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    I called the Kohler customer service number to complain that my bathroom sink was rusting around the overflow hole. We have lived in the house for 8 years and did not have any rust in the sinks. At first, the customer service rep said we might have hard water at our place but we have two sinks installed at the same time and the other sink did not have the problem. The customer service requested for a picture of the rusting sink and after a few minutes of keeping me on hold, the rep came online and offered to send me a new sink. I am happy that they are sending me a new sink and I have this site to thank.

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    It was a pleasant experience having a conversation with kohler customer service. I now have a better idea and picture on how to make my house look brighter and beautiful.

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    I called in to know about the various types of kitchen faucet that kohler manufactures and the pricing/design of each of them. But I don’t know what happened to the kohler customer service rep that day. the agent kept asking me for the serial number of the product even after repeatedly saying that I do not have and without saying anything else, they disconnected my call.

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    Robert Henry

    I have tried three(3) times to get the module (electric motor) to repIr my touchless toliet. The toilet has been in use since 4/1/2018. It cost a lot and I purchased it from Home Depot. All three times I have talked to Koehler, they have assured me that they were sending the new updated part. Well, all I have gotten is the switch assemble for the unit. The motor is the problem. They motor will run but the wheel that lifts the flush valve does not move. If you buy this toilet, you are going to have all kinds of problems with it. DO NOT BUY THE TOUCHLESS TOLIET!!! 😩😩😩 I am working with Home Depot to try and return it and get a regular flush toliet. The TOUCHLESS TOLIET, is a rip off.

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    Robert Henry

    The TOUCHLESS TOLIET is a rip off. I have had this stupid expensive toliet for 2 months. Th motor that makes the toliet flush has gone bad. I have tried to get the motor three (3) times, and three times Koehler has sent me the switch assembly. The switch is fine, the problem is that the motor that make the toliet flush, runs but the wheel that is supposed to lift the flush mechanism does not move. If you want an expensive toliet and do not use it, then go and buy this piece of junk. Then you get the joy of ending up buying another toliet and paying to have it installed.

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    John Joseph

    In 2010 I purchased 2 carbon kitchen faucets from Kohler, they list in the fifteen hundred dollar range, and look like an erector set. I have owned many homes and many kitchen faucets, never had a better faucet. I am average height and always end up with a sore back when at a kitchen sink.
    These units can be moved close to the front of the sink, I have not had a bad back since buying these. I called customer service because in a two or three year period, people called me about my recommendation. I was able to visit one of the homes and she was correct, her volume of water flow was much less then mine. CS said both clients should contact Kohler and have the problem resolved. I thought maybe there was a design change that caused the problem. He said no.

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    Don Knox

    We currently have a Kohler #K4620 toilet. We would like to replace it with a higher toilet (16 & 1/2 or more). The toilet is next to a shower door. When the door opens it comes very close to the edge of the front of the toilet bowl. It is approximately 28″ from the back of the toilet to the front of the toilet bowl. Is there a “high” toilet which would have these dimensions? When we looked at Kohler toilets at Home Depot, it appeared that they would be longer than ours. Hoping you would give us some guidance.
    Thank you,