Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty offers a wide range of cost-effective and comprehensive home security coverages to residential properties in California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Texas, and Utah. The company is anchored by a team of more than 200 full-time employees including municipal authorities and private licensed contractors. 

Situated in the heart of Riverpark, Landmark Home Warranty became one of Utah’s top companies for two straight years.

Why choose the Landmark Home Warranty company?

  • Landmark Home Warranty is one of the top business organizations in Utah and both customers and employees are satisfied with the business norm.
  • The company offers coverage on more than 9,000 electronic components, following an innovative business-standard, offering the highest quality of protection available in home appliances and telecommunications. Customers need to call on the Landmark Home Warranty Phone Number +1-833-815-6242 to get instant deals.
  • In the last few years, the company has replaced nearly 5,000 home equipment and appliances.
  • Landmark Home Warranty improves the reliability of the customer house by providing a dashboard facility. Now check the rules, pay the maintenance costs, or file for a claim under one roof.
  • From the year 2014 to 2016, the insurance company was named the region’s best home security organization and ensures that within 24 hours of raising the claim request a contractor is assigned to the policyholder. Some time the compony offers some coupon, the consumer can use Landmark Home Warranty Coupon and make the deal more affordable.
  • Unnecessary and expensive repairs will be protected by a revolutionary policy offered by the company. The main aim of this insurance company is to safeguard the infrastructure and the economy of each consumer. 
  • Landmark Home Warranty provides award-winning customer support.
  • The organization helps consumers to save near about $200 per repair or replacement.
  • The customer support contact manager will be accessible 24/7 to assist the user in the case of an emergency. Now, the customer may make every claim by sitting at home and without thinking about the office timing of the claim department.
  • The organization has over 70,000 homemakers annually and award-winning operation.

Still, had concerns in your mind? Call on Landmark Home Warranty Phone Number +1-833-815-6242 and resolve the issues without visiting the customer service center.

What are the features offered by the Landmark Home Warranty company?

  1. The main purpose of the company is to deter consumers from having to bear unexpected costs for repairing a defective system or an integral component of the home product. 
  2. The coverage plan offers commercial contracts for utilities in consumer homes such as heating, cooling, electricity, plumbing, and main appliances. 
  3. Landmark Home Warranty delivers affordable home insurance policies that start from only $35 a month.
  4. When customers open a maintenance or replacement form, the service call costs charged will be changed as per the consumer’s budget. The company offers various plans for the well being of consumers. In case you wish to know more about the Landmark Home Warranty Plans, visit the official website of the company.

Total protection plan and the Home system plan

  1. The Total protection plan begins at $55 a month, while the Home System Plan starts at $34.17 per month. In order to qualify for a subscription deal, the user must pay the Landmark Home Warranty Service Fee.
  2. Total protection plan includes all components and equipment of air conditioning and heating, appliances, electrical, no-fault coverage, plumbing, and other services. However, all provision is the same, but many devices are omitted from the Home system plan.
  3. The total protection plan is costlier than the home system plan but includes all home equipment. For the customers that are price-centric, they must choose the Home system Plan.
  4. Consumers can purchase the add-on for offering extra shields. All the shield protection plans are available for all consumers and for the add-on services consumers need to pay an additional package fee.

For more information about the insurance policy and Landmark Home Warranty Coupon, directly visit the company site or connect to the customer service department.

What are the benefits offered to the consumer under the roadside assistance by the Landmark Home Warranty?

Landmark Home Warranty offers the following benefits under the Roadside Assistance program:

Towing facility, at the time of mechanical failure of consumer vehicles.

  • Jumpstarts service.
  • Flat-tire alterations.
  • The fuel delivery of consumer vehicles.
  • Lockout services.
  • Reimbursement on all expenses.

What is the Landmark Home Warranty Phone Number?

The Landmark Home Warranty Phone Number is +1-833-815-6242. The consumers can communicate with the Customer Support Team throughout the day and the number is accessible in several local languages. 

Where can a consumer perform the Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation?

The Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation process can be done in both online and offline portals. The consumer needs to complete the cancelation application form via the official company website or by calling the customer service department. The Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation process is easy and can be applied quickly with the insurer or claim expert.

How to demand reimbursement via the Landmark Home Warranty Claim number?

Follow these guidelines mentioned below for making a claim against mechanical failure:- 

  1. Use the towing service, dial the Landmark Home Warranty Claim number +1-833-815-6242, and ask the agent to offer consumer roadside assistance.
  2. Transfer consumer vehicle to a licensed repair store.
  3. Ask the technician to offer the consumer a brief note of repair cost, connect to the customer service department.
  4. Do not start the repair phase, notify the approximate cost of repair to the company customer support department.
  5. When a consumer application is accepted by the insurance agent, then the agent will give the consumer a claim ID for future purposes.

Always tries to prevent any damage to the engine, avoid driving immediately after the mechanical failure. The consumer does not need to worry as the Landmark Home Warranty Claim number is available 24 X 7 and many native languages.

How to perform Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation offline?

The majority of customers may not wish to visit customer service centers, and they are promised cancelation by the Landmark Home Warranty. The customer specifically requires to follow the following instructions to allow the Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation:

  1. Connect to the Landmark Home Warranty Cancellation department by dialing the +1-833-815-6242 (the number is accessible 24 X 7).
  2. Enter the policy number with the name of the policyholder.
  3. Inform the consumer agent about the Landmark Home Guarantee Policy and allow the agent to cancel on the consumer’s behalf.
  4. Consumers may have to pay the cancellation as per the agreement.
  5. The process of cancellation is simple and requires simply 2 to 3 min.

How to connect with the customer service department in the city of Arizona?

The company runs a dedicated department for the customer residing in Arizona. The consumer is required to dial +1-833-815-6242(Landmark Home Warranty Arizona number) to link to the Arizona Customer Support Team. Via this toll-free facility, customers may receive instant quotations as per their schedule, update their policy, order an improvement, request a new policy, or request a repair, etc. A customer may not need to recall other figures for their jobs, the Landmark Home Warranty Arizona number is capable of running several works within one figure.

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