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  • I have been an IKEA customer for such a long time and I have to say the product quality is top notch for the prices that we pay for. the delivery arrives on time and I get all the updates for my pending product via text which is very helpful. and you get calls from IKEA customer service if the delivery has been delayed. unlike other sites where I have to contact their customer service phone number to ask them why my package has been delayed. everyone should try IKEA its a 10/10 service

  • we got ourselves a Ypperlig table from IKEA and though the product looks really good on the pictures, it does not look the same when it reaches you. There is nothing wrong with the table but for the cash, I had to pull out, I expected it to be great, not just good

  • We want to know the return policy of IKEA. The product that we received had a small scratch on the top and we want to return the product. or if its possible, exchanged with another one. it would be much appreciated if the IKEA customer service could contact us regarding this. I have used the same username and the email id to order the product. please call me back on the registered phone number. thank you

  • We have purchased a child’s tent from ikea.com. the material and the quality of the product is great but we received a slightly defective item. on one of the stitches, the stitching is not well sew so there is a small hole. we have applied for an exchange but the process seems to be taking some time so if you could kindly speed up the process and send in the new tent as soon as possible. thanks