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With over 500 employees and containing a large selection of plans which are budget friendly, TotalProtect Home Warranty is amongst one of those companies that are well respected in this industry. They not only provide cross-country services that have been a leading industry magnet for them since 1978, but continue to offer a peace of mind to all their customers. Budget protection as well as an appropriate safety net for its customers has always been the primary objective for TotalProtect Home Warranty services.

Maintaining a wonderful approach towards the home warranty solutions, TotalProtect Home Warranty believes in providing the homeowner with the requisite information on how they can take care of their homes. A lot of comprehensive plans that ensure proper savings and a peace of mind will be provided by the TotalProtect Home Warranty customer service number when called upon to do so.

An excellent approach towards a better home

As far as one looks at home warranty solutions, TotalProtect Home Warranty has been killing it. With a national wide coverage and having been in business for over 40 years, they have definitely had a lot of positive TotalProtect Home Warranty reviews. This is primarily due to providing excellent services to their customer base, so much so that most of it comprises of repeat customers.

Why choose TotalProtect Home Warranty?

Going by the huge number of people supporting TotalProtect Home Warranty, one would say that customer services speak up for itself. However, let’s have a quick look at the benefits;

  • They have a roster full of experienced people that have been working for over 40 years in this industry.
  • The home warranty is effective from 30 days after the enrolment by the homeowner.
  • A humongous amount of money can be saved by purchasing the comprehensive plan by TotalProtect Home Warranty services.
  • Proper customer complaint resolution through appropriate channels when calling the TotalProtect Home Warranty phone number.

Is that it?

Well, TotalProtect Home Warranty also has a lot of comprehensive plans up its belt. By getting the TotalProtect Home Warranty contact details and giving them a call, you shall come across experts that can give you a hands-on approach on how to take care of your home in a much better manner. To get the best resolution for your home warranty problem, call the TotalProtect Home Warranty phone number.

Customer Care Link – Visit Here

Company Website – Visit Here

Phone Number – +1-833-815-6242

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Steve Shearin
Steve Shearin
4 years ago

I had a plumbing problem with a sump pump. We recently purchased the 10-2 home warranty plan. I am writing this review because the Co
We recently purchased the 10-2 home warranty plan. I had a problem with a sump pump not working. The reason I’m writing a review is the plumbing company 10-2 hooked me up with was JC plumbing. The man they dispatched was Sean. He was very knowledgeable and clearly explained to me what the problem was and what needed to be fixed and how we would go about it. His professional nature was over and above the best. His company is very lucky to have a worker like him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Sean, keep up the great personality and professionalism. 10-2 Thank you.

Freddi Collins
Freddi Collins
5 years ago

We have had this protection plan since 2008. premium payment never late. We placed a claim for our split level air condition in June 2018 and it is now August 14, 2018 and we still do not have our system fix. Total protect has been nothing but dishonest through this entire process. No compensation for our inconvenience, different answer each time I have called. they were brought out by Sears and have financial issues. DO NOT purchase a warranty plan from this company.

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