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  • I have account with you, need some information about the cc, please contact me at my email.

  • Lydia Noble says:

    I entered my credit card number and checked 3x. It is the correct number but the website saidthat it is an incorrect number.Please explain. Also a prompt came up if I wanted to save my security code.

  • Enrolled for the automatic payment for my auto loan but it never happened. Called the ally financial phone number and the customer service representative told me that there was an error and he would enrolled me again. Just because of the their mistakes i have to pay additional late fees. Terrible service.

  • Jesse Slone says:

    I need to add my wife to my account and receive a copy of a bill with both of our names please asap

  • Larry Barrett says:

    Enrolled for the ally auto and never had any issues while making payments until last month there was some trouble with the payments going through.however a call to the customer service phone number and it was all set and done. Terrific service

  • Almost all of the Ally financial bank employees offers great customer service, the problem is when you contact the ally financial number, the customer service representative have no idea about what is going on and you do not know what to expect while dealing with them.

  • ally financial customer service is going down the drains. I have been a card member for over 10 years and I am done with them. After paying annual membership fees for my Ally Card, they cannot even deliver a card in 24 hrs. In the good old days, you could order a replacement card in the afternoon from Mon to Fri and it would be guaranteed delivered to your doorstep by next day. I requested a replacement card on tuesday noon and today is friday and the card has not been delivered. When I called, the ally financial customer service again, they said a card replacement has been initiated yesterday (thursday which is two days after I requested) but they had no idea if the card is mailed or not, no tracking number and could not even tell me when the card is to be delivered.

  • Yesterday I needed to contact Ally Financial phone number because I could not log into my account. It didn’t recognize my password… strange, since it was stored in my personal computer and would automatically apply. I could not reset the password online and needed to call ally financial customer service. As a result I reset the password which worked properly. Today, once again, the Ally Financial site does not recognize the new password. I am not resetting once again. If this is the way they handle their IT, they are in entirely the wrong business.

  • Ally financial were unable to process my payments and the bank said that the error is from them. on contacting the ally financial customer service, they informed that everything will be back online after 24 hours. It took them more than 72 hours to process my payment but with my previous experiences, it was good to know it happened sooner than I expected.

  • I paid off my loan and I got a confirmation number through text message. A month later they claim that I owe them additional finance charges! But the only option I get to contact the ally financial customer service is through email and online chat. The customer service is terrible.

  • ally financial customer service is the best. I am really happy with their service

  • Ally Financial bank is awesome, the response time of Ally Financial customer service is short and I was surprise to know that I got refund for fees charge that was withdrawn from other bank atm. It was a small amount but no other banks that I have accounts on provides that service.

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Flight Booking, Change, Cancellation & more...

Call Us: +1-866-302-0055