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  • shajieapen says:

    this is a worst insurance co. They don’t have even a contact number. They do not respond easily.

  • Susana Ortiz (manager) says:

    Hello My Name is Susana Ortiz Manager of the Village Apartments 2314 Servando Ave San Diego CA 92154. have one of tenants have a policy with Lemonade will like to know if is current? can you give a phone number were i can call to verify Thank you.

  • Michelle Atkins says:

    Plzcontact me…i need a copy or something saying im covered

  • Hi. How I can print declation page wrom computer
    My police LP24ECF809

  • Hello, I need to obtain an e-mail or fax # that I can send a request for evidence of homeowner’s Insurance

  • Natale Vittori says:

    i do not like that you post a phone 1-888-731-2034 and when we call nobody is there, What is our phone number ?

  • Jeff W Midbon says:

    Nobody’s answering old

  • Jill Sparks says:

    I am trying to find my policy number and a copy of the policy

  • Richard Atem Agbor says:

    Difficult to contact Lemonade customer service, the contact number 1888-713-2034 you have on address top left hand corner is not working , I need to talk to customer service ASAP, what’s your real phone number?

  • Gail M Denniston says:

    i need to print my declaration page of my policy

  • bohdan gernaga says:

    trying to call and i either get a busy signal or statement cannot accept calls at this time,what business are you running, hopefully this is not the same that i will get with a claim because i have many attorney friends that would love to take this case

  • Ambar Castillo says:

    How can I contact lemonade insurance?

    • bohdan gernaga says:

      good luck hire an attorney, not afraid to be visible

  • Suzanne Burns says:

    I hope that that you can help me .i was gifted the house in my deceased mothers estate that I grew up in and took care of her for 20 years and she had took out a home equity loan fha fixed rate loan and passed 16 months later and I paid for the loan for 9 years without getting any credit w/ a escrow account and I was current with my payments and a car crashed into the house .and I was waiting on my disability and had renters .and we where put out by the fire marshal while the hole in the wall was being repaired and the creditors put me in default and my brother was served also because he was the executer in the will and the fiduciary and co-signed for the promissory not and I offered them money but they denied it.the creditors denied my modification 3 times and I filed chapter7 to get a fresh start and they put the house on there when I didn’t own it I was not trying to get out of paying on the loan and the attorney fraudulently put the house as a unsecured loan when it was secured my brother had probate attorneys but they would not help me in this situation.they put me in a deed that I could not refinance and get anew loan so my last resort was to file chapter 13 and it was dismissed my brother got the same paperwork served to him but did nothing to protect the estate the house went up for auction and I move in the apartment upstairs and I tried to get renters insurance and I was denied renters insurance.and the apartment burnt down and I lost everything and had no place to go .and still don’t had to get rid of my dogs.andit was a electrical fire that I complain about on depth ears and there was no smoke detectors.and I was sleeping I’m lucky I and my dogs got out. So I still have property that has smoke damage and there going to sell the house and trough all my property in the garbage. I was emotionally mentally and financially damaged .and my disability I get is only a little over 9 thousand dollars a year. I hope you can help me or steer me in the right direction. Thank u miss Burns

  • I am trying to update a mortgagee clause

  • SARA Quintana says:

    I’m trying to contact you , but is impossible , how can I make a payment por my police

    • bohdan gernaga says:

      hire an attorney there is a class action suit against them currently get on it, not afraid to be visible

  • William Farrell says:

    Why did my rate triple when I moved down the street?

  • Kenia Itzep Bernal says:

    Hello my name is Kenia Cecilia Itzep Bernal. I have lost my business phone and lost all I formation on Lemonade and the email associated with that. I’d like my account login information to be emailed to my personal email: ceciliaitzepbernal@gmail.com.
    I can answer any questions regarding confirmation that I own this policy.

  • Hello my name is Larry Walker i filed a claim in June on the 19th and have been trying to get in contact with someone from the office via phone or email for weeks now but i havent gotten anyone to respond i have questions i need answered that i cannot ask on the app and i have let them know thru email but to no avail i would like to get this situation handled as i need and would like to replace the things that were taken i would dearly appreciate someone getting back to me. Thank You.

  • James Hanratty says:

    Interested in purchasing insurance. None of the links on your web site worked for me. They just took be to blank white page. Please advise.

  • Mark Zidane says:

    Please email me the following for apartment management request: that my policy with you must provide property management as follow:ADDITIONAL INTEREST.Adara CommunitiesP.O.Box 680005Houston Texas 77268Personal Liability should cover $100000.00 Rating: 5

  • Daniel Gutin says:

    Hi. I am a property manager and am seeking copies of renewed policies for some of my renters.

  • Tai Conley says:

    This insurance company is a scam. They promote great customer service, however, they refuse to pay out valid claims and search for loopholes. Under no circumstances should you work with this insurance company

  • James Gross says:

    When will I receive my refund

    • Carlos A Landazuri says:

      I am trying to contact you over the phone but is imposible. As a new customer all that I want is to give you my new mortgage company:
      PHH Mortgage Services

      PO Box 5452 Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
      Phone 800 449 8767
      Fax 937 525 4210. Please send them the new home insurance. Elephant Home Insurance had been canceled as of July 1 2019. Would you please respond to me as soon as you finish the operation.

  • Claudette Rochelle says:

    I need to update a new checking account to pay my bill.

  • Brian smith says:

    Please don’t buy this insurance go with a main company this is like a bogus company , i had this rental insurance and they basically make you feel like they don’t want to help you , they can’t help you and they make you feel like you the criminal my claim adjusters was name Amy and she hasn’t really been no help basically giving me the run around making me take unnecessary steps it’s alreadu you dealing with a theft of your stuff missing and it’s like you expected help cause you paying rental insurance and it’s basically a dead end i will be cancelling this insurance and not giving them another dime of my money !!! ( don’t buy this insurance stay away ) it’s a scam

  • Tim Jenkins says:

    Good morning,

    I am moving back home with my parents and no longer need my Lemonade Renter’s Policy. Would you please tell me how to cancel my policy? I have attempted this on the Lemonade site but can’t figure out how to loin.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I am moving to another apartment and need to give you my new address, please change
    my address on my policy to reflect:
    Kelly M Chaney
    2311 W. Grapevine Mills Circle. Apt. 4308
    Grapevine, Texas 76051
    Please email the policy with my new address on it. Please email to: kchaney@tstartitle.com

  • You cannot contact these people by phone. The telephone number on the site is invalid or something. Therefore, I cancelled because if I need to file a claim I will probably not receive good customer service.

    • Autumn Tolbert says:

      How did you cancel it? I can’t log on anywhere

  • Batina Beridon says:

    How do I renew my Lemonade insurance

  • David Wheeler says:

    We had renters insurance through Lemonade. After filing a claim for a house fire they passed the claim to a 3rd party for handling. Now after more than 5 months of an active claim, which were told was valid, we still are unable to resolve it. Lemonade’s in house adjuster will not speak to us. The 3rd party has switched adjusters on us multiple times and there is a total lack of communication. We just wish we could resolve this matter

    • bohdan gernaga says:

      hire an attorney there is a class action suit against them get on board, not afraid to be visible

  • Stella Garza says:

    I would like to renew my renter insurance ins.

  • Barbara Luna says:

    estoy tratando de comunicarme pero nadie contesta nesesito aceguranza para mí departamento