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  • I just registered with the site, but it won’t let me upload any pictures at all. It keeps saying “aborted,” but no reason is ever given. Also, the section “Select your Date,” won’t let me make any selections, nor will it let me proceed. I tried on firefox and Google Chrome, even after I cleared my history. The problem persists. Also, your email contact feature on the website does not work. Are you still in business? Why isn’t anyone maintaining your site? Why aren’t the features working? Also, a few months ago I created a profile, but your site wouldn’t accept my credit card information, and no reason was ever given. I have never, in my entire life, seen a website that won’t accept a persons credit card. Lastly, when I informed Matchdoctor about this, no response and no explanation was ever given. If the company is no longer in operation, then stop wasting peoples time AND REMOVE IT FROM THE WEB.