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Founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, KOHLER is a manufacturing company known for its wide assortment of plumbing supplies. The company also specializes in the manufacturing of furniture, cabinetry, tiles, engines, and generators. KOHLER products offer an eclectic mix of cultural patters and modern aesthetics that help you to create beautiful, bold spaces that strive to enhance your sense of gracious living.

The company enjoys a global presence with more than 50 manufacturing locations across 6 continents, more than 30,000 KOHLER associate, and millions of happy customers worldwide. The Corporation’s sole objective is to meet the needs of its customers with its high-end products and services. KOHLER provides comprehensive purchase assistance and after-sales support and service to all its customers.

You can visit KOHLER’s brick and mortar stores near you or their official website to know more about their products and supplies. Alternatively, you can also call at KOHLER customer care number 1800 103 2244 from around the world and seek information about KOHLER products that interest you.

KOHLER’s customer service executives are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 Am to 5:00 PM (Central time zone) and are committed to providing you with comprehensive care and assistance. They will promptly handle all your queries and complaints and will provide you with the most feasible solution in the minimum amount of time.

Calling KOHLER Phone Number 1800 103 2244

Facing issues with your ongoing KOHLER product? Need assistance for installing a new product? Or are you simply looking out for some inspiration and design ideas for your dream kitchen or bathroom? Call KOHLER tech support number 1800 103 2244 and get immediate help from their friendly and knowledgeable customer care team. Common reasons for calling KOHLER’s customer care team include seeking information about new and ongoing products, where to buy support, technical support for installation and service of products, repairs, returns, complaint, and other customer service issues.

Other ways to contact KOHLER

Some additional ways to reach out to KOHLER’s customer support team is by sending out an email on their registered email ID or by voicing out your opinions on KOHLER’s social media handles. These include:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KOHLER
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/KOHLER
  • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/KOHLER
  • Hytec Plumbing: hytec.customer.service@KOHLER.com
  • SBES: bes@bes-maintenance.com
  • SOREEL: soreel@soreel.com

So, you can either speak to a live customer support agent by dialing KOHLER customer care number 1800 103 2244 or submit your complaints, feedbacks, and suggestions at the aforementioned email IDs and social media handles. Their support executives are quick and usually send out a response within 1 business day.   

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  • Randy Lim says:

    We own (2) Kohler 99007-TLC-NA Verdera Lighted Medicine Cabinets and both lights have gone out. It seems like the electrical wire that connects the cabinet to the door gets pulled when it opens and crimps when it closes. These actions probably wears on the wire. The cabinets are a little over a year old. Any suggestions how to fix this?

  • We bought a touchless kitchen sink faucet. Worked electronically for about 4 days then it stopped working . Tried to call Kohler support to no avail . The solutions offered by Kohler on line do not help at all . Their customer service is terrible. Will not by Kohler again. We did not keep the box and have no way of returning it not to mention we bought it on line which is another mistake we made. Three mistakes, buying Kohler, buying on line and not keeping the box.

  • Renee Young says:

    i just purchased a Kohler toilet called Elm Brook and the seat was cracked. when i tried to call the customer care number both times it was a non existing number. i could just buy another seat except this seat just happened to be an automatic self lowering seat which is one of the features that attracted me to purchase it in the first place. I’m starting to think that Kohler doesn’t care at all, i would hate to have to give them a bad review.


    I am terribly disappointed bring it to your notice that in spite of my product being under warranty I was charged by your technician Mr.Santosh salvi mobile 9823137031. No receipt was provided.We TRUST the brand name so Pl ensure that the customers are not fleeced by asurprised technician.

  • Robert Clark says:

    I called number to identify model numbers and replacement parts for an obsolete Delta shower system. Tried twice and got ” You’re call can not be completed as dialed” both times. Can’t seem to find way to talk to real person.

  • We currently have a Kohler #K4620 toilet. We would like to replace it with a higher toilet (16 & 1/2 or more). The toilet is next to a shower door. When the door opens it comes very close to the edge of the front of the toilet bowl. It is approximately 28″ from the back of the toilet to the front of the toilet bowl. Is there a “high” toilet which would have these dimensions? When we looked at Kohler toilets at Home Depot, it appeared that they would be longer than ours. Hoping you would give us some guidance.
    Thank you,

  • Robert Henry says:

    The TOUCHLESS TOLIET is a rip off. I have had this stupid expensive toliet for 2 months. Th motor that makes the toliet flush has gone bad. I have tried to get the motor three (3) times, and three times Koehler has sent me the switch assembly. The switch is fine, the problem is that the motor that make the toliet flush, runs but the wheel that is supposed to lift the flush mechanism does not move. If you want an expensive toliet and do not use it, then go and buy this piece of junk. Then you get the joy of ending up buying another toliet and paying to have it installed.

  • Robert Henry says:

    I have tried three(3) times to get the module (electric motor) to repIr my touchless toliet. The toilet has been in use since 4/1/2018. It cost a lot and I purchased it from Home Depot. All three times I have talked to Koehler, they have assured me that they were sending the new updated part. Well, all I have gotten is the switch assemble for the unit. The motor is the problem. They motor will run but the wheel that lifts the flush valve does not move. If you buy this toilet, you are going to have all kinds of problems with it. DO NOT BUY THE TOUCHLESS TOLIET!!! ??? I am working with Home Depot to try and return it and get a regular flush toliet. The TOUCHLESS TOLIET, is a rip off.

  • I called in to know about the various types of kitchen faucet that kohler manufactures and the pricing/design of each of them. But I don’t know what happened to the kohler customer service rep that day. the agent kept asking me for the serial number of the product even after repeatedly saying that I do not have and without saying anything else, they disconnected my call.

  • It was a pleasant experience having a conversation with kohler customer service. I now have a better idea and picture on how to make my house look brighter and beautiful.

  • I called the Kohler customer service number to complain that my bathroom sink was rusting around the overflow hole. We have lived in the house for 8 years and did not have any rust in the sinks. At first, the customer service rep said we might have hard water at our place but we have two sinks installed at the same time and the other sink did not have the problem. The customer service requested for a picture of the rusting sink and after a few minutes of keeping me on hold, the rep came online and offered to send me a new sink. I am happy that they are sending me a new sink and I have this site to thank.

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