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Mediacom cable has probably one of the best reputations when it comes to providing Internet solutions to people in America. Overall, one can say that having a look at the Mediacom cable address to check out whether they fall within the service area is no longer a fishy subject.

If you happen to be in requirement of good quality entertainment packages with top-of-the-line Internet solutions, then Mediacom cable is the way to go. They have a whole arsenal of good engineers that provide you with expert solutions when you ring up the Mediacom cable 1800 number.

With a lot of people seeking out services from Mediacom cable, Mediacom Webmail, they also have a lot of positive Mediacom cable reviews which only showcase the very best of services that they provide. When you need to make use of such a stellar service, call the Mediacom cable customer service number.

Benefits: –

With more and more people seeking out proper Internet speeds, and finding that throttling of Internet speeds by Internet service providers is a big issue, Mediacom cable becomes their only hope. Some of the benefits provided by them include;

  • Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps for people that are in need of it.
  • Manageable entertainment packages for television and telephone which works out to the benefit of people with limited range of money.
  • Wonderful network connectivity that ensures that your Internet connection does not get cut off in the middle of any work.
  • Expert engineers that are always at hand when you call the Mediacom cable helpline.

So, do you want to use this service?

For a long time, people have been struggling with getting quality Internet speeds in America. However, with localized, community services like Mediacom cable, those things have taken a backseat. To get more information, you can call the Mediacom cable support.

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5 years ago

I called mediacom customer service phone number with two question- how much it would cost me to upgrade my internet plans and what would be the internet speed. The customer service said that their best internet speed is 1 gig and the service plans would not change for the next 12 months. But after three months into the service, the internet speed has now dropped to 300 to 400 mbps, sometimes even lower and i am paying for the 1 gig plan. I understand if it was a day or two when the speed goes down due to some technical issues but this has been happening for the last two months now. I need an answer!!

5 years ago

I called the mediacom customer service phone number and have been kept on hold for a half hour, finally talked to someone and they said “let me transfer you” before I can say anything. All I wanted to do was switch my internet to my new house but i have been kept on hold. I need internet but I don’t need it that bad. I am switching my service to another internet provider than being kept on whole the whole time without even hearing me out.

5 years ago

Whenever I call the Mediacom phone number the customer service representatives have always been awesome. The service on the other hand has been weak at times and internet connection interruptions happen almost 4 to 5 times a day. However, I am quiet thrilled with the monthly rates as they provide a cheap monthly fee. There are other internet providers that offer a better service but hesitant to switch since I have been a Mediacom customer for many years.

5 years ago

Mediacom cable is the one of the few service providers in my area and in all these years I have faced many ups and down. There are few occasions when the internet goes down for days and calling up the Mediacom number is of no use as they offer no help. But the bright side is there is never a drop in the connection speed, I have an internet 200 plan and there is no fluctuation in the speed. And since there is no other internet service provider that provides a better speed I am force to stick with them

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