mass Annoying,uncalled-for and offensive advertising… today i removed this app and frome the moment i recomend to others follow this way.

  • peter maiky says:

    hi im a km player user and i have a problem in windows 10
    the size is so small and i can hardly see the buttons
    what should i do?

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