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West Coast Internet was founded in the early 1990’s providing services to customers such as Web hosting, Broadband, E-Commerce Applications and Server Co-locations. Considered to be a mid-size internet access firm, they are able to handle all sophisticated consumer and business needs. Between the years 1998-2000, the customers for West Coast Internet grew to 75% due to the excellent internet service and customer service provided by them. This is all due to their long term staffs and technicians providing a fast accurate and reliable customer service for any issue that the customer is facing with.

West Coast Internet provides different types of services to their customers and they offer an exceptional customer service to handle each and every issue efficiently for all the services they provide. The technical support team for West Coast internet is available 24/7 so that for all internet connection issues that you may be facing, the issue will be resolve in an instant. They take pride in offering quality customer service and support where you can quickly speak with a technical support representative qualified to assist you with the issues.

West Coast Internet offers two types of basic internet connection packages which you can later upgrade it according to your choice. Those internet access packages are

Basic DSL/Broadband – fast connection speed, secure & reliable, quality customer service for $23.50 and up.

T1 – T1 is a ideal connection plan for customers who prefer a very fast internet connection speed or if they do not have access to DSL/broadband in their region. The pricing plans of the packages may vary based on the internet connection speed you prefer and your location. And it has got some very good features such as a dedicated connection starting at 384k, 24×7 on-site technician support, secure & reliable , excellent customer service and online tutorial on how to get it connected for $395 and up.

West Coast Internet Customer Service Number

With their motto “We believe in customer service”, West Coast Internet not only retained their old customers but grew significantly in the last few years due to the stellar customer service they provide. They have a team of professional and experience technical support representatives who are always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist you. For any issue that you may be facing with your internet connections, the technical support representatives are well trained and qualified to offer you a quick solution. To get in touch with a tech support team, you can dial the West Coast Internet technical support and get immediate help. If you want a technical support team to contact you back, you can fill up the online contact form available at their website and one of the tech email support representative will respond back to you.

West Coast Internet Phone Number – (949) 487-3307

West Coast Internet Billing Phone Number – (949) 487-3303

West Coast Internet Sales Phone Number – (949) 487-3302

West Coast Internet Mailing Address – West Coast Internet Po Box 7598 Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Website – http://www.westcoastinternet.com/

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  • I have had only bad experience dealing with west coast internet. The internet connection is very weak and most of the times I have to restart the wifi router to get it back up again. at first i thought it was because of the router so i changed it and the problem was still the same. The internet speed was too slow for normal standard. On trying to contact the customer service, I cannot reach anyone of them. I tried calling them multiple times and even send multiple emails but no responses from their end. I have been trying to get in touch with them for the past 3 weeks and the only thing that I get is the answering machine. This company has no respect or concern for their customers. Makes me wonder how they are able to stay in business. This is just bad business and we customers are the one suffering.

  • A very reliable company that provides fast and consistent internet speed with no connection drops. And not to forget the reliable customer service with a real concern for any issues unlike major customer service.

  • I love the fast internet speed and great service too. They came quickly and install it very fast.

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