Founded way back in 1971, American Home Shield is still amongst the largest and one of the most favored home warranty providers for people in America. Their goal of providing appropriate protection to customers with satisfaction etched in their faces has not been compromised, even after 50 years of working in the same trade. With the growing easiness of people purchasing houses, unexpected labor costs and repair charges have also increased. To ease the pain of customers, home warranty plans from American Home Shield services has definitely become a front-runner.

As of today, American Home Shield provides plans that can be used for almost any home in the United States. Moreover, they have also been able to create a nationwide network comprising of qualified personnel for repair work that will be able to help any homeowner in case there is any need for it. Since most of the customers make use of their plans at least twice a year, service requests are exceptionally met with by our expert professional with the aid of American Home Shield customer service number.

A good beginning for your home

Home warranty solutions have been growing in leaps and bounds. Rather than making use of multiple services that does not guarantee you the proper peace of mind, using the American Home Shield services brings about a magnitude of change. Service requests can be undertaken 24/7 with the help of previously vetted local professionals that work in tandem with American Home Shield. With a glorious American Home Shield reviews, one can be certain that customer satisfaction is high on the agenda for this company.

Why choose American Home Shield?

In spite of various people mentioning that American Home Shield is the best company, why should you take their word for it? Instead, let’s have a look at some of the benefits provided by the company.

  • Schedule a home visit within 24 hours of every request provided at American Home Shield.
  • 2015 to 2017 top rated company for providing home warranty services. The best in service award given in the year 2014 to American Home Shield.
  • Provides coverage to most of the major appliances like air conditioning units, dryers, as well as plumbing for new and old homes.
  • Various add-ons can also be undertaken with your home warranty plan.

So, should you go for it?

American Home Shield reviews showcase that millions of people are satisfied with their service. However, as a customer, you need to exercise your own due diligence. Therefore, call the American Home Shield phone number to get the best deal for your home.

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    Sedigheh Golandam

    Horrible Customer Service! Wrong diagnosis provided during the service visit.

    Rating: 1
  2. -
    Maria vega

    Have been trying to talk to someone for least few days. On hold for an hour one time and 32 minutes other times and had to hang up. This is ridiculous!!!!

  3. -
    Carolyn Wilson

    I have been trying to get my microwave replaced since November and I have gotten nothing but run around. I was given a number to contact someone and I never could get an answer. Appliance Science has been out to check it and everything and I’m still without a microwave. I was told to find a microwave and call with the information. Well, I did that and still no satisfaction.

  4. -

    I went online to search for American Home shield phone number and I was pleasantly surprise with the easy to navigate through their website. I ended up spending a good few minutes browsing through their website and finally filed a claimed for my refrigerator. The service person came and issue was fixed. Thumbs up

    Rating: 4
  5. -

    Good Afternoon,
    I have been with American Home Shield for several years, On 4/22/2018, I requested service for a refregator, this is two days later and I have not received a call from the assigned contractor, National Platinum Service. Today 4/24/2018, I contacted AHS customer service informing them that I have not heard from the contractor, the representive(sharika) attempted the call them however she stated that one number was not working and she could not get in touch with them and that she would need to email the contractor. At this point I requested that a new contactor be assigned, she advised me that it was not possible. I requested to speak to a supervisor and she refused to provide a supervisor’s name or contact number, she stated that they do not have a supervisor on shift. She explained that a supervisor would contact me in 48 hours.
    This level of service was totally unsatisfactory. At this point I am in the market searching for a new home warranty company, which is very unfortunate that this issue could not be resolved at the customer service level.

  6. -

    I am facing problems with my american home shield login. It gives an error that username and password is incorrect. The forgot password option is not helping as well. I called the American Home shield phone number but no one is answering the phone

    Rating: 3
  7. -
    anne ross

    I would say AHS has some great aspects and some areas that are frustrating and could use improvement. This is like any other insurance company, you want to have it in case something really goes wrong. Just like medicine, there is often a huge difference in the contractors/repairmen who are used. I have had to switch in the middle of repair since I have had repairmen who have been unresponsive, however this has nothing to do with AHS. I must say I am happy to have this as a back up for unaffordable repairs. I have had AHS replace equipment such as my dryer, and hot water heater. They will replace your appliance if they are not able to repair it and that is a huge plus. The biggest downside with AHS is with customer service who serves as the middle man. If you search for a contractor via computer, it is easier to get the process going. When you phone, it appears that the service is outsourced to other countries and it is often difficult to understand the agents. Recently I was on the phone with an agent, it took at least 20 minutes of holding, and another 45 minutes of explaining. Overall it is definitely worth having this insurance for your home.

