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MagicJack is a company that owns one of the largest wireline-based telecom companies in the United States of America, whereby most of the home numbers are available for certifications. In order to reach out to them, you can call the MagicJack customer service number.

Quality over quantity has always been the motto of MagicJack services, and they continue to stick by it. By looking at some of the glorious MagicJack reviews online, you get a feeling that they take customer satisfaction to the next level.

When you require some of the best benefits when it comes to telecom and Internet speeds without having to sacrifice on the budget, MagicJack is the only way forward. You can call the MagicJack 1800 number in order to check out the services and plans that they have for prospective customers.

Benefits: –

MagicJack has been providing a lot of benefits to its customers, some of which include;

  • Unlimited calling services anywhere within United States and Canada from any part of the world.
  • International calling solutions applicable through the MagicJack services.
  • MagicJack helpline available 24 hours for people facing problems with their connectivity.
  • You can keep your current number by simply porting the existing number to your new service provider.
  • You can get unlimited long distance calling from any connection, be it your mobile phone or your computer.

So, is this the service you need?

When it concerns long distance phone calls, it is always important for you to keep budget into account. This is the reason why people secure the services of MagicJack. You can check out if they service your area by looking through the MagicJack address found online.

To get the best deal possible when it comes to international calling, you can call up the MagicJack support.

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