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    I have been saving my $ 250 walmart gift card for a few months and I had no idea that the card needs activation to use it. I kept the card with me for more than 5 months and when I call up the walmart customer service to finally activate my card, I was charged as a monthly rental fee. It is such a scam. I was force to use all the credit left in the card as I did not want to pay for something that I was trying to save. Not buying walmart gift card anymore

    Rating: 2
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    I ordered a few things from walmart to be delivered at my home. I went online and check the tracking number and it was showing that the items were delivered at my place two days back. I called up the walmart telephone number and the customer service said that the item was lost during shipping and they will be placing another order for it and a new tracking number. Now I have to wait another 4-5 business days for my stuffs to reach me. It’s a shame that a company like walmart is offering this kind of business; I won’t be dealing with them anymore, moving over to Amazon.

    Rating: 2