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If you are looking for some assistance regarding phone number for Select Home Warranty, then you can dial the number +1-833-815-6242. With this number, it’s easy to reach the helpful assistance provided by the company for all the necessary support. 

Phone Number For Select Home Warranty +1-833-815-6242

Select Home Warranty offers the best assistance to the customers. It’s helpful representatives are available at the gap of a mere number. In addition to the available contact numbers, customers can contact the support section via website and Email facility. 

Customers can dial the Select Home Warranty contact number and talk with the support team for all the problems, requests, complaints and other issues. 

Select Home Warranty Phone Number

Select Home warranty phone number, i.e. +1-833-815-6242 allows the customers to get in touch with the experienced support team that assist the customers to make better use of the products. With a single call, you can claim the issue and ask the technician to solve the issues as soon as possible.

By using the contact details, you can contact the company’s support department and ask the representatives to assist you with the desired solution.

Select Home Warranty Customer Service

Select Home Warranty customer service department is set to resolve the queries and doubts of the customers. Users using the company’s products can reach the customer service via number +1-941-202-5605 for any sorts of details, complaints and even feedback.

Select Home Warranty Corporate Office

Customers using the company’s products and services can likely reach the company’s support wing via its website or Email address. Company’s website tends to answer the customers in a favorable manner. However, in any case, the customers feel like reaping more information, the customer service segment is all set to revert back on a positive note.

Customers can contact Select Home Warranty corporate office and reach the prospective customer care executive for the needed support. 

One International Blvd. 
Suite 400 
Mahwah, New Jersey 07495

Select Home Warranty Reviews

With an easy to reach number, i.e. +1-941-202-5605, customers can find themselves on the ease to use the company’s products and services. For more details, one can go through the feedback, suggestions and even Select Home Warranty reviews posted by the former customers. This will help the new customers to know the company better.

Customers can gather more information and answers to their queries on the plans, payments, refunds and cancellations by calling at the Select Home Warranty Customer service number.

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Michael Plocica
Michael Plocica
2 years ago

This company is terrible. No one is in the US. No one will escalate concerns. They randomly assign appointment with talking to you then give vendors wrong information. Higher management does not return calls. Customer loyalty acts as if its a priveledge to talk to them.

Ed F
Ed F
2 years ago

Absolutely the worst company that I have ever dealt with, although they are very good at apologizing, over and over and over. You follow their procedures and they deny claims using every excuse not to pay. There is never anyone “higher up” to escalate your complaint to. Their policy is written with amounts of coverage limits for various items, but it’s worthless, because they use don’t look at the facts of your claim. All they do is end e mails that are also worthless when trying to resolve a proble. I even e mailed the President of the company (Mr. Schremp) and he didn’t bother to reply!!

Pauline Grant
Pauline Grant
3 years ago

Select home warranty is a fraud. I didn’t get my contract until after my first claim. I had to call them to confirm that I signed up for service. No confirmation email, phone call, nothing. They told my I had to wait 30 days to file a claim. They never said I had to wait an additional 30 days for any repairs. Just my luck my ac would have problems this soon in the contract. The evap coil needed replacing so it is leaking. They find any excuse not to repair, now I’m stuck probably having to pay out of pocket. They are a sham and should be closed. They deserve a zero rating for poor service, customer service, company process, etc.

james steven mills
james steven mills
4 years ago

iam pissed my garbage disposal went out and i was told to it was to old for them to service it. I had to find a plumer to fix it and buy the part myself.

Ronna Berman
Ronna Berman
5 years ago

Terrible. Can’t get anyone on the phone beyond the general call center and they can’t answer basic questions beyond their scrips. Their technicians don’t get the information to the warranty office so repairs can’t get made. No supervisors are ever available, so you can’t get any customer support. Absolutely awful experience.

6 years ago

select home warranty is the best. I had a pipeline leakage and they send in their repairman in 30 minutes and fixed it. the job was clean and I am pretty sure we will not be facing any more leakage from that pipe.

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