Macy’s is one of the premium retailers that offer a wide range of products and services, suitable for a trendy lifestyle. Macy’s departmental store offers the widest range of products to the customers located worldwide. To provide satisfactory buying services to the customers, Macy’s customer service plays an important role.

Macy’s customer service phone number makes it possible for the customers to get their queries solved within no time. The queries can be related to any particular product or either to the international shipping features. With a phone call, it’s easy to get in touch with the customer support executive and get the directions, to move further on the shopping journey.

Get to know the credit card services

It’s not that you can only ask about the products available at the departmental store, you can even enquire about the credit card facilities available. You can apply for a credit card, view your account summary, manage your bills and enjoy a great shopping experience by calling on the Macy’s credit card customer service.

Contact at and ask your queries with the helpdesk.

Make your international shopping fun and comfortable with the help of the customer support department available at every inch of the Macy’s departmental store locations. If you want information regarding the credit card facility and availability, you can contact at Macy’s credit card customer service number and sort out the doubts.

Call the customer support department today and have a wonderful shopping experience.

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5 years ago

Great offers on macy’s each time i visit the site. I cannot stop myself from going through their collection for a good 30 minutes or so. Everything is great with macys collection until you have an issue with your delivery. The customer service over the phone never has any idea why the package has been delayed. My last package was delivered more than 10 days late. Providing the tracking number is of no use to them as the repeat the same thing that i can see it for myself. They just have no clue. Its one of the main reason i find it difficult to shop from macys even while they have a big offer sale

5 years ago

I purchased a smart watch from Macy’s using my credit card later to find out that i have been charged twice for the watch. I tried contacting macys customers service but got no help and was asked to contact my bank.

5 years ago

My package was supposed to be delivered tonight and wasn’t. I was home. No delivery, no calls, no nothing. I did get an email from Macy customer service saying that delivery was attempted, they would try again after the weekend. Did the talking by calling the customer service number to try to find out what the problem was, but they had no interest in providing any help. Might seem small to some people, but I’m just sick of waiting a week for this three day delivery I’m supposed to get with Macy.

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