Offering the best of television, Internet and voice deals, Charter Spectrum offers world-class services within a very small budget. It offers the fastest Internet speeds and enough bandwidth for everyone in your home to stay connected to the Internet at the same time. Thus, allowing you to connect multiple devices in your home without sacrificing the speed. The company also runs a 24-hour helpline to help its customers get proper support and guidance. By calling Charter Spectrum 1800 number , you would be able to get information about their deals and plans.

Benefits of Charter Spectrum Internet services

Charter Spectrum Internet offers the following benefits and advantages:

  • Fastest Internet speeds
  • Over 200 entertainment channels to choose from
  • No data caps
  • Enough speed to support all the devices in your home
  • Free installation, Wi-Fi set up and DVR services
  • Pairs perfectly with Spectrum TV
  • Secure internet browsing sessions
  • Free of cost service for senior citizens
  • 24/7 dedicated technical Support available through Charter Spectrum customer service number

Get in touch with Spectrum Internet Customer Service

Of the many companies that provide Internet deals and packages, Charter 1800 number customer service are the topmost. To get more information about their deals, services, plans and prices, or to get instant resolution for all your Internet-related issues, call Charter Spectrum Internet customer service.

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4 years ago

is it possible that my spectrum service could block access to

Glenn Mitchell
4 years ago

Do I use another internet service in order to get you tube TV?

John rogue
4 years ago

My emails are not coming thru properly there come in like a number like [5] and so on cannot open this to print, I have called and no one know the answer

4 years ago

My whatsapp number has been banned so please unbanned
My whatsapp number 8077511442
Plz plz

5 years ago

We just got a new spectrum internet connection and its very good. I had my doubts before getting the connection as they were many reviews about constant connection drops but never happened till date (6 months now). Service has been great and compared to my previous internet provider the internet speed is faster by 5 times and the pricing is very reasonable. Great customer service as well. Thumbs up

Atul Kumar
5 years ago

I need to install a new connection for internet, please let me know the procedure.

Celia Kaplow
5 years ago

My experience with charter internet in the past 4 years has been good. Over the years they kept upgrading the internet speed and there is very little issue when it comes to network drop or connection lost. The customer service has been helpful at times but you always don’t get a very good responses from them if you are stuck with an issue. They love to postpone things and take everything at their own slow pace. The more you pressure them the more time it takes for your problem to get resolved. The same can be said about the contractors or the technicians who comes over for installation and repairs. Never on the scheduled time and make the whole place a mess. Overall once you get the connection, you are very much on your own when you face an issue as the service is very slow that it leaves you frustrated the whole time

5 years ago

Never really liked the charter internet service because of too much speed fluctuation making it very difficult to play games online but they are the only service providers that provide the best speed in my area at a very reasonable price. Can’t blame the customer service for this as i have seen that many users always abuse the customer service but they are not the one controlling the speed.

5 years ago

We are using charter spectrum communications for more than a year, we took the TV, Voice and internet triple play. Yes the plans are very cheap compared to other companies but the Charter spectrum customer service is terrible. There is no customer service when you call their phone number and the line is always is very frustrating

5 years ago

The internet speed is fast and awesome but whenever there is any issue with the connection and you contact the spectrum customer service, you get very little help. The internet usually takes more than 2 to 3 hours to come back and the customer service never updates you with anything.

5 years ago

Spectrum internet can never give a stable internet connection. I cannot even stream moives in SD resolution and it keeps dropping several times while watching anything. And terrible spectrum internet customer service. The only explanation they give if there is no connection is there is an outage in your area and we don’t know how long it will take to fix the issue

5 years ago

Our service has been in and out for the past few months. Our internet disconnects constantly, having to reset it all the time. Tv image quality is very bad, blocks of images everywhere. There is always distortion on the phone line. Call the spectrum internet phone number and had technician here a couple days ago and still the same problem. Switching to other service… hoping the service improves with the next one.

5 years ago

I was called by the charter internet customer service that they have upgraded my internet speed for free for the next 3 months. With an offer that if we like the new data speed we have to pay extra for the new upgraded speed .but I don’t think they have done anything, the speed feels the same and while streaming videos it keep fluctuating from hd to sd many times.

5 years ago

In last 2 weeks I have been calling the Spectrum 1800 more than 10 times and the technicians has come over the same amount of time to fix the internet connection problem. They will be coming again tomorrow to check the issue. Every time they spent 2-3 hours trying to fix the issue. They come in and fix the problem but after a few hours or days the problem comes back again. This is something they should know, I am getting really frustrated with this!! Time for me to change my internet service provider.

