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    I called the Kohler customer service number to complain that my bathroom sink was rusting around the overflow hole. We have lived in the house for 8 years and did not have any rust in the sinks. At first, the customer service rep said we might have hard water at our place but we have two sinks installed at the same time and the other sink did not have the problem. The customer service requested for a picture of the rusting sink and after a few minutes of keeping me on hold, the rep came online and offered to send me a new sink. I am happy that they are sending me a new sink and I have this site to thank.

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    It was a pleasant experience having a conversation with kohler customer service. I now have a better idea and picture on how to make my house look brighter and beautiful.

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    I called in to know about the various types of kitchen faucet that kohler manufactures and the pricing/design of each of them. But I don’t know what happened to the kohler customer service rep that day. the agent kept asking me for the serial number of the product even after repeatedly saying that I do not have and without saying anything else, they disconnected my call.

    Rating: 2