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American Home Shield was established in 1971 to give your dream home an extra layer of protection. With the devoted employees, the insurance company operates 24/7 service to cover your savings from the high expense of home repair. 

American Home Shield associated with more than 16,000 contractors nationwide to provide premium protection coverage. The organization provides different kinds of policies through which the consumer can protect their homes.

American Home Shield Coverage Plans

A home guarantee is a personalized repair plan to install or restore essential equipment or equipment that has been disabled over time. American Home Shield offers information on large-scale home installations and components and functions of the hardware. 

The insurance firm shall be available to restore the structure or replace the goods. Each day, the HVAC programs seek to increase the harm done by wear and tear.

What are the components covered under the American Home Shield Warranty?

Air Conditioning and Ductwork

You need to pay $150 to $3800 per occurrence if you are not entitled to American Home Shield Warranty. With the plan, you are able to offer extra shields on the components such as Ducted central electric split and package units of your air conditioner. You were also able to get coverage on Geothermal equipment with the plenums and Dampers.


The American Home Shield insurance company reimburses a refrigerant of up to $10 per accident. 

Heating and Ductwork

You need to pay $105 to $3625 per occurrence if you are not entitled to American Home Shield Warranty. With the plan, you are able to offer an extra shield on the Heating system and Ductwork components. All other components like Room heater, floor furnaces, Geothermal and Wall-mounted heater.  Leakage and breakage in the ductwork also covered under the American Home Shield Warranty plan.


  1. The American Home Shield insurance company shall reimburse a refrigerant of up to $10 per accident. 
  2. The consumer must pay anything over $10 for refrigerant per incident.


The American Home Shield Warranty plans offer coverage on all the electric components. All the components of D.C. wiring, exhaust fan, vent and attic fans are covered by the insurance provider.


  1. 24 X7 Assistance by dedicated experts.
  2. Reimbursement on covered parts.

Doorbells, Smoke Detectors, Ceiling fans

All the components of Doorbells, Smoke Detectors, and Ceiling fans are covered by the American Home shield company.


1- Full refund on covered parts.


All the freezing parts are covered except the Freestanding freezer and Wine chillers.

American Home Shield Warranty offers coverage on all the components of cloth washers, dryers, cooktops, dishwashers, ovens, doors of the garage, ice maker systems, and many more components are covered. Remember all the removable accessories are not covered under American Home Shield Plans. 

The American Home Shield protects the main elements of up to 21 home systems and equipment including 11 fully protected commodities. In the contract period, the insurance company solves each claim problem. Incomplete maintenance, corrosion, rot or waste, the mistake in settings, corrections or modifications. This coverage includes defects on the components covered under the terms of the contract.

Benefits offered by the American Home Shield Warranty

  1. You don’t bear the full expense of your home insurance repair or upgrade.
  2. The deal will protect the replacement or substitute of protected goods regardless of era, produce or type.
  3. There is no need for home monitoring or repair documents.
  4. If they fail to repair as per the compensation agreement they will offer a replacement. The American Home Shield company will offer $1000 per contract term.

American Home Shield Plans

The American Home Shield Plans offers coverage in three segments. Such as- new consumer, existing consumer, and transfer of ownership.

1. For New consumer

The First Year Consumer Contract Period ends on the date specified in the Service Agreement pages and lasts for one year from that date and ensures that the Premium Payments are collected by the insurance provider.

2. For existing consumer

Renewal plan is available only for a current existing consumer whose deal American Home Shield agreed to extend. Renewal Customer contract period shall commence at the conclusion of the previous contract period and shall run for one year and the paid payment charge shall be collected by AHS within 45 days of the expiry date.

3. Transfer of ownership

When the land insured transfers hands after the term, the Settlement Policy documents will pass the liability to the current party. You need to dial the American Home Shield Contact number for transferring ownership.

What is not covered under American Home Shield Warranty?