5 years ago

Called up the spectrum cable phone number for a new connection and got everything installed the next day. Great service

5 years ago

Wow! I am impressed by the service they provide. I had a password login issue with my wifi late night and to know that charter spectrum number is available 24×7 is super great. They help me reset the password and got my internet back up again.

5 years ago

The internet equipment that Charter Spectrum’s provides is actually good. We have had other internet service providers that have had worse equipment than this. However, the customer service is not well trained and has no idea about the products they provide. Every time we call up the charter spectrum phone number, we have had many frustrating phone calls with them which go nowhere. This company needs to train their customer service well, none of them seem to know anything other than collecting monthly payments.

5 years ago

I don’t know what is wrong with charter internet support, every time I face any issue they seems to running around and provides no real solution to the problem I am facing. keeping me on hold for 30 minutes or more and hanging up the call

5 years ago

So far so good, the internet speed is quite good as per my requirements and I got it for a reasonable price. I just hope the spectrum internet customer service is as good as they claim when I face any problem with my internet connections

5 years ago

The internet speed has been really slow recently and I am not able to watch YouTube videos in HD but in standard definition. I have only three devices connected to the network, my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone. But whenever I call the spectrum internet phone number, the customer service reps always say that the issue is because of multiple devices connected to it. Even after mentioning that I am the only one using the internet and when I browse the internet using my laptop both my other two devices are not using the internet but the customer service just don’t listen and wants me to upgrade my internet plans. i am changing my internet service provider to some other and cancel my subscription with spectrum internet

5 years ago

My router password was recently changed without my knowledge and I was not able to get connected. I tried all the possible passwords I could remember but none worked. As I have little knowledge about resetting a wifi password, I called up the spectrum internet phone number to get help. The spectrum internet customer service was awesome, he guided me on how to login to the main website to reset and change to a new password. And gave me tips on how to protect my wifi and how to reconnect to the internet in-case some devices were not able to. They were really helpful.

5 years ago

Called the spectrum internet customer service phone number, spoke with a spectrum internet customer service, got myself a great deal on combo packages, the installer came the next day to setup and install all the equipments and it was all done. The whole process was quick and efficient. I was not kept waiting on the phone or did the customer service rep try to sell me more. I called in for a internet and TV combo and got the best of the deal.

5 years ago

I love sports, especially football. I had the option to customize my sports channels and I got it. I got the sports channel package all in HD at a reasonable price as I had selected few channels which were not available in regular plans. I also got myself a spectrum internet connection and it is just great. and the best thing about it is the mobile app. I can watch everything while I am away from my tv.

5 years ago

The customer service is great. I recently had an issue with my laptop not getting connected with the wifi. All my other devices were getting connected to it but not my laptop. After asking me all details about it, they came to know that it was the issue with the laptop as one of my friend was using it earlier and he might have change the preferences. Quick to respond, they help me connect my laptop to the wifi back again.

5 years ago

Spectrum internet is cheap for the download speed they provide. but they have to many connections drops in between. Over the past 6 months I had plenty of internet connection drops. Some days the internet drops and it takes a day or two for it to come back. I am not happy with the service as I watch a lot of tv using my internet.

5 years ago

I have been using spectrum internet for more than 3 years and spectrum internet is good as far as internet providers go. They offer good internet speed at a reasonable rate. The customer service is always available to help me out if I needed any assistance. Recently I had a connection issue at my home that some devices was not getting connected or had a very low signal strength. So they provided me a repeater for this issue and now everything is back to normal. I am really happy with the services that they have provided to me. good service.

5 years ago

The internet speed is fast, very reliable and affordable. The problem only starts when there is an issue with the internet connection. Every time I contact the spectrum internet support, the customer service representatives are rude and it looks like they do not want to help you out. Other than that, great internet speed and no buffering time or game lags.

5 years ago

The wifi is just horrible. My friends came over and they were not able to connect to the wifi the whole time. I called up the spectrum internet support number but the customer service was not available. I had to wait till morning to fix this issue.

5 years ago

They have a great customer service and always quick to respond to any queries. Sometimes the internet connection drops but one quick call to the Spectrum internet phone number and the issue is resolve in an instant. The connection drops are very less and the best part is they are always willing to help me out. Great service.

5 years ago

The internet speed that I pay for is not what I get. It was good and fast when I first got it but after a few months the internet speed is not even the half and the connection drops randomly. Every time I get an issue I called up the customer service but the 4 different customer representatives that I spoke with, never gave me a solution and I still get connection drops.