BitGo is a leading blockchain security company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Founded by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport in 2013, BitGo offers business-grade, high-security multi-signature bitcoin wallet services that are designed to meet the needs of small and large business customers.

BitGo’s technology solves the most difficult security, compliance and architectural problems associated with blockchains, thus helping businesses securely integrate digital currencies into their existing financial systems without ever taking custody of their assets. Comprehensive API, command-line, and web interfaces help meet the demands of hot-wallet business integration.

Benefits of choosing BitGo Wallet

The biggest benefit of BitGo is that users maintain full custody of their assets; BitGo cannot send or freeze funds.

Not just that, BitGo wallet is easy to maintain and use. Powered with advanced security features that include multi-user access, spending limits, BitGo Instant transactions, and PDF and CSV reporting systems, BitGo helps you keep a control on your money in the most secure environment.

BitGo charges a very nominal fee on outbound transactions and offers 24X7 monitoring to help users get instant alert for every transaction and detailed reports for their bitcoin holdings. Its highly responsive team of experts is available round the clock and can be easily contacted by dialing BitGo customer service number +972 1-700-700-354.

The bottom line

BitGo is the world’s most secure and trusted wallet provider in the bitcoin space. With BitGo, users get to enjoy:  

  • 100% on blockchain
  • Multi-signature technology
  • Advanced privacy protection
  • Two-way authentication
  • Anti-phishing protection

Get to know more

Dial BitGo 1800 helpline number to know more about their services, products and features. Their bitcoin experts are available 24X7 to answer your queries and resolve your issues. For expert help, call now!