The American Home Shield does not repair or eliminate any defects covered by a supplier, dealer, contractor or extended warranty. The coverage is only personal property bought or rented in such a manner that no private land or property converted into a company may be covered. All the coverage benefits are subjected to the company policy. For more information about the schemes connected to the claim department through American Home Shield Number 1-833-815-6242.

How to connect to the claim department through American Home Shield Phone Number?

  1. Dial the American Home Shield Phone Number +1-833-815-6242.
  2. Select the language and connects it to the claim adjuster department. 
  3. For identity verification, you need to use the policy number to validate the identification process.
  4. The program will immediately verify your identity and a few minutes you will be allocated a claim adjuster for the claim process.
  5. Allow the Adjuster on your behalf to begin the claim procedure.
  6. The agent will fill the claim application.
  7. When the application process has been filled by the agent, use the repair or maintenance bills to file the application request.
  8. You will provide a detailed break upon the request issue on your registered mobile number or email address. For future requirements, remember the claim number mentioned in the American Home Shield Insurance sheet.

What to do when you are not happy with the Claim amount?

In case you are not happy with the compensation then visit American Home Shield Corporate Office and register a complaint against the claim value. Your application will be reviewed within 24 to 72 hours. The American Home Shield Corporate Office timing depends on the location of the corporate office.

What is the American Home Shield Phone Number for registering queries?

The American Home Shield Phone Number is +1-833-815-6242. For registering a query, call within the official timing allotted by the company.

What is the difference between Houseowner policy and American Home Shield policy?House owner’s policy usually protects the house from incidents like fires, missiles or natural disasters. Whereas the American Home Shield policy secures the investment, as house systems and insured equipment collapse due to daily wear and tear. The consumer is able to offer extra shields to their daily household equipment.

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  • Jevon H Williams says:

    American Home Shield SUCKS!!! I put in a service request on October 3rd and my refrigerator is still not fixed. They have been assigning contractors to come out and diagnose what is causing my refrigerator to not function properly. They are now requesting a third opinion and the refrigerator is getting worse and I am getting new error codes. I have called American Home Shield everyday for the last two weeks. They will not allow me to speak to the “Authorization” department who is supposed to make decisions on whether or not they will replace or repair my refrigerator. I’m angry, frustrated and feel like this organization is a scam. Two contractors hired by American Home Shield all concur the refrigerator is broken. One company ordered parts to fix what they thought the cause was but the parts ended up missing. The second contractor had another diagnosis and said it was either the compressor or the motherboard. I need my refrigerator fixed or replaced

  • Maureen J Ortiz says:

    I want service charge reimbursed for service call that was not needed. One company dispatched to replace hot water heater accidentally turned off switch to AC unit. AC service tech saw that and flipped switch back on. American Home shield rep saying it was still a service call and fee applies. However they will refer concerns to their supervisor who is supposed to call me back. I don’t have much faith that will happen Rating: 1


  • Donelle from California says:

    This company is a fraud, a joke, and a waste of all of my time and money. Our dishwasher stopped working three weeks ago. THREE WEEKS ago! The first contractor they were going to send out called me (after I tried to reach him for two days) only to tell me he couldn’t come out for a week. I told him that wouldn’t work for us, and he called AHS himself to request they find me another contractor. The second company came out 2 days later and spent less than five minutes diagnosing our issue as the “control panel”. They said they had to order parts and then would “get us back on their schedule”. A week later the guy comes back and says the control panel is “defective”‘ – has to order another one. Another week. He returns, and then actually says “Oh, it must be the wiring” – then calls AHS to tell them the unit needs to be replaced. What does AHS do? Sends out another contractor for a second opinion! This guy gets here and asks what the other company tried? Really? You’re going to ask the customer that? Shouldn’t you arrive to a job already knowing what has been tried before? Guess what? He couldn’t fix it either. Here we are, three weeks later, and I have been on hold with this ridiculous company ALL DAY. ALL frickin DAY! They will supposedly replace the unit, but when? 2021?! This is such a joke. Then when you do finally get through it is someone in India or the Phillipines who are unable to connect you to a supervisor or manager. THE WORST! RUN DON’T WALK

