Looking for apple support phone number? We have collated the number of apple support department, go through the list below and choose your location.

Country / CityPhone Numbers
Apple Support United States1-800-275-2273
Apple Customer Support iPhone1-800-MY-IPHONE
Apple Technical Support Education customersSupport: 1-800-800-2775
Sales: 1-800-780-5009
Apple Tech Support Enterprise1-866-752-7753
Apple Help & Support Accessibility and assistive technology1-877-204-3930
Apple Contact Support Apple Pay Cash and person to person payments1-877-233-8552
Apple Customer Service Canada (English)1-800-263-3394
Apple Support Canada (French)1-800-263-3394
Apple Customer Support Brazil0800-761-0880
Apple Technical Support Mexico001-866-676-5682
Apple Tech Support Austria0800 220325
Apple Help & Support Belgium (French)0800 80 404
Apple Contact Support Belgium (Flemish)0800 80 407
Apple Customer Service Bulgaria00800 6002 7753
Apple Support Croatia0800 222 427
Apple Customer Support Cyprus800 92433
Apple Technical Support Czech Republic800 700527
Apple Tech Support Denmark80249625
Apple Help & Support Estonia8000 044333
Apple Contact Support Finland0800 96372
Apple Customer Service FranceMetropolitain:
0805 540 003
0825 77 00 351
Apple Support Germany0800 6645 451
Apple Customer Support Greece00800 4414 5417
Apple Technical Support Hungary06 80 983 435
Apple Tech Support Ireland1800 804 062
Apple Help & Support Italy800915904
Apple Contact Support Latvia800 03251
Apple Customer Service Liechtenstein0800 00 18532
Apple Support Lithuania(8-800) 30772
Apple Customer Support Luxembourg800 24550
Apple Technical Support Malta800 620723
Apple Tech Support Netherlands0800 0201581
Apple Help & Support Norway240 551331
Apple Contact Support Poland00800 44118752
Apple Customer Service Portugal800207983
Apple Support Romania0800 894847
Apple Customer Support Russia8 800 555 6734
Apple Technical Support Slovakia0800 004640
Apple Tech Support Slovenia0800 80321
Apple Help & Support Spain900812703
Apple Contact Support Sweden020 100 529
Apple Customer Service Switzerland (French)0800 00 18532
Apple Support Switzerland (German)0800 00 18532
Apple Customer Support Turkey800-448-829-8782
Apple Technical Support United Kingdom0800 107 6285
Apple Tech Support Accessibility and assistive technology0800 048 0754
Apple Help & Support Egypt0800 000 08881
Apple Contact Support South Africa0800 444 4261
Apple Customer Service Australia(61) 1-300-321-4561
(61) 1-300-365-0831
Apple Support Brunei801-43842
Apple Customer Support China400-666-88001
Apple Technical Support Fiji(61) 1-300-321-4563
Apple Tech Support Guam1-800-865-0853
Apple Help & Support Hong Kong (Chinese)(852) 2112-00991
Apple Contact Support Hong Kong (English)(852) 2112-00991
Apple Customer Service India000800 10090091 4
Apple Support Indonesia0800-1-027753
Apple Customer Support JapanWithin Japan:
Outside Japan:
(81) 3-6365-4705
Apple Technical Support Macau(853) 6262-16311
Apple Tech Support Malaysia1-800 803 638
Apple Help & Support New Zealand0800 1 27753
Apple Contact Support PakistanDial 00800 01001 first,
then dial 800 361 0479
Apple Customer Service Papua New Guinea(61) 1-300-321-4563
Apple Support Philippines1-800-1441-0234 (PLDT and
Smart Communications)
1-800-8908-8277 (Globe)
Apple Customer Support SingaporeWithin Singapore:
Outside Singapore:
(65) 6835-18121
Apple Technical Support South Korea080 333 40004
Apple Tech Support Taiwan0800-095-988
Apple Help & Support Thailand1800 019 9005
Apple Contact Support Tonga(61) 1-300-321-4563
Apple Customer Service Vanuatu(61) 1-300-321-4563
Apple Support Vietnam1800 1127
Apple Customer Support Bahrain800815521
Apple Technical Support Kuwait222822921
Apple Tech Support Lebanondial 01 426 801 first, then dial 85527891772
Apple Help & Support Oman800774711
Apple Contact Support Qatar8001003561
Apple Customer Service Saudi Arabia800844 97241 (STC)
800850 00321 (Zain and Mobily)
Apple Support United Arab Emirates8000 444 04071
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  • Sue Hamly says:

    Hi. I have Airmail for Mac and am thinking about trying the iOS version but I have a question. I am vision impaired so I need to know if the text size on your iOS app can be enlarged? I have spent money on email programs before only to find that I can’t read them.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • sam arshi says:

    HI i need to transfer my data from iphone to samsung s7. please call me

  • Rittenhouse, Claire says:

    Hello, last year I found and downloaded Minikeepass on my iPhone 5s. It worked very well for a long time, THEN I updated my phone and ALL my passwords disappeared! The format changed and a list appeared: eMail – Homebanking – Internet…………………etc. All of these groups are BLANK. I need to find my passwords, please help.
    please reply to my home email

  • I love Apple products. I have been using Apple products for my business for more than 10 and I plan on purchasing them more in the near future. The main reason I like Apple products is that their products are great and their design looks awesome. Moreover anytime I have any problems with my mac book, the Apple support is always there to help.

us +1-800-289-5502