America’s 1st Choice Home Club

America’s First Choice Home Club was established by a group of people who had a wide-spread knowledge of home service and protection schemes. The company aimed at providing the most affordable and extensive protection plans that could cut down the cost of repair and replacements of any home appliances and systems. 

Most service centers of the home appliances company charge a heavy amount to repair or replace. These service charges are cut down to almost half by America’s First Choice Home Club Warranty. 

America’s First Choice Home Club Plans lets a customer opt the best plans suited according to their needs. Customers can sit and relax even when they experience unexpected issues related to their appliances and can save on the huge amount of repair bills. 

The plans are based on an annual fee or customers can also opt for a monthly subscription fee. 

  1. Platinum Plan- one year plan is charged at $50.09 per month and a three-year plan is charged at $91.67 per month.
  2. Gold Plan– one-year plan fee is $52.27 per month and a three-year plan is charged at $80.56 per month.
  3. Silver Plan- one-year cost is $43.18 per month and the three-year cost is $69.44 per month
  4. System Plan- one year fee is $43.18 per month and the three-year cost is $69.44 per month.

America’s First Choice has four different plans to opt as required by the customer. The plans are named as Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, Silver Plan and System Plan.

America’s First Choice Home Warranty Phone Number

Customers can also get their customised coverage quotation by calling America’s First Choice Home Warranty Phone Number- +1-833-815-6242.   

The Platinum Plan is the all-inclusive plan that includes almost all of the home appliances and home systems-

  1. Heating systems
  2. Water Heater
  3. Plumbing system
  4. Electrical system
  5. Ductwork
  6. Plumbing stoppages
  7. Air Conditioning/Cooler
  8. Clothes Dryer
  9. Clothes washer
  10. Kitchen Refrigerator
  11. Oven
  12. Ice Maker
  13. Built-in MIcrowave
  14. Dishwasher
  15. Range
  16. Cooktop/stove
  17. Garbage Disposal
  18. Garbage Opener

The Gold Plan has similar services covered excluding plumbing stoppages, built-in microwave and Ice Maker.

The Silver Plan covers all the appliances except Built-in Microwave and Ice Maker and does not cover any system. 

The System Plan as the name suggests covers only systems that are-

  1. Air conditioning/cooler
  2. Ductwork 
  3. Plumbing system
  4. Water heater
  5. Heating systems
  6. Electrical systems

America’s First Choice Home Club Reviews

America’s 1st choice has received a ‘B’ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has received 4.2 out of 5 stars across Better Business Bureau which is the outcome of America’s 1st Choice offering cheap and affordable price and quality services to its customers. 

The customers just have to pay a service charge of $75-$125 for each service regardless of which plan they opt for. The coverage comes with a waiting period of 30 days like all other home warranty providers. Customers can request for claims at any time by calling America’s First Choice Home Warranty Phone Number- +1-833-815-6242.

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Shiryl Kaplan
Shiryl Kaplan
4 years ago

This is not the phone number for America’s First Choice, the people answering the phone were rude and uncooperative and hung up on me several times. I am not sure what is going on, but I will get to the bottom of this, since I paid for an entire year for a policy.

Craig Owenspenitski
Craig Owenspenitski
4 years ago

This company is owned by the same guy that ripped me and 170 others out of their coverage when they defrauded us! The company name was Secure Hime Warranty LLC! You will be scammed like I was! Karma will get them! Google this company and read that they have a lawsuit against them!

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