  • Phillip Demeranville says:

    Rip off, Double charging for work not done. Unable to contaxt anyone at America Home Shield. Will be contacting attorney

  • Nate Sample says:

    AHS –
    Please explain to me why ( I already know ) why AHS is an American company but yet for service request we are transferred to the Philippines..??? But when I call and hit the option to set up a new contract it “conveniently” takes me to a representative in the US….lolol… I wonder why… Take the money and then screw the customer over when it comes to any service call needed by sending them out of the country to folks who are very hard to understand, that don’t understand the unit/systems in need of repair and that are only concerned about taking the $75.00 service call fee.!

    And what is funny about your “Service Fee” is I set up an online service request and then canceled due to not hearing from you guys for DAYS and you still never gave me my $75.00 back. I had to call and sit on the phone for damn near an hour to get it processed and returned…….. that is extremely unprofessional, dishonest and frankly a scam.

    I called today 6.27.20 to set up a claim for a AC unit that is not forcing any cold air or air at all and need this as an emergency request and I am told it will be processed within 24 “Business Hours” which is Monday……. That is 3 days out, in the meantime I have an infant, and a toddler in the home with it reaching temperatures of 90 degrees plus. When I advise your repr of this she tell me there is nothing she can do, she is working from home and cannot transfer a call to a supervisor because she does not have one.

    I call back and finally get a representative in the United State, she helps and approves an outside vendor of my choice. I find the vendor, I have the come onsite the same day and they call for authorization and are told ITS TO MUCH MONEY and that I would need to call back for further details. I call back and I am told they will send a contractor for a second opinion which happened 3 DAYS LATER…. After another 4 days I have to call to get a response and I am told you are doing nothing on this claim as the unit was modified….!!!!!!!! I bought the house in the dead of winter in January and I am not even told what the modification is..!!!!! I have made 4 service calls to AHS regarding this unit in which I had to pay for ALL of them….. please explain to me how this is a warranty company, an AMERICAN warranty company that bases its customer service in the Philippines and then denies a claim when it comes across because it was “to much money”….

    This is a joke, this is a scam and it is defrauding the American people out their hard earned money. I have already contacted the Ohio Attorney General, the BBB and I have retained my own legal council in regard to your fraudulent company.

  • Impossible to speak to anyone…I am trying to speak to a customer representative for over a week…and I have called numerous times, literally staying “on hold” for over 15 minutes at a time….and it’s absolutely ridiculous! This company needs a wake up call.

    • Kristina C says:

      I am on hold right now because the contractor left the work unfinished and told me to open a wall so he can reach the plumbing. I am trying to call and have been on hold for 1 hr and 4 min.

  • Kimberly Lynch says:

    I’ve been dealing with a problem with my sewage ejector pump for about 3 weeks now. I’ve paid $400 in addition to the $500 this company paid to get a new one installed and, thanks to the incompetence of the plumber sent, since then I’ve had my basement flooded with sewer water on 3 different occasions. Each time they came back to “fix” the problem with no luck. After I had a forth leak, I requested another company. The company (Flo Rite) was never provided any of the 3 weeks of info I reported to you about my pump. He was sent a work order about my toilet instead. Since he wasn’t prepared to work on my pump, I’m still waiting without being able to use the water in my home for someone to fix this. That was 3 days ago. I spoke to someone the day before yesterday about this who assured me they contact the approval department and the plumbers for me. They said to check my emails and I’d have new information about the work order. I have yet to receive anything. I called yesterday and waited 2 hours for the exact same scenario to play out. Then I call today, wait an hour and 40 minutes sob that another “customer service rep” could put me on good for and additional 30 minutes then hang up. My next email is going to the BBB. This is ridiculous. 

