is a gift card prepaid store used as an alternative to cash to purchase. OneVanilla gift cards are generally redeemable for purchases at some particular stores across the whole United States and the card cannot be cashed out. OneVanilla gift card uses OneVanilla prepaid visa card and OneVanilla prepaid MasterCard to produce generic gift cards.

From which stores can I purchase OneVanilla Gift card?

OneVanilla card can be purchased from these stores that are available throughout the US

CVS Pharmacy, Walmart Store, Walgreens Store, Rite Aid Pharmacy, 7 Eleven, Dollar General Store, Family Dollar and Valero Store.

The Vanilla Gift Card.

Vanilla Gift – Vanilla Gift can be purchased from any of the stores mentioned and be gifted to anyone. These cards are available nationwide and are accepted everywhere in the USA and the District of Columbia. And to check the balance on vanilla visa gift card, visit the official page and enter the 16 digit card number, the expiration date, and the 3 digit CVV number to get the full detail information.

How do I activate/register my Vanilla visa gift card?

My Vanilla – if you have just purchased Onevanilla gift card and you want to activate/register to vanilla visa gift card or login to my vanilla, simply go to, go to my vanilla page and get it all done.

Why should I use My Vanilla services?

Using My Vanilla services will make your money management easier by helping keep track of your spending, monitor the expenses and more. Here is a quick view of my vanilla card uses

-Direct Deposit ( Add money to Vanilla Visa Gift card online)

-Check my vanilla visa gift card balance

-Add money with Vanilla Reload

-Add money with Walmart Rapid Reload

-Card-to-Card Transfers

-Account Alerts

-Mobile App

-Mobile Wallet

-Pay Bills

Who do I contact if My Vanilla Card is lost or stolen?

If for any reason you have lost your vanilla gift card or believe that someone has stolen the card, you can immediately contact the OneVanilla customer service phone number and get immediate help. The OneVanilla customer service will help you block the gift card and offer you a replacement of any balance left on the card. You can also get in touch with them if you have any dispute with OneVanilla card transaction or using your OneVanilla card at the gas station.

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Major sammy
1 year ago

I got one vanilla card and I have been crying since then because it kept telling me invalid login and I asked for card replacement and haven’t gotten anything till now …please whose gonna help me with this please

1 year ago

Accepted this is the worst prepaid debit card I’ve ever used.

1 year ago

What going on I can’t check my onevanilla balance Online anymore. Does anyone knows how to go about that please?

Michael Walsdorf
1 year ago

They won’t give me a refund on a card that was used and I don’t know what to do

2 years ago

Sketchy or fraud– have not been able to use. Bought this for my son to use on his new Oculus. They require the zipcode. Could not register the zipcode online with One Vanilla. Called them and they literally have ZERO employees to answer the phone and help you. The OGM just tells you that know one is going to help you. You are supposedly able to register a zipcode so you can use at pump or online. Can’t do online. The phone system “allows” you to do it, but it doesn’t actually work. It tells you you successfully registered the zip, but call back later/next day and there’s no zipcode registered. We’ve tried a few times. It also didn’t work when trying to use on Playstation. Worthless.

Reply to  Nicole
2 years ago

No one will help you on the phone. Their outgoing message tells you there is no one to helpm then the line goes silent. If you stay on long enough it habgs up on you. We tried to register the zipcode three separate times using the phone system. Each time it tells you you are successful, but it doesn’ t work. And if you call back, it tells you it is not registered.

Alison Angel
2 years ago

My card is stolen last night

2 years ago

I have call the number to activate my onevanilla card it keeps telling me I’m putting in the wrong number I called another number and it said my balance was this amount which is right but it won’t let me put my ZIP code in so I can use it at the pumps can you tell me how to fix that thank you

Roy Evans
2 years ago

One Vanilla gift cards are a waste of time.
Only work on half of online sites and don’t even try to check your balance.
The reCAPTCHA security check is a joke at best and beyond frustrating.
The fact this is related to VISA is a complete embarrassment.

2 years ago

HI I just purchase some vanilla visa gift cards. I just want to confirm these can be use at grocery stores or resturants? Anywhere we Visa card is accepted? This is just a cash card correct?