    Rating: 4
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    I want to register and setup a new online account but my screen is stuck on american home shield login and when I click on the Register Now option, nothing is happening

    Rating: 4
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    I called up the American home shield customer service number for repairs and they did not answer as promised within the 24 hours. This is the 9th day and there is still no sign of the repairman and now i am unable to reach the american home shield service.

    Rating: 2
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    My recent claim with AHS was with the refrigerator. I submitted the claim by calling the american home shield phone number and they were able to fix it on the same day. My experience with AHS has always been good and would recommend it to others as well

    Rating: 5
  11. -

    I just received an email from American Home Shield stating that I requested service and the contractor has been unable to reach me.
    I have called all the phone #’s to AMHS to alert them that I do not have a policy any more with this company and I have not requested any service. I have been on hold for a very long time.
    I cancelled my policy with this company last year because of the lack of customer service.

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    sandra cannella

    My a/c is still not cooling and I have already paid $125.00 for this problem. I have been out of town and just got back to find it is not cooling the house. I do not want to be charged another service call and I think today is the last day I can have someone come by out.. I have tried over and over to call you. Please respond.. S. Cannella

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    I have a rental property covered under AHS home waranty. On July 5, my tenant called me saying the outside AC unit stopped working. She said that the AC system had been performing well without any issue until shut down abruptly.

    AHS dispatched contractor to fix the problem. The technician said the it was because of Freon leakage with broken discharge line, and asked me to pay $510 for 6lbs of Freon.

    I didn’t feel his diagnosis was reasonable because if there was Freon leakage, my tenant should have already complained the AC cooling performance many days ago in this hot summer. However, I had no choice at that time. So I had to pay him with my credit card and let him fix the problem.

    After the technician left, I went to the property and examined the AC unit. I also took some pictures. I could not find any sign that the discharge line was soldered recently. The line was wrapped with foam. The yard had not been mowed for days, indicating the problem should not be caused by mowing machine as what the technician said. What I found makes me feel like I was ripped off.

    However, the most disappointing is that I just found they over charged me and double charged me. Yesterday, I accidentally took a look at my credit card account. I found that they charged me $525.30 instead of $510 they initially said, and they charged the same amount AGAIN a week later!

    All I have experienced with this company makes me feel firmly that I was ripped off and cheated by this contractor. From the evidence I collected, I do not feel like the AC problem was because of Freon leakage. I think it was just a way to charge extra money in addition to the amount AHS pays them for service. But it is much more serious for them to over charge and double charge the customer. It is a steal of money. If I didn’t check my credit card balance carefully, I will not notice what they did.

    I was very disappointed by what this contractor did to me. I hope AHS can compensate what I lost. And I hope AHS can investigate this contractor to see if they have done the same thing to other AHS customers.

    Rating: 1
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    Delores Smith

    Agents system is constantly updating, therefore; can’t assist the customer. I am still waiting for additional info after 3 weeks for a plumbing issue that was only partially completed. The plumbing office staff is not knowledgeable and rescheduled my appointment twice weeks apart!

    Rating: 1
  15. -
    james F davis

    After 20 years, I am discontinuing my contract with AHS. The incompetence of many of the techs, the inability of the agents to address concerns – when they can be reached -, and the general indifference to problems has finally reached the breaking point. Do not sign up for this program!

  16. -

    Its happening again, the same old problem. My american home shield login credentials are not being accepted and i cannot reset the password too. Seriously tired with this.

    Rating: 3
  17. -
    Daniel Abatemarco

    My A?C has been down for 10 days and they still can’t tell me when the part is coming in??? It’s September not a busy season I am dropping them at the end of my contract.
    Have been trying to talk to various people for several days even the supervisor can’t give me a straight answer. This is ridiculous!!!!

    Rating: 1
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    Live in NM requested service for a dryer and an oven on a Monday got a text with number to a contractor that ended up servicing IL. area then by Thursday called again was waiting for a rep for almost an hour 48 min to be exact and on Friday called again and again waiting for a rep to answer my call 35 minutes.

    Rating: 2
  19. -
    Melanie Oblender, MD

    This was a mistake to get this insurance. Every month for at least 2 years I have paid for this. When I needed it, kjI was told it would be a $125.oo service fee. The plumber contacted me and told me if I needed a new water heater, it would be several days before they got the authorization to put one in. Not helpful when you have to work and get kids bathed. I called a local plumber and my Rheem is in and working. Kids are clean, laundry done and dishes washed. If I had put the money in a savings account instead of paying you, I would not have paid a cent more. I am cancelling my account and will start to save.

  20. -

    for 25 years we have ben members of AHS. AND for these 25 years we have paid our monthly fee. And for 5hese 25 years AHS has given good service. Now after 25 years they have no customer servic where someone can talk with a person sho not only speaks english but understands what we want. I was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get service to get the problem resolved. and still noting is happening.

    Rating: 1