Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark, who started off the business journey with a view to make a connection with his friends and learns about the activities of the San Francisco Area. Though, the business started off with a mailing list which is shared with the friends and family members, it soon takes over the role of the largest billboard of advertisement wherein people post about their events. The Craigslist customer service number will help you with advertising, the way you want, on the large internet platform.

Customer service segment is there for you

If you are looking for anything, for any services, discussion forum, or hosing solution, or anything you want, you can check into Craigslist. If you find issues while using the Craigslist, you can call on the Craigslist phone number.

If you are facing trouble with handling your Craigslist account or want to opt in advertising something on it, you can call Craigslist customer service department and get your query solved.

Call on 1-415-566-6394 and sort out the errors coming your way to smooth functioning of your Craigslist account.

Get extensive information instantly

Call on the customer support number and get to know about the Craigslist posting service. During your visit to the website, if you feel like you need any help on advertising section or posting section, call on the customer support phone number and talk with the executive. You will soon receive the instant help to make your work smoother.

Get in touch with the most significant classified ad source with the help of Craigslist customer support phone number.

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    My phone number is not getting registered when I enter it for the verification process. Craigslist ask phone number that is only from USA and my number is from US however I cannot post ads. It accepted my friends number and I have posted it through my friends number but I still don’t understand why my number was not accepted

    Rating: 3
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    Shaik aamer

    Craglist is an awesome process to earn extra income and i am eager to start but can anyone please please!!!!! let me know in email where do i get CLIENT’S email address to send a cover letter.I am very much confused here and how do i post ads.