An individual spends an extravagant amount of money on their homes so that their family can maintain a specific standard of living. One of the most expensive products are generally found in the domain of appliance and household work. Total Home Protection is a service helping customers to avail the facility of having a determined warranty against appliances and household of one’s home. Services of repair and replacement in case of any technical error can be availed as well by Total Home Protection Home Warranty.

Total Protect Home Warranty Contact Number +1-833-815-6242

Total Home Protection Home Warranty helps one avail assurance for unforeseen damages. By registering with them, one can achieve the benefit of –

  • Having a warranty against expensive purchases made for your home.
  • Warranty against items of any model, regardless of age.
  • Provides the facility of getting a replacement as per the conditions.
  • In case of technical error, or wear down, repairs are handled by one’s Total Protection Home warranty.
  • The option of transferring one’s home warranty in case of moving to a new place of residence.
  • Not having to look for a technician to repair the product. Since, the company sends their professional, licensed and skilled workers, if the need arises.
  • This is a convenient method because total home protection warranty understands your time and utility needs. One can benefit from the 24/7 hotline as well.

All these benefits can be experienced by a Total Protect Home warranty contract. 

Packages offered by Total Home Protection Warranty – 

Effective customer care is the ethos of Total Home Protection. Understanding the needs of the customers is essential. Therefore, Total Home Protection offers different packages of Total Home Protection Home Warranty. These packages range from gold to platinum. These packages cover a wide variety of household appliances. There is also an optional package which includes another category of products which is rated highly on Total Home Protection Reviews as well. These can be benefited if one has items mentioned in the ‘optional’ package. 

Contact Total Protect Home Warranty Contact Number to avail a quota- 

An individual can get a free quote of their house by contacting the Total Protect Home Warranty Contact Number- 1-800-545-0402 or registering online. The pricing, coverage, plan is then conveyed to the customer. This service is quick and efficient so that customers don’t have to wait in the dark for long. If one has any queries or doubts, those are answered as well for the client’s benefit.

Testimonials of Total Home Protection

Understanding the customer and modifying oneself to help customers better, Total Home Protection Reviews section is available for this particular reason. Customers can leave their review of the experience along with any desired feedback. This helps the company to identify issues, increase productivity and accomplish the expectations of the customers. One can also lookup Total Home Protection Reviews before making a deciding about registering with the company. The reviews help to guide the customers from trusted and verified clientele and make a decision accordingly. 
Homes are hefty investments. That is why Total Home Protection provides the facility to keep it all upheld and damage-free at all times.

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  • william huntley says:

    As of 7-8-20, AC UNIT NOT FIXED (4 WEEKS) pending- #2. Dishwasher – (6) weeks not fixed #3. washing machine – 10 days not fixed – Clothers dryer – 10 days not fixed . While writting this comment i have been on hold with total homes’s customet service for 45 mins., still on hold .. I can honestly say this is the most unprofessional service i have gad in my life. 7 Rating: 1



  • Total Home Protection come with excuses so they won’t have to repair or replace the product in the case it’s the Airconditioner.

  • Jerry Esterline says:

    Total Home protection company is having financial problems and are delaying my claims payment for my HVAC repair – Cust Service tells me they have a delay with their internal banking and it will take another week I call today as they requested and now they tell me it will be up to another 2 weeks before a check can be cut and sent it has been 45 days and will be over 60 days if they send me the check in 2 weeks- Is this company going broke and not able to cover their bills or claims- I am now vey Leary if I will ever get paid!!

  • Rollie Topping says:

    I see many complaints on how you handed many claims. I don’t want a company that refused to cover the loss & only pay a small amount. I just singed in & I want to know you sand by with a 100 0/0 coverage

  • sheila hopkins says:

    I have misplaced my current handbook so can you send me a replacement,

  • I am a hvac contractor, Total Home Protect contacted me to make a service call 30 miles out of our normal area as they were unable to find anyone else. My tech did the standard repair work, changing out a 18 yr old capacitor & contactor. He also cleaned the evaporator coil as is our standard procedure for every job, to insure the customer’s system is running at it’s best when we leave. Because we told them we cleaned the evaporator coil Total Protect used that as a excuse & refused to cover the charges, blaming the customer for lack of maintenance. We were told the homeowner would have to pay & then he hung up on us. We did try to reach out to a manager to get this resolved for the home owner, to no avail. And more than 2 hours wasted on the phone, vary unprofessional. Be sure to read the fine print in your contract & pay close attention to the reviews.

  • I have two refrigerators at my home and one of them was not working. I called up the Total Home Protection phone number and submitted a claim a repair for my refrigerator. I called total home protection customer service multiple times, asking them to send in someone to repair my refrigerator but they said they had no repairman near my area and made me wait for a week. I had to go out myself and find a guy to fix my refrigerator and pay him a lot for the fixes.

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