Eppicard Indiana also known as the child support card are state-issued cards for receiving money for child support, welfare programs or for unemployment compensation. The prepaid debit card is used by over 23 states in the US and the card works much like a debit card. The state organizations make deposits to the Eppicard account and offer cardholders easy access to their funds. Like many other banks, Eppicard Indiana does not charge money for monthly maintenance fees, however, Eppicard Indiana card holders are usually allowed only one withdrawal per month for free. Charges are applied to each withdrawal after that for using the card at an ATM.

How do I check the balance of my card account?
Cardholders can check their account balance online by visiting the www.eppicard.com website and log in to your Eppicard Indiana account to check the balance and also view recent activities such as withdrawals and deposits. Or they can contact the Eppicard Indiana customer service to check the balance on their card, which is available round the clock.

What do I do if my Eppicard Indiana card is stolen or damage?
If for some reason your card is damaged or stolen, immediately contact the Eppicard Indiana support phone number to block the current card and to stop it from any unauthorized users. The Eppicard customer service will then issue a new card which would take 5-14 business days to reach your address.

What are the things to be done if I have an incorrect charge on my account?
You may contact the Eppicard Indiana customer service regarding this issue. Before calling the customer service so that they can assist you, always make sure that you have the proof of transaction (the transaction receipt) or a police report if your Eppicard Indiana card was stolen.

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4 years ago

It’s me again still no where on my card they just keep telling me shit that is made up to keep me satisfied. But that’s not working anymore because shits gonna hit the fan tomorrow morning. Fuck these lying bastards I have had enuff been getting the run around long enuff. I’m pissed an done with them gonna go get a lawyer and start suing somebody. Got plenty of names wrote down an times,dates.

5 years ago

I am facing issues with my eppicard login. This card rarely works and the Eppicard customer service is non existence

5 years ago

It takes too much time to process payments with eppicard Indiana and I am getting tired of it. why can they do it instantly like every other company

5 years ago

I live in the state of Iowa and I have been dealing with Eppicard Indiana for more than 4 years, till date I have never experience any problems with Eppicard Indiana. But the customer service of Eppicard Indiana is terrible. They never provide the correct information and are always in a hurry to disconnect the calls. They need to up their service.

5 years ago

Eppicard Indiana is a waste of time and every weeks they are late by 4 to 5 days. And whenever I call ed up the Eppicard Indiana phone number there is never s live person to speak with

5 years ago

Every time I try to check the balance on my card at eppicard.com, the message says that my password has expired, and to reset my password. Every single time I have to reset my password to log in to my eppicard Indiana account. One time it came up that my account was lock and I have to reset my account, which I did. They accepted the account reset but did not accept my password, and were asked to set another password. I tried calling the eppicard Indiana customer service phone number but their phone lines are always busy and I am not able to reach them. This is very frustrating.