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The Home Service Club warranty is a service contract that offers coverage of a range of home appliances and systems repair or replacement that crash down due to any wear and tear. Every household must opt for Home Service Club Warranty because a breakdown of any household system or appliance is unpredictable and can cost you a huge amount of money to get it repaired or replaced. This home warranty gives you peace of mind by covering almost all the required appliances and systems. 

The Home Service Club Reviews

The Home Service Club Warranty has been awarded as “The Best in Service Award” consecutively in 2015 and 2016. They also won the “Editor’s Choice Award” in 2018 and has been the best choice in-home warranty service across the United States. The Home Service Club is the only home warranty company that has its own chain of household appliances and systems. The company also makes sure that they provide brand new pieces of equipment, with a full warranty and every other requirement to its customers.

The Home Service Club has been providing its services since 2008 and consists of more than 10,000 technicians across the nation. The company has its headquarter in New York City. 

The Home Service Club home warranty is very simple and easy to understand. The customer just needs to opt for any of the plans they offer or they can even customize the plan according to their need. After subscribing for a plan if any of your covered appliance or system breaks down you just need to contact the Home Service Club Warranty Contact Number- +1-833-815-6242. 

Soon a local service provider will be assigned by the customer representative. This service provider will contact you for a home visit and a service technician will inspect the system or appliance and then the company will determine if the fault is covered under the warranty or not. After confirmation, you just need to pay the Trade Service Call Fee and your defective appliance or system will get repaired or replaced without any hassle. 

The HSC Warranty offers two types of plans which can be customized as per customer’s need and requirements. The Comprehensive Coverage Plan includes appliances like-

  1. Microwave oven(built-in)
  2. Trash Compactor
  3. Freestanding Icemakers
  4. Refrigerators 
  5. Ovens ranges cooktops
  6. Clothes dryer
  7. Dishwasher
  8. Clothes washer
  9. Food centres(built-in)

Comprehensive coverage plan covers systems like-

  1. Hot water pump
  2. Doorbells
  3. Heating systems
  4. Plumbing systems
  5. Garbage disposals
  6. Ceiling fans
  7. Air conditioning system
  8. Electrical systems
  9. Garage door opener
  10. Central Vaccum
  11. Plumbing stoppage
  12. Gas leaks
  13. Whirlpool coverage
  14. Pest control
  15. Telephone wiring
  16. Alarm warning
  17. Smoke detectors
  18. Sump pump
  19. hot/cold water dispenser
  20. exhaust/attic fans
  21. Water heater
  22. Ductwork 

The Standard Coverage Plan includes all the appliances but only nine of the home systems. However, customers can add-on appliances and systems according to their requirements.

The HSC Warranty is also available in the Phoenix City Al and all other cities in the United States. The Home Service Club Warranty Phoenix City Al and the Home Service Club Warranty New York City can be contacted at +1-833-815-6242.

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Homayun Harooni
Homayun Harooni
4 years ago

This is my first experience with The Home Service Club, my water heater is not working, it has been 3 days I am constantly calling the help desk and manager of the help desk to provide a technician to repair the water heater, still they indicated that they have not found their technician.

Robert Dibble
Robert Dibble
4 years ago


Donna Dasher
Donna Dasher
5 years ago

I’ve been holding on to place a claim and no one will answer. I’ve left two messages with no return call. I’m a property manager and am held accountable to the owner. I will advise him to cancel. I handle warranty calls from many different companies. This one is the worst!

Marisa Michiels
Marisa Michiels
6 years ago

I have been waiting for three weeks for an AC replacement. The Home Service Club has dropped the ball around every corner. They will not return calls in a timely manner and deny coverage for things clearly stated in the contract. I am completely dissatisfied with the services provided and cannot wait to take my business elsewhere.

Neal B.
Neal B.
6 years ago

We have them for 5 years now, my wife and I have never had a issue with them. One thing I will say about them is they are a very honest company, we have had our HVAC system replaced and several appliances over the years and they have been true to every word.

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