Allied Home Warranty

Allied Home Warranty was established in 2004 with the aim of providing the best quality service warranty to customers living in Texas. Allied Home Warranty is based in Texas and serves only to the Texans. The company has plans for both existing homeowners as well as new home buyers that help them save lots of money. 

Allied Home Warranty Texas lets you choose and customize your service coverage contract according to your requirements. The company has comprehensive home protection plans for everyone including homeowners, home builders and new home buyers. The company doesn’t even inspect the house before signing the home service contract for coverage. The company is associated with well-scrutinized contractors and has personally been verified before aligning. The company has been rated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau. 

Allied Home Warranty has a Basic Plan which covers Air conditioners, coolers, heating systems, plumbing systems, duct work, plumbing stoppages and water heaters. This plan also covers any damage caused due to rust, corrosion or any unknown damage that may exist before the contract. The Basic Plan comes with a cost of $395 per year or $33.75 per month whichever the customer finds a convenient payment plan.

The other plan is the Premium Plan that covers everything from the Basic Plan and in addition to that it also protects your appliances such as microwave ovens, built-in ovens, dishwashers, cook tops, trash compactors, garbage disposals, electrical systems and fixtures including wiring, doorbells, fans, and outlets, and also the garage door opener. For this Premium Plan, you need to pay $515 per year or $43.75 per month whichever suits your need. 

Both Basic and Premium Plans can be customized as per your need and requirements. Customers can add-on coverage like washer, dryer, pool, spa, septic pump, ice maker, wine cooler, well pump, refrigerator and many more, in the existing plan. 

Allied Home Warranty Customer Service

The customer service of Allied Home Warranty is very efficient and is very quick in terms of taking immediate actions to any complaints. Customers have reviewed that the Allied Home Warranty service providers have been very easy to interact. Most of the time customers are not fully aware of the limitation and exclusion of coverage, so they are advised to read their service contract before making any claim with the company. Technicians are made available as quickly as possible and they provide you with an estimate before proceeding to repair or replace. 

The Allied Home Warranty Customer Service can be reached by various ways such as through its dedicated Contact Number-+1-833-815-6242, via email, website or one can even visit Allied Home Warranty Texas offices. 
Allied Home Warranty is almost similar in providing the coverage but it stands out in terms of customer support it provides when customers claim for any repair or replacements.

The customer just needs to call on the Allied Home Warranty Contact Number- +1-833-815-6242.

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