Wirex Limited

Founded in London, United Kingdom, in 2014, Wirex is world’s most popular bitcoin service provider with more than 900,000 customers in over 130 countries. Wirex provides bitcoin wallets that are linked to MasterCard and Visa debit cards, and are supported by online and mobile applications.

The company also offers debit cards to help you spend, save, and receive bitcoins worldwide. With Wirex, you also get the freedom to seamlessly switch between bitcoin and standard currencies and manage your money on the go. The company offers international remittances and money transfers services too. Users can easily know more about Wirex services either from their website or by dialing Wirex customer service number.

Why choose Wirex?

Customers prefer Wirex bitcoins over its competitors because it offers:

  • The ability to buy, sell, exchange, and transfer bitcoins at favorable market rates 
  • The convenience to send and receive money with ease, at anytime and from anywhere in the world. 
  • The benefit of instantly converting your bitcoins to cash and spending it using plastic Wirex cards. 
  • The power to fully manage your multi-platform account from both web and mobile devices
  • The convenience of updating your bitcoin account balances in real-time. 
  • The freedom to use Wirex app in the language of your choice – English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Turkish, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Portuguese.
  • The opportunity to avail unlimited support from Wirex bitcoin experts through Wirex helpline number.

Get in touch

With Wirex at your fingertips, buying, selling, and using bitcoin becomes simple and easy. Call Wirex bitcoin experts by dialing Wirex customer service number  for instant help and expert advice. They can help you learn the tricks of the trade in no time.

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