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Bose is known for its electronic equipments worldwide. Its products, especially the speakers and headphones are preferred among the buyers, located worldwide. Founded in 1964, the company started off with a low, but after the evolution of the model 901 speaker, the company had never looked back. During the success journey, the Bose customer service department plays an important role.

Solve every query of the customer

The Bose customer service number is designed to give relevant and immediate aid to the buyer, who is looking forward either to buy any product from the company or want to ask queries related to use or warranties of the product. The company owns around 190 stores all over the world. This implies focus on the number of queries faced by the customers. To solve every query, customer service department is all set.

Call on the Bose phone number, i.e. (800) 632-2073 and enquire about any headphone or speaker or you can ask about returning any product or any pricing query or even, if you want to confirm the warranty associated with the particular product.

Want to know more? Then call!

If you wish to exchange any Bose speaker or headphone or you want to purchase products in bulk quantity or either you are looking forward to complain about a defect and looking forward for prospective help, you can contact the Bose support number and resolve the error.

Call the customer support executive today and know whatever you want.

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  • Raymond Romano says:

    Please check your records I called the other day because my sound bar was not working. They had me unplug the unit and listen for a click.

    So I unplugged it and we thought it was the remote. The technician said it must be the remote so I ordered one, it came today but the unit still doesn’t work

    At this stage I don’t know what else to do?

  • I just received my Bose noise canceling headphones product replacement within 24hrs. The customer service have always treated me with prompt service and would definite buy other Bose products in the future.

  • Andrew Hill says:

    Bose soundsport free wireless headphones is truly amazing. Total noise cancellation, comfortable to wear and a good battery backup for a device that is so small. However there is a delay with sound when you watch videos/movies. I thought that was a product faulty but the customer service mentioned that there has been few complaints regarding that an they are constantly updating the software and it has got a lot better since. i primarily did not buy this expensive wireless headphones to watch videos, It is just perfect when i go gyming

  • I purchased bose bar speakers from amazon however after three months of usage there was sound distortion whenever I play heavy music. I called up the bose customer service instead of amazon and Bose replaced the whole speaker in just 4 days. Totally satisfied customer.

  • Elisabeth says:

    From the first call to Bose customer service number to establish a return under warranty for my noise cancelling headphones, it was one of the worst experiences. The customer service reps were very rude on the call and it took 3 months for the headphones replacement.

  • bose customer service is stellar. Very knowledgeable about the products and pricing, they showed me a list of high end products and compared them with their pros and cons depending on my requirements.


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