  • M. Miller says:

    So it seems that AHS has now farmed their customer support call center to somewhere in India. I have had a leak issue in my house going on two weeks. Try calling the 800 number only to be met with excruciating long wait times (excess of hour and half). Finally once I get someone on the phone you can’t hardly understand them. You try and explain what’s going on and they consistently try and speak over you. AHS is making enough money per month on contracts to not have to deal with this kind of terrible customer service. Rating: 2

  • MILLARD W MAHN says:

    Shoddy service 3 months still no microwave. I called once before on another issue on my ac contractor tried to charge me 2500. I told him to get off property hired a local guy charged me 450.and that was with the mo 99 freon. This time with the microwave two different contractors have been sent. Still no microwave.
    I have spent a total of 11 hours on phone and chat with no response.
    I have signed up with another home warranty company and just got paperwork to file in small claims court stay away

  • Dar Saini says:

    This is a fake outfit. They do not provide any warranty service. They send in vendors that ask for additional fees to do the work. It is cheaper just to call a repair service yourself. Don’t waste your money on them. Look at other home warranty companies. Check their reviews before buying.

  • Minnie Lee says:

    It’s so frustrated. I requested for a service call on my cooktop. A technician of AAR Appliance came out and said that he will put in the request to order parts. I received a message stating that it’s not ‘wear and tear’. My stove has 5 burners, 3 of them work fine, 2 that needed to be fixed as they can’t ignite. They are working with a lighter to lit up. I called AHS and was told that they issued a recall to have a Senior Tech come out. Two days later, I got a call from AAR Appliance and was told that they are waiting for approval to order parts to fix my cooktop so they don’t have to come out. 5 days later, I called AHS again. Another recall issued and I was told a tech will come out. 6 days later, I still didn’t see or hear from anyone. I called AHS again. I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold a few times. It was almost 1 hour but nothing resolved. I paid $125 for a service fee and $48/month for home warranty when things in the house breakdown. I got ripped off. AHS took my money but did not fix my cooktop.

  • Lisa Campbell says:

    BUYER-BEWARE! I wish I could give AHS negative starts! This is the worse warranty company with NO customer service. Our AC went out six days ago; we live in TX! A contractor come out Monday. I was told after f/u with the status that AHS was going to call me with our out of pocket costs ~ $1200! I have been put on hold forever. When I ask to speak a supervisor, I am repeatedly told they are ‘busy.’ When I asked to cash out, I was told someone would contact me. So far, no one has contacted me by email or phone. So I looked up the CEO’s name and the corporate attorney. I have left messages, and NO ONE at corporate picks up the phone or returns calls. I am on hold trying to get the cash out so I can replace our AC. NOTHING! Finally, I asked where the representative was located, and he said he was not allowed to tell me. Then I asked are you located outside of the US, and he said yes. I asked for the Corporate HQ address, and he said they are NOT allowed to give that out. Honestly, this is the WORST service ever! I guess I raised my voice enough by leaving voice messages for Rex Tibbins and Jeff Fairmar that I finally got a call back. NO customer should ever have to spend this much time to get help!!

  • John W Moore says:

    On 6/21.I contacted your company by e-mail and nofified you I was having a problem with our a/c system, paid you the $75 fee and advised world Class would be my contractor. World Class called late Friday in the AM advising the earlist they could send out a service agent would be Monday. I told the lady that was unacceptable as I have COPD and difficulty breathing and to cancel the order.
    First, I am requesting a refund of my $75 Second, why don’t you have a direct line of communication with the company? Instead you offer10,000 hypothetical questions or one must wait until a chat person is free which requires calling back several time to reachc them.
    Again, not happy with this service and as a result I had to hire another a/c contractor and it cost me $265 to fix the leak when it should have cost much less.Who pays for that expense ?

