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Over 30 years, HMS Home Warranty has worked with thousands of house owners and commercial property experts to create the experience of renting, purchasing, and trading property ownership easier, more exciting and more effectively. In short, their mission is to secure your every pass. A visionary and entrepreneur in the residential guarantee industry, HMS National Home Warranty is a representative of the Cross Country Group that dabbles in sales, client engagement, and quality care and assistance.

They have continuously proven a useful benefit for real estate practitioners by offering HMS Home Warranty, a broad variety of technical assistance services, advertising education and merchandise, and significant Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. 

HMS Home Warranty Plumbing Coverage

Once you go to the official website of  HMS Home Warranty you will be able to witness a section of HMS Home Warranty Plumbing Coverage offered to the members. There will be a chart displayed on the site for which you can take reference.

Along with the high cost of fixing or upgrading large equipment and services such as air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical devices, the HMS Home Warranty offers the security and financial security you deserve. The table demonstrates the approximate spectrum of market costs for specific improvements and upgrades. For the HMS Home Warranty, what you pay for insured repairs or upgrades is a small deduction.

HMS Home Warranty Coverage Benefits

So why should you actually choose HMS National Home Warranty over any other. To know the answer, you must check out its benefits.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Eight out of ten consumers choose to purchase a house protected by their home warranty contract. (Source: Vote Gallup)
  • Attract more homeowners for the first time. Offer additional financial security to consumers who could be threatened by the high cost of fixing or upgrading equipment or devices.
  • Leverage the HMS Home Warranty. Let your residence pop out from other collections.
  • Stop shutting down gaps. The HMS Home Warranty could mitigate the risk that a computer or network malfunction will postpone the completion.
  • Unlimited security for listing. The transaction is overdue at closure in most jurisdictions.
  • Should not think about post-sale. When a failure occurs upon closure, the customer must switch to the HMS Home Warranty.
  • The market-leading promise of craftmanship. Covered fixes shall be insured for 180 days. That means you’re not going to pay a penny if the trouble reoccurs because of the craftsmanship fault.

Benefits for Buyers and Current Homeowners

  • Secure the capital to secure your expenditure. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix or upgrade a piece of equipment or home network, you can pay a regular deduction per maintenance request, per contract, for the products provided.
  • Integral security. They can fix or upgrade the protected devices and equipment irrespective of age, manufacture or model. Besides, there are zero limits on home square footage and therefore no review is needed.
  • The nationwide system of business providers pre-screened. Every participant in the system of over 40,000 trained service providers has been especially pre-screened to fulfill the strict levels of quality.
  • A quick and simple method for statements. HMS Home Warranty is open 24/7/365 a day. Everything you need to do is contact their toll-free hotline or file a claim online and you will be appointed a professional service supplier in your location.
  • Infinite service. You should call HMS for as many equipment and system replacements as you require.
  • Never get shut out of here. You are insured for up to $50 per year for handyman facilities.
  • Save with the Buyline ® gadget. Even if you have wonderful things in your home, you can want to remodel or update. You will take full control of this economic output and get amazing deals on off-brand name products.
  • The industry-leading promise of craftsmanship. Covered fixes shall be insured for 180 days. That means you are not going to pay a penny if the trouble reoccurs because of the craftsmanship fault.
  • Reactivate your warranties quickly. You will enjoy the safety of the HMS Home Warranty Package as much as you own the house. 

HMS Home Warranty Claim

In case you are willing to place the HMS Home Warranty Claim then you need not worry as the steps mentioned below will help you expedite the process. Please note that if a protected appliance or device fails, you can order service at any time, day or night in the Location My Demand portion in My Account. If you want to dial, you can either use the electronic telephone system to make a claim, or you can speak directly to an official. Make sure your agreement number is handy. HMS Home Warranty is going to want to know the claim object as well as where it’s situated in your house. Follow the steps to place the claim:

  • To begin the process you must have access to the internet
  • Now go to the official website of Hms National Home Warranty 
  • Locate the “Submit a claim online” section and click on it open
  • Enter your details like phone number, name, email address, plan name, and more
  • Now make sure to Schedule appointment
  • Once this is done the Claim diagnoses will take place
  • After that, you will have to pay the deductible 
  • Make a selection on the “Submit” button to submit for approval
  • Now the Hms Home Warranty will come to either repair or replace your device or appliance.
  • Once the service is delivered you may submit your feedback. 

HMS Home Warranty warmly welcomes members to Appliance Buyline where extreme discounts are equivalent to big savings anytime you require a domestic appliance. Were you considering remodeling the kitchen and trying to update your household appliances? Did your laundry machine just suck the dirt, so you want a new one with the latest features?

  • Whirlpool
  • General Electric
  • KitchenAid
  • Jenn-Air
  • Maytag
  • Gladiator

Discounted installation and haul-away services are also available.

If you are interested in selling your home or looking for one to purchase or even to rent it out then you are on the right page as by calling on the HMS Home Warranty Company Phone Number you will be able to do any role in a jiffy. 

The cherry on top is that if you are not feeling strong about getting in touch with the company or you might have found a better deal then you can step back.If you are still unfamiliar with house warranties, HMS Home Warranty will help you appreciate what home guarantee is, the devices and services that are usually insured, and the advantages of a house warranty. Why will owners and vendors continue to buy the HMS Home Warranty? Just equate the estimated cost of fixing or installing a device or appliance and it’s quick to understand how you get ahead. Warranties holders gain from major savings on big-name products via Appliance Buyline and can easily position claims and extend their warranties online at any time

HMS Home Warranty Needful Information

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Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson
5 years ago

I need help please! I’m not getting an answer on the phone!

5 years ago

Terrible service. Would never recommend. Got the run around about parts needed, cost, and when it would be fixed. Meanwhile my house has been 85-90 degrees and my dogs are throwing up from the heat.

Seth Ellen
Seth Ellen
5 years ago

I would definitely recommend hms warranty to everyone. My air conditioning broke down and they send in the service technician immediately for repairs. 10 star recommendation

5 years ago

I love Hms warranty and would recommend to every homeowner. My last service call was for being the heat furnace not working. The contractor who came over was a very friendly person, he tried to repair it but i ended up getting a new furnace for my place

5 years ago

i call then one month ago when my AC stop working and they just don’t care when i call and i tell them we on June and is over 100F they just tell me to wait bad service and bad experience i will never get this company again the contractor come two days after i call and very nice but he tell me about this is going to happen i have to wait more then one month and they don’t aend the part yet to fix my AC united

6 years ago

I have been a customer for HMS home warranty for the past 3 years and I had very good experience with them in the past. But my recent plumbing claim has been really frustrating. I call up the HMS home warranty phone number and the representatives said there are no plumbers near my area. How can there be no plumbers near my area? Very frustrating

6 years ago

I called up the HMS home warranty phone number to submit a claim. The representative was very polite and the contractor who came in was really professional. I spoke with the customer service for more than 3 times for other claims and all the experience was a pleasant one. They are very professional.

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