Is Azores Airlines Safe to Travel in 2024? – Safety Regulations, Fleet, Reviews

When traveling via air, safety is often the top priority for travelers. Azores Airlines, formerly SATA Internacional, is a Portuguese airline headquartered in Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island, Azores. Because of its unique route and connectivity, the primary question travelers have is: Is Azores Airlines safe? Despite being a smaller air carrier, Azores Airlines has earned a high rating in terms of safety. Operating as the international wing of SATA Air Azores, it connects the Azorean archipelago with Europe and North America. Primarily, João Paulo II Airport is the hub for its operations.

Is Azores Airlines Safe to Travel

To deeply understand how safe is this airline, we will discuss the safety standards of Azores Airlines. In this blog, we will offer insights into why this airline is recognized for its commitment to traveler safety in its international operations.

Is Azores Airlines Safe?

Azores Airlines, known for its strong safety focus, has consistently shown dedication to maintaining high safety standards. With a high safety rating on several websites, it surpasses many other airlines in the industry. The airline’s commitment is further reinforced by its modern fleet of Bombardier and Airbus jets. These planes are recognized for their reliability and safety features. Importantly, Azores Airlines has managed to avoid any major accidents involving passenger fatalities in recent years.

How Safe is Azores Airline?

Azores Airlines shows its commitment to high safety standards and operational excellence to stand out in the airline industry. Adhering to international safety norms and continuously improving its processes, the airline ensures a high level of safety for its flyers during air travel. Its dedication to quality and safety, validated by various certifications, makes it a trustworthy choice for air travel.

Adherence to Safety Regulations

  • Certified Safety Practices: Azores Airlines follows safety protocols in line with international standards like NP EN ISO 9001 and ISAGO (quality management systems).
  • Continuous Improvement: They actively update and improve their safety measures, ensuring compliance with the latest safety regulations.

Proactive Safety Culture

  • Employee Involvement: All levels of the organization are involved in maintaining and improving safety standards.
  • Integrated Safety Policies: The airline upholds comprehensive safety and environmental policies, contributing to a safer and more responsible operational environment.

In essence, Azores Airlines demonstrates a strong commitment to safety, from ground operations to in-flight services. This focus on maintaining high safety standards through certification, continuous improvement, and an integrated approach ensures a safe travel experience for its flyers.

Azores Airlines Fleet: A Focus on Safety

Azores Airlines boasts a diverse fleet, each aircraft type contributing to the airline’s strong safety record. Each of the following aircraft in Azores Airlines’ fleet is equipped with features that prioritize traveler safety, reflecting the airline’s commitment to providing secure and reliable air travel.


The A321LR, with its extended range and robust CFM Leap – 1A33 reactors, ensures safe long-haul flights. Its advanced navigation and safety systems are designed for the efficient handling of transatlantic routes. This plane accommodates up to 190 flyers with a safe and comfortable journey.

Wonder A321neo

A321neo is a part of the New Engine Option (NEO) family and incorporates the latest CFM Leap – 1A33 engines for enhanced safety and fuel efficiency. It offers a capacity of 186 flyers.


A320’s Reliable Performance:  Seating 165 travelers, the A320 is equipped with CFM (G.E/SNECMA) CFM56 – 5B reactors. It is known for its reliability and consistent performance, crucial for traveler safety.

Bombardier Q400 Nextgen

The Q400 Nextgen uses Pratts & Whitney Canada PW150A motors, offering advanced technology for regional flight safety. With a capacity of 80 travelers, the Q400 is an ideal blend of efficiency and safety for shorter routes.

Bombardier Q200

Seating 37 travelers, the Q200’s Pratts & Whitney Canada PW123C/D motors are tailored for safety in short-haul flights. It makes it a reliable choice for safe regional travel.

What do customers say about Azores Airlines’ Safety?

As per customer reviews about the safety of Azores Airlines, the feedback generally leans towards the positive. They often highlight the airline’s adherence to safety protocols, both on the ground and during flights. The professionalism and attentiveness of the flight crew is frequently mentioned, with many travelers feeling secure and well-cared for throughout their journey.

Key features from customer reviews:

  • Trust in Safety Measures: Many passengers express confidence in the airline’s safety measures, appreciating the visible efforts to maintain high standards.
  • Crew Competence: The skill and professionalism of the flight crew often receive praise, contributing to passengers’ sense of safety.
  • Smooth Flight Experience: Several reviews mention the smooth handling of flights, including takeoffs and landings, adding to the overall sense of security.

It’s clear from customer testimonials that Azores Airlines has succeeded in creating an environment where travelers feel safe and valued. While every airline faces operational challenges, the positive feedback regarding safety at Azores Airlines underscores their commitment to fliers’ welfare.


Azores Airlines is a reliable and safe choice for travelers, earning high safety ratings and positive customer feedback. With a modern fleet and strict adherence to safety standards, it provides a secure flying experience. travelers can trust Azores Airlines for a safe journey, because of its strong focus on safety.

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Is Azores Airlines safe?

Yes, Azores Airlines is known for its strong commitment to safety and has a good safety record.

What is the safety rating of Azores Airlines?

Azores Airlines boasts a high safety rating from several websites. 

How safe is Azores Airlines?

Azores Airlines is considered very safe, adhering to international safety standards and consistently improving its safety measures.

Is it safe to fly Sata Airlines?

Yes, flying with Sata Airlines (Azores) is safe, as evidenced by its high safety ratings and standards.

What planes does Azores Airlines use?

Azores Airlines operates a modern fleet including A321LR, A321neo, A320, Bombardier Q400 Nextgen, and Q200.

Who operates Azores Airlines?

Azores Airlines is operated by SATA Air Açores, based in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores.

Can I fly with Azores Airlines safely?

Yes, one can fly safely with Azores Airlines because of its safety protocols and positive customer feedback.

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