  • lisandra Trevino says:

    Cancelling my policy with them cant give not a 1 star rating and yes wait time to speak to a being ridiculous They send whoever technician they want not looking into their work ethics, Canceled my policy this morning Jan 16th 10:00am still waiting for them to confirm my request via e mail Lisandra Trevino

  • Barbara Robinson says:

    i have American Home Shield and I cant get them to help me They always say they will call me back and never do I have had sooo much trouble getting them to help me But they take my money each month and take it when they send a service man out here, and never follow through COuld someone help me Poor customer service

  • Marguerite Gordon says:

    Absolute terrible service. can’t reach you by phone nor email. you have been giving me such good service, but when I talked with someone about being double charged for at least three months now. I will cancel my service with American Home Shield.

  • Barbara Measelle says:

    I must have used a different password, but can’t imagine what. What do I do to cancel.?

  • for 25 years we have ben members of AHS. AND for these 25 years we have paid our monthly fee. And for 5hese 25 years AHS has given good service. Now after 25 years they have no customer servic where someone can talk with a person sho not only speaks english but understands what we want. I was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get service to get the problem resolved. and still noting is happening.

  • Melanie Oblender, MD says:

    This was a mistake to get this insurance. Every month for at least 2 years I have paid for this. When I needed it, kjI was told it would be a $125.oo service fee. The plumber contacted me and told me if I needed a new water heater, it would be several days before they got the authorization to put one in. Not helpful when you have to work and get kids bathed. I called a local plumber and my Rheem is in and working. Kids are clean, laundry done and dishes washed. If I had put the money in a savings account instead of paying you, I would not have paid a cent more. I am cancelling my account and will start to save.


    Live in NM requested service for a dryer and an oven on a Monday got a text with number to a contractor that ended up servicing IL. area then by Thursday called again was waiting for a rep for almost an hour 48 min to be exact and on Friday called again and again waiting for a rep to answer my call 35 minutes.

  • Daniel Abatemarco says:

    My A?C has been down for 10 days and they still can’t tell me when the part is coming in??? It’s September not a busy season I am dropping them at the end of my contract.
    Have been trying to talk to various people for several days even the supervisor can’t give me a straight answer. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Its happening again, the same old problem. My american home shield login credentials are not being accepted and i cannot reset the password too. Seriously tired with this.

  • james F davis says:

    After 20 years, I am discontinuing my contract with AHS. The incompetence of many of the techs, the inability of the agents to address concerns – when they can be reached -, and the general indifference to problems has finally reached the breaking point. Do not sign up for this program!

  • Delores Smith says:

    Agents system is constantly updating, therefore; can’t assist the customer. I am still waiting for additional info after 3 weeks for a plumbing issue that was only partially completed. The plumbing office staff is not knowledgeable and rescheduled my appointment twice weeks apart!

  • I have a rental property covered under AHS home waranty. On July 5, my tenant called me saying the outside AC unit stopped working. She said that the AC system had been performing well without any issue until shut down abruptly.

    AHS dispatched contractor to fix the problem. The technician said the it was because of Freon leakage with broken discharge line, and asked me to pay $510 for 6lbs of Freon.

    I didn’t feel his diagnosis was reasonable because if there was Freon leakage, my tenant should have already complained the AC cooling performance many days ago in this hot summer. However, I had no choice at that time. So I had to pay him with my credit card and let him fix the problem.

    After the technician left, I went to the property and examined the AC unit. I also took some pictures. I could not find any sign that the discharge line was soldered recently. The line was wrapped with foam. The yard had not been mowed for days, indicating the problem should not be caused by mowing machine as what the technician said. What I found makes me feel like I was ripped off.

    However, the most disappointing is that I just found they over charged me and double charged me. Yesterday, I accidentally took a look at my credit card account. I found that they charged me $525.30 instead of $510 they initially said, and they charged the same amount AGAIN a week later!

    All I have experienced with this company makes me feel firmly that I was ripped off and cheated by this contractor. From the evidence I collected, I do not feel like the AC problem was because of Freon leakage. I think it was just a way to charge extra money in addition to the amount AHS pays them for service. But it is much more serious for them to over charge and double charge the customer. It is a steal of money. If I didn’t check my credit card balance carefully, I will not notice what they did.

