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6 years ago

It took me a whole lot of time unable to decide which internet providers I should go for, based solely on 24/7 support. my previous experience with my internet service provider was just horrible. Constant internet drops late at night and the customer service was not available till morning which affected me a lot with my work. I was not looking for a super high speed internet service but a good internet speed that will allow me to stream Netflix in HD and use the internet for work purpose. So based on reviews from all review sites I decided to go for TSC and I could not be more than happy with them. Ever since I got my internet service there has not been a single connection drop (yeah, the download speed drops down from time to time but never been an issue) and the customer service support is stellar. That is exactly what I expect when I pay for a service, it does not matter if I am paying less or more, all I want is that I get uninterrupted service and that way we can both coexist peacefully (no heated exchange of words with a stranger over the phone hahahaha). As for now I have nothing wrong to say about this company and I hope it stays that way.

6 years ago

I have been using tsc for a very long time now and I am really satisfied with all the service they provide. the customer service is always available when we need help and they are a bunch of very nice people. I recommended the same to my mother in law and even she is very happy with it. the wifi installer guy came and installed all the equipment on the same day itself. I would highly recommend it to others as well.

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