Launched in 2014, Xapo is an intuitive and one of world’s most reputed Bitcoin wallet systems that combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault. Xapo operates through a browser and uses offline servers for enhanced security. This gives it an extra edge over other web based wallet systems.

Xapo also offers a prepaid Bitcoin debit card associated with your Bitcoin wallet, thus allowing you to spend Bitcoins with ease and comfort. The company has a very secure third-party managed system with hot wallet to run around on the go, which can be topped up via an internet connection. Xapo also provides continuous assistance for all bitcoins related queries and concerns.  Xapo bitcoin experts can be easily contacted by dialing Xapo customer service number.

Xapo services

Xapo provides a number of Bitcoin-centric services to its customers. These are:

  • Bitcoin web wallet and app – Xapo digital wallet lets you invest, trade and spend your bitcoins in more than 150 currencies. Its powerful privacy and security features like two-factor authentication, ensure that you never have to compromise on the security of your digital assets. Call Xapo helpline number to get started with your Xapo wallet.
  • Cold storage vault – Xapo also offers you a free digital locker to store your bitcoins for long term storage and added security. Secured with multilevel authentication and private key segmentation, your bitcoins remain safe from all possible attacks.  
  • Xapo Bitcoin debit card – Seamlessly linked to your Xapo wallet is your Xapo bitcoin debit card that allows you to make everyday purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs.  It can be used at all places that accept VISA online and can help you track your spending as you get notified for each purchase.

Why choose Xapo?

Choose Xapo wallet to:

  • Easily take control of your money
  • Trade bitcoins with absolute liberty
  • Track your expense in real time, with no regulations or hidden fees
  • Use digital currency without compromising on security
  • Enjoy comprehensive support through toll free 1800 number.

Get in touch

The Xapo Wallet offers you the easiest way to manage your crypto currency when you want and where you want. To know more about Xapo wallet or for assistance to get started, call Xapo helpline number and speak with their bitcoin experts.

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5 years ago

Please stop deceiving us…you dont have contact number…no way to contact you through phone number very poor

5 years ago

HI! My name is Melanie Sarabia and in my Profile, In the Xapo it has the address of 5537 S. Millard Ave but My address is 5437 S, Millard Ave and that is what is on my bank account statement and my id has 5437 S. Millard Ave and I need the address changed from 5537 S Millard Ave to 5437 S Millard AVE in which is my address on the mobile app I have on my cell phone.

John Gruver
5 years ago


I need to use my XAPO App right away and I keep getting a page saying my
address has not been confirmed??? It is plainly shown on my Driver’s
License and I have lived here since October 1996?

Phil Gris
5 years ago

Hello, My account is registered to this E-Mail address I am contacting you from, my problem is I can sign in with email and pin but my 2FA I cant as my account is registered to my old number, I lost that phone and number and have tried to resign back in since. I downloaded the app a while ago and proceeded to register my new number unaware that it would create a NEW account under that number which is now an account under my alt email address “[email protected]” and my current number which is connected to that email which I did not want and would like it assigned to my original XAPO account. as I cannot sign in without 2FA.

Please can you help.

5 years ago

It takes too much time for the transaction process to retrieve my bitcoins. Any regular bank transaction takes a little over few minutes but it took them more than 48 hours for the transaction. The customer service says it’s for security reasons and I appreciate it but it is frustrating waiting that long.