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  • After downloading the latest update for KMPlayer, all items in my Video file disappeared. How do I retrieve these?

  • i am unable to play [2160p] [4K] video on kmp player. how to play 4k videos

  • rami hegazy says:

    nice updateu may just put an option (if not default setting) that the player resumes from the last point u left it so if am watching a 9 hours tutorial i dont look every time for the point i stopped at Rating: 4

  • Rendy Brontosaurus says:

    Hay there, just info that I can’t play TS video file Rating: 5

  • HUNG C FONG says:

    can you fix playlist? i tried really hard to create, type, create, retrieve. Then the playlist isn’t there. It is extremely difficult to create playlist, or playlistssssss. it just didn’t work. And anyone answer this, have you try it? quality assuranced it? and show me/us how? is it easy? Whoever checked, or checking, you better try it before you answer my request and question please!

  • how we can take a HD capture of movies as a photo?

  • Hi/ I can’t find multisubtitel option in subcategory [ KMPLAYER X64 ] Please help me. Thanks

  • Sohan Khan says:

    Hello,I have been using KM player.This is one of the most popular media palyer around the world in windows operating system. I like it much more.Now I have a question. When i play a high resolution video in this player, The video player works very slow first time. Most of the time, It hangs the itself.Provide a solution to resolve the problem.Thank you very much. Rating: 5

  • KMPlayer able to work with Google Drive, that’s excellent, but TeamDrive from Google is getting popular nowadays, hopefully KMPlayer can support TeamDrive as well in near future. Thanks

  • Once Upon a Time, Kmplayer was the best media player, and now is the worst media player just because of mass Annoying,uncalled-for and offensive advertising… today i removed this app and frome the moment i recomend to others follow this way.

  • peter maiky says:

    hi im a km player user and i have a problem in windows 10
    the size is so small and i can hardly see the buttons
    what should i do?

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