Kevin Patrick Bonner
2 years ago

5262910701758692 Activate my second card pin 0220 then email me [email protected]

Thepsy C
2 years ago

I lost my new vanilla card so I have only the back picture on my phone with the ccv number, but I didn’t get the front and it doesn’t allow me to check the balance Cus I didn’t have the front picture, that’s why I’m asking that can I get the front picture with my ccv number

TIna Gallegos
3 years ago

I misplaced one of my cards. Unsure if it was stolen or I just misplaced it. How can I find out if it is being used without the knowledge of the number. I do although have the receipt of purchase. I was able to use it. My last purchase was at Pizza Hut.

3 years ago

Took them 7 months to send me that damn email, and I couldn’t dispute cause my card had transactions I didn’t make, and I nor they could tell me what they were, after filling out the dispute form, I was told so sorry I would have to go another route. Well I did, I filed with the BBB and have a hearing in a few weeks.

3 years ago

Go through the BBB, the customer service here will not help.

Jeff bright
3 years ago

I misplace my one vanilla giftcard pin, please how do I get it again

Reply to  Jeff bright
3 years ago

good luck, this place is a scam, sorry to say but if you lost it, you lost it. They will not help

Liz Borden
3 years ago

I have a feeling it’s probably some mother fuckers from India, I think I might be able hack through their company and find out who they are so I can ***********

3 years ago

Same here but I accidentally bought something on amazon and its still “pending”

Betty Brown
3 years ago

Bought 3 vanilla cards and all are invalid . Ripoff

Michael L Moshier
3 years ago


Tisha Phillips
3 years ago

Cannot activate card tried for 2 days you never answer customer service number been on hold 1 HR thanks for selling straight trash

Tyshawn Brown
3 years ago

My card has transaction I don’t want and no customer services h

Sheila Howe
3 years ago

I need a new card

gloria vanhorn
3 years ago

purchased card 12/2018. tried to activate today found out card balance is 0.00 said was spent on fresh fit delish. I did not make that purchase . I never even activated the card.

Anye Louis Adames Martinez
4 years ago

Just have a alert of an app that i use to secure my social security and its telling me that i used my social security number to get one of this card and i didnt if you please can contact me at my email [email protected] i will give you my information, please i will like to take out all my information from this site. Thank you.

4 years ago

just bought a card and code assign zip code… called customer service and was on hold 45 minutes and they asked me to resolve problems with others onevanillas cards I used in the past. RIP-OFF ALERT!!!

Mia Huisman
4 years ago

I can’t even activate the prepaid card. What is going on!

Maurice carson
4 years ago

The service # is not working

4 years ago

Not able to add it it says it’s invalid

Brandy StewartB
4 years ago

Does any one know the fax email I have called for a lil over 7 months to fax my verification and yet they are still charging the fee each month but wont release the hold on the card I hate this company

4 years ago

BBB will be next!!!!!!!!

gary mcclure
5 years ago

not able to use card . it says number is invalid

Kathy dejesus
5 years ago

I had put bought a my vanilla card in the store last week I registered it and there was 340 on it I just either had it stolen or lost regardless I need it to be stopped my SSN ******978 can you please send a replacement one asap I’m a disabled mom of 7 and we already had our lights shut off due to this please every minutes count

5 years ago

Where do i check balance for my one vanilla card? I went to but i find no option on where to enter the details to check for the balance. Any suggestion from where i can check it?

Abi MacMillan
5 years ago

I live in the UK and received one of these for my birthday. I am really disappointed at how difficult it is to spend! Fat Face the store have refused it and so have Amazon online. Reading forums I am realising I am not the only one having problems. Please provide a list of UK retailers who actually accept this card.

5 years ago

I received a free OneVanilla Visa card for purchasing some stuffs online. The card took so long to reach me and I had to keep calling OneVanilla phone number to remind them of my gift card not received yet. After waiting more than a month it finally reached. I didn’t have any problems using the card. easy to authorized and use.

5 years ago

I bought onevanilla at a retail store and then I shopped on and my Amazon account was locked because the card issuer refused to verify the card information.

5 years ago

I purchased a Onevanilla gift card at Walmart and I found out it was not activated correctly. I was already too far away to go back to Walmart and get help from the customer service. I went online to activate the card but it was asking me too many information to input which I had no idea about and it won’t activate. So I called up the Onevanilla customer service phone number and it was done that easy. My card was under review for 2 days and I was able to use my card after a week. I directly went to the store and used up what was on the card. The whole process is too time-consuming for just verifying a gift card.