Is Mesa Airlines Safe? – Safety Standards, Customer Reviews on Safety

When choosing an airline, safety is often a top concern for travelers. Similarly, those who are planning a trip with Mesa Air, have this major question: Is Mesa Airlines safe to travel with? Being an American air carrier, Mesa Airlines offers a safe travel experience to its flyers. The airline follows all the safety measures and protocols to ensure a secure & safe journey. Moreover, it is one of the members of Star Alliance (United) which makes a prominent impact on the safety of Mesa Air. In this blog post, we will discuss the safety standards of Mesa Airlines so that travelers can make an informed decision before traveling.

Is Mesa Airlines Safe? - Safety Standards, Customer Reviews on Safety

Is Mesa a Safe Airline?

Yes, Mesa Airlines is safe and FAA & IATA certified. Its safety is often evaluated by looking at its operational history and compliance with aviation safety standards. Their track record shows a commitment to safety, with no major accidents in recent years. However, like any airline, they have faced minor challenges and have worked to address these issues.

In considering if Mesa Airlines is safe, it’s also essential to look at their response to safety concerns and how they manage potential risks. While they have had incidents in the past, their approach to resolving these and maintaining safety standards is crucial. Passengers should weigh these factors alongside their comfort levels when choosing to fly with Mesa Airlines.

How Safe is Mesa Airlines?

When answering these common questions it is important to consider different factors. Mesa Airlines is safe because it operates under strict aviation rules and has a good record in terms of safety. It is safe in many aspects but there might be room for improvement to resolve minor safety issues. With no major accidents lately, Mesa stands as a safe travel partner. Moreover, to avoid potential risks, the airlines keep planes up to date and sincerely follow safety measures. However, aside from the safety, the airline somewhere lacks in flyer comfort and convenience.

Safety Standards of Mesa Airlines 

Mesa Airlines seems to take safety seriously as it follows strict rules set by aviation authorities. The airline understands the safety of its flyers and makes sure every flight is safe for them. This includes major safety standards like regular checks on their planes and training their staff well. The safety standards of Mesa Air are discussed below:

Regular Safety Checks

  • Routine Inspections: Mesa Airlines regularly checks their planes to catch any issues early.
  • Adherence to Regulations: The airline follows safety rules from aviation authorities closely.

Staff Training

  • Crew Preparedness: Staff undergo extensive training for handling emergencies safely.
  • Continuous Learning: Regular updates and training sessions for the crew to stay sharp on safety practices.

Modern Fleet

  • Up-to-date Planes: Mesa uses newer planes known for safety and reliability.
  • Maintenance Standards: They keep their aircraft in top condition through rigorous maintenance schedules.

Mesa Airlines Fleet: How Fleet Ensures Safety?

A total of 110 aircraft are utilized by Mesa Airlines. Ensuring safety, this huge fleet is employed to operate in more than 150 destinations within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The fleet plays a very important role in Mesa Airlines’ safety standards. The airlines use modern and updated planes to ensure a safe journey for travelers. The Mesa Air fleet includes the following planes:

  • Boeing 737 – 400F: As a cargo plane, 3 Boeing 737 – 400F in Mesa’s fleet focuses on safe cargo transportation, adhering to strict safety standards for handling and flying.
  • Embraer 175: With 80 aircraft, the Embraer 175 forms a significant part of Mesa’s fleet, offering a safe flying experience with its modern safety features and comfortable seating for 70 to 76 passengers.
  • Boeing 737 – 800F: The single Boeing 737 – 800F in Mesa Airlines’ cargo fleet is equipped with advanced safety features for reliable and secure cargo delivery.
  • Bombardier CRJ900: Mesa Airlines’ fleet of 25 Bombardier CRJ900s, each seating between 76 and 79 passengers, are maintained to high safety standards, ensuring passenger safety on every flight.
  • Bombardier CRJ100: The Bombardier CRJ100, with a capacity of 50 passengers, is known for its sturdy build and reliable performance, contributing to Mesa’s commitment to safety.

The airlines also have ordered Heart Aerospace ES-30 to upgrade its fleet and offer a covenant travel experience.

Customer Reviews and Experiences on Mesa Airlines Safety

As per reviews and ratings on Mesa Airlines, it is a safe & reliable airline to travel on. Many flyers who have used Mesa Airlines share reviews highlighting a sense of safety and security during their flights. These passengers often commend the airline for its professional crew, adherence to safety procedures, and the overall feeling of being in good hands while in the air. The feedback tends to reflect a trust in the airline’s commitment to ensuring a safe journey, which for many is the primary concern when traveling.

However, it’s worth noting that some flyers have expressed less satisfaction with their experiences on Mesa Airlines. The primary concerns often relate to factors such as customer service, comfort, and occasional delays. While these issues don’t directly pertain to safety, they do impact the overall travel experience. These areas of dissatisfaction suggest that some minor improvements in service and operations can be made to enhance the experience.


Considering all the safety standards, customer reviews on safety & other information, Mesa Airlines is considered one of the safest air carriers. The airline adheres to safety regulations and flies modern and well-maintained aircraft. It contributes to a strong safety record with no significant accidents in the recent past. However, financial struggles, past safety violations, and mixed passenger reviews can be a matter of concern.

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Is Mesa Airlines safe?

Yes, Mesa Airlines is safe for air travel.

How safe is Mesa Airlines?

Mesa Airlines is generally a safe airline, adhering to strict regulations and a safety record.

What is the flyers’ rating on Mesa Airlines’ safety?

Mesa Airlines’ rating varies, but it often receives positive remarks for safety. 

Is Mesa Airlines safe for domestic and international flights?

Yes, Mesa Airlines is deemed safe for both domestic and international flights.

What type of planes does Mesa Airlines fly?

Regional Jets and narrow-body planes are operated by Mesa Airlines which are one of the safe types of planes.

Can I travel safely with Mesa Airlines in the USA?

Yes, one can travel safely with Mesa Airlines in the United States.

Who operates Mesa Airlines?

Mesa Air Group, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona operates Mesa AirInes.

Is Mesa Airlines part of any Alliance?

Yes, Mesa Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance through its partnership with United Airlines, which makes it more trusted in the matter of safety.

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