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Protect My Car Insurance Company was founded in the year 2015 for taking care of your car expenses. The company offers protection on cars at a very economical price. Getting a most suited car insurance plan is tougher than an individual believes, so for reducing your stress the company offers 24 X 7 live chat support.

Protect My Car assures full protection and you can perform car repairs multiple times as per your policy. It offers extended auto warranty policies to the consumer. In this plan, all the vehicles are covered which no longer come under the manufacture warranty. The model of car does not have any role, even if your car warranty expires you can purchase the Protect My Car insurance policies.

What is Protect My Car Warranty and how is it important for your car?

Protect My Car Warranty depends on the type of insurance you purchased. You can buy insurance for your new car, when you are entitled to an extended auto warranty plan, you are saving thousands of dollars in each repair bill.

A report says that a car requires servicing every two years. However, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, the maintenance portion consumes 30% of your annual income. So for saving some amount on renovation or maintenance bills always purchase an insurance plan offered by the Protect My Car. You will be able to save hundreds of dollars on car repair.

Protect My Car Auto Extended Warranty

Give extra life to your car with an Extended Warranty plan. When manufacturer warranties end the repair costs consume 30% of annual income. With this warranty plan, all the customers can save a huge amount on total repair costs and live a peaceful life, in simple words the extended warranty plan helps passengers to breathe easily.

The Extended warranty is offered in three tiers. To be entitled to the extended warranty program your car must be less than 10 years of age and run for less than 125,000 miles. You need to pay 100 dollars as the premium and the remainder will be paid by the Protect My Car Insurance team.

Protect My Car Auto Warranty three levels To Extended Warranty are discussed below


Coverage:- Vehicles aged 4 to 10 years and run over 80,000 miles.

Benefits:- You can obtain a complete five-year guarantee with 125,000 miles against technical issues related to your vehicle. 


Coverage:- In this level, Protect My Car Insurance Company offers coverage to those cars who run over 50,000 miles.

Benefits:- Select policy offers complete protection for automobiles which are outside the Supreme Policy criteria.


Coverage:- Similar to the manufacturer car warranty.

Benefits:- This policy offers the same benefit as the original warranty plan. The supreme policy helps the consumer to maintain his or her car for a longer time. It is also regarded as a top-level car warranty plan.

Ambassador Maintenance Plans offered by Protect My Car Insurance Company

Many people do not trust the third party car insurance plan. However, with Ambassador Maintenance Plans, the Protect My Car Insurance Company has changed the mentality of consumers and the structure of the automobile insurance market.

All the models of vehicles are covered in the plan and for improving the satisfaction level of consumers, the company has done a partnership with the topmost service (repair) provider. 


  1. Guaranteed 25-50% off repairs.
  2. Free Oil Changes & Tire Rotations
  3. Guaranteed 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  4. Lock Out Services
  5. Assistance with Flat Tires
  6. Rental Car Reimbursement

Protect My Car Home & Auto Insurance Scheme

Protect My Car launches the home and Auto Insurance scheme for helping consumers to maintain financial stability. They offer this insurance plan in more than 20 states and promise to add one state each month. Why pay more when you can secure a home in your budget? 

The Protect My Car Insurance Company offers the best possible premium rate without deducting benefits. The insurance company’s partnership with 5 different major AM Best Rated Carriers to offer you multiple options to choose the type of insurance as per your situation demand.

Why Go with Protect My Car Warranty plan?

Best Extended Car Warranty Plans

Protect My Car designated as one of the Top 5 Extended Warranty Companies by the Consumer Affairs Community.

Flexible Payment Terms

Protect My Car plan offers flexible payment options. You can choose from 36 to 48 monthly premium plans as per your budget permit. 

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the benefits offered then you can claim the full amount by canceling the plan within 30 days