Overstock is known as the retail powerhouse that delivers all types of merchandise to the customers located worldwide. Overstock.com is the organization that has ruled the internet since last many years and surviving the hard core competition of the era, against the tumult created by the dot.com industries. After facing the serious fall down of the sister industries, overstock had jumped up and began the merchandise sale business.

Contrary to the dropped down companies, overstock brings in the compelling customer support which had helped it in establishing a lasting impression on the customers. Overstock customer service phone number is there to sort out the rising queries of the customers, regarding their order status or any other technical support, they required.

Reach out to the well-trained staff

Factually, overstock’s exclusive collection of merchandise leaves the customers, with heaps of confusions, regarding product quality, prices, guarantee and lots more. With the overstock customer service, customers can get answers to all their queries. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at overstock is ready to make customers, feel home.

Make your shopping experience comfortable

Since Overstock exclusive collection of merchandise is available on its web outlet, it’s obvious on the part of the customers to counter different issues, say for payment mode, or shipping queries, etc. For all such queries, overstock phone number, i.e. 1-919-576-9926, is there to help the customers.

The Overstock customer service number is dedicated to make the customers feel delightful and comfortable, while shopping on the Overstock.com website.  

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3 years ago

hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me 🙂

5 years ago

I have created an account on overstock to make some purchases and made payments using my credit card. After the payments, the website has logged me out and i am not able to login to my account anymore. What do i do to login again and see my order status?

HR Hines
HR Hines
5 years ago

I haven’t shopped on Overstock in a while but was do some DIY projects and saw a gorgeous fan and cabinet and purchased them. Unfortunately the fan showed up in a bounty paper towel box ??? all tapped up like it had be opened. It did not think that this was right at all. Called Customer Service and talked to Jack S, sent him pictures of torn box and retaped fan box. They put in a new order for the same fan to be sent immediately. I was impressed with Jack and the customer service I received, they were responsive and expedient. I will definitely use Overstock again. Not happy how I received the item, however, they seem very concerned and happy to rectify problem. Thanks Overstock

6 years ago

I love shopping from Overstock.com. I always find what I am looking for that other stores do not have or do not provide. I like that there are a variety of options at a good price. However the layout of the website is very confusing, it is not easy to navigate around to find exactly what I am looking for. For some instant, I had to call the overstock phone number to get help from the customer service to find what I am searching for, which kind of sucks but I would use it again despite the confusing layout.

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