Aeromedevac Air Ambulance Insurance Phone Number

  • 800.462.0911
  • 24 Hours Customer Service
  • United States

Established in the year 1992, Aeromedevac is one of the most renowned air ambulance companies in the world with a fleet of aircraft dedicated to a variety of air ambulance services. The  company operates from the heart of California’s San Diego throughout the world and the USA to transport patients.

Aeromedevac is authorized to provide air ambulance services by the Mexican government from Mexico to the United States and Canada.

Aeromedevac Ambulance aircraft

Aeromedevac has three types  of ambulance aircraft. The following are their special features:

Lear 35 jet

  • Lear 35 jet can cover 2000 miles non-stop and 4000 miles with one-time refill.
  • Operates all over the USA, Canada from the USA and Mexico
  • 1 to 2 patients
  • Hot and cold beverages and snacks 
  • Medical Team and Medical Equipment
  • Fastest air evacuation facility from Mexico to San Diego, CA hospitals. 

FALCON 50 jet

  • The FALCON 50 jet covers more  than 3000 miles plus non-stop.
  • Operates from Hawaii to the World, USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Mid-East, Africa.
  • Can accommodate 4 seated patients with 1 stretcher patient.
  • Enclosed lavatory, galley with hot and cold beverages and foodservice, Medical Team, Medical Equipment.
  • Six pilots for continuous and better air medical evacuation, Wing to Wing patient transfer facility.

Lear 31 Jet

  • The Lear 31 Jet offers 3 hours of non-stop transfer service.
  • Operates all over the USA, Canada from the USA and Mexico.
  • Carries 1 to 2 patients.
  • Hot and cold beverages and snacks, Medical Team, Medical Equipment
  • Fastest air evacuation facility from Mexico to San Diego, CA hospitals.

Key features of Aeromedevac air ambulance insurance

Aeromedevac provides a variety of insurance products through several renowned insurance and travel companies. Here are its main highlights:

  • Airline medical clearances
  • Airline ticketing
  • Baggage handling
  • Wheelchair service
  • Oxygen and ventilator service as per the prescription
  • Discharge and admission of the patient with Ground transportation

Participating insurance companies

  • THIA (Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada)
  • USTIA (United States Travel Insurance Association)
  • ITIC (International Travel Insurance Conference) Americas and Worldwide conferences
  • ACMA (America Case Management Association) conferences
  • CMSA (Case Management Society of America) conferences

Benefits offered by Aeromedevac Air Ambulance insurance

  • Aeromedevac air ambulance offers bedside-to-bedside services.
  • Availability of all necessary equipment during transportation.
  • For emergency conditions, a Flight Medical Team is available on each flight.
  • Ground ambulance or car service is available (to and from the airports).
  • Oxygen service at airports and on flights available for all the critical condition patients. It is also for the patients traveling as medically escorted airline passengers.
  • Medications and personal prescriptions.
  • Medical reports with dedicated doctors and the destination facility.
  • Regular update of patient’s health through telephone calls to family or friends and the destination facility. 

Air Ambulance Insurance: FAQs 

How do I renew my policy through the Air Ambulance Insurance California Number?

Many insurance plans automatically renew. All you gotta do is pay the premium regularly on time. However, if you face any issue while renewing the policy plan, then you need to contact the dedicated claiming team through the Air Ambulance Insurance California Number 800.462.0911. The team will perform the renewal procedure on your behalf.

What are the benefits offered by the Air Ambulance Insurance Companies?

The benefits offered by the Air Ambulance Insurance Company are as follows:
1. The renewal date is fixed.
2. Policy covers all the necessary health equipment (oxygen, ventilator).
3. Online booking.
4. Availability throughout the year.
5. 24 X 7 assistance through call and live chat support.
6. No burden of several documents. One verified document is enough for admission.

In how many languages the Air Ambulance Insurance Washington State Number is available?

The Air Ambulance Insurance Washington State Number is operated in many languages as per the location of the policyholder.
How to request an air ambulance on the official website Aeromedevac?
Step 1. Open a web browser and visit the official website of Aeromedevac. 
Step 2. On the homepage complete the client login process.
Step 3. Click on the “request a quotes” tab.
Step 4. Fill the required fields with required information.
Step 5. Click on the submit tab.
Step 6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 7. A number will be displayed on your screen.
Step 8. Dial the Air Ambulance Insurance Phone Number and book an air ambulance.

What is the Medevac Insurance Mexico Number and is it available in the English Language?

Yes. The Aeromedevac Insurance Mexico Number is available in the English Language. You need to dial 800.462.0911 for communicating with the Medevac Insurance Mexico team

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