Lemonade Insurance Phone Number

Lemonade Insurance Phone Number

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  • Brian smith says:

    Please don’t buy this insurance go with a main company this is like a bogus company , i had this rental insurance and they basically make you feel like they don’t want to help you , they can’t help you and they make you feel like you the criminal my claim adjusters was name Amy and she hasn’t really been no help basically giving me the run around making me take unnecessary steps it’s alreadu you dealing with a theft of your stuff missing and it’s like you expected help cause you paying rental insurance and it’s basically a dead end i will be cancelling this insurance and not giving them another dime of my money !!! ( don’t buy this insurance stay away ) it’s a scam

  • Tim Jenkins says:

    Good morning,

    I am moving back home with my parents and no longer need my Lemonade Renter’s Policy. Would you please tell me how to cancel my policy? I have attempted this on the Lemonade site but can’t figure out how to loin.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I am moving to another apartment and need to give you my new address, please change
    my address on my policy to reflect:
    Kelly M Chaney
    2311 W. Grapevine Mills Circle. Apt. 4308
    Grapevine, Texas 76051
    Please email the policy with my new address on it. Please email to: kchaney@tstartitle.com

  • You cannot contact these people by phone. The telephone number on the site is invalid or something. Therefore, I cancelled because if I need to file a claim I will probably not receive good customer service.

  • Batina Beridon says:

    How do I renew my Lemonade insurance

  • David Wheeler says:

    We had renters insurance through Lemonade. After filing a claim for a house fire they passed the claim to a 3rd party for handling. Now after more than 5 months of an active claim, which were told was valid, we still are unable to resolve it. Lemonade’s in house adjuster will not speak to us. The 3rd party has switched adjusters on us multiple times and there is a total lack of communication. We just wish we could resolve this matter

  • Stella Garza says:

    I would like to renew my renter insurance ins.

  • Barbara Luna says:

    estoy tratando de comunicarme pero nadie contesta nesesito aceguranza para mí departamento