    I was very disappointed by what this contractor did to me. I hope AHS can compensate what I lost. And I hope AHS can investigate this contractor to see if they have done the same thing to other AHS customers.

  • sandra cannella says:

    My a/c is still not cooling and I have already paid $125.00 for this problem. I have been out of town and just got back to find it is not cooling the house. I do not want to be charged another service call and I think today is the last day I can have someone come by out.. I have tried over and over to call you. Please respond.. S. Cannella

  • I just received an email from American Home Shield stating that I requested service and the contractor has been unable to reach me.
    I have called all the phone #’s to AMHS to alert them that I do not have a policy any more with this company and I have not requested any service. I have been on hold for a very long time.
    I cancelled my policy with this company last year because of the lack of customer service.

  • My recent claim with AHS was with the refrigerator. I submitted the claim by calling the american home shield phone number and they were able to fix it on the same day. My experience with AHS has always been good and would recommend it to others as well

  • I called up the American home shield customer service number for repairs and they did not answer as promised within the 24 hours. This is the 9th day and there is still no sign of the repairman and now i am unable to reach the american home shield service.

  • I want to register and setup a new online account but my screen is stuck on american home shield login and when I click on the Register Now option, nothing is happening

  • anne ross says:

    I would say AHS has some great aspects and some areas that are frustrating and could use improvement. This is like any other insurance company, you want to have it in case something really goes wrong. Just like medicine, there is often a huge difference in the contractors/repairmen who are used. I have had to switch in the middle of repair since I have had repairmen who have been unresponsive, however this has nothing to do with AHS. I must say I am happy to have this as a back up for unaffordable repairs. I have had AHS replace equipment such as my dryer, and hot water heater. They will replace your appliance if they are not able to repair it and that is a huge plus. The biggest downside with AHS is with customer service who serves as the middle man. If you search for a contractor via computer, it is easier to get the process going. When you phone, it appears that the service is outsourced to other countries and it is often difficult to understand the agents. Recently I was on the phone with an agent, it took at least 20 minutes of holding, and another 45 minutes of explaining. Overall it is definitely worth having this insurance for your home.

  • I am facing problems with my american home shield login. It gives an error that username and password is incorrect. The forgot password option is not helping as well. I called the American Home shield phone number but no one is answering the phone

  • Good Afternoon,
    I have been with American Home Shield for several years, On 4/22/2018, I requested service for a refregator, this is two days later and I have not received a call from the assigned contractor, National Platinum Service. Today 4/24/2018, I contacted AHS customer service informing them that I have not heard from the contractor, the representive(sharika) attempted the call them however she stated that one number was not working and she could not get in touch with them and that she would need to email the contractor. At this point I requested that a new contactor be assigned, she advised me that it was not possible. I requested to speak to a supervisor and she refused to provide a supervisor’s name or contact number, she stated that they do not have a supervisor on shift. She explained that a supervisor would contact me in 48 hours.
    This level of service was totally unsatisfactory. At this point I am in the market searching for a new home warranty company, which is very unfortunate that this issue could not be resolved at the customer service level.

  • I went online to search for American Home shield phone number and I was pleasantly surprise with the easy to navigate through their website. I ended up spending a good few minutes browsing through their website and finally filed a claimed for my refrigerator. The service person came and issue was fixed. Thumbs up

  • Carolyn Wilson says:

    I have been trying to get my microwave replaced since November and I have gotten nothing but run around. I was given a number to contact someone and I never could get an answer. Appliance Science has been out to check it and everything and I’m still without a microwave. I was told to find a microwave and call with the information. Well, I did that and still no satisfaction.

  • Maria vega says:

    Have been trying to talk to someone for least few days. On hold for an hour one time and 32 minutes other times and had to hang up. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Sedigheh Golandam says:

    Horrible Customer Service! Wrong diagnosis provided during the service visit.

us +1-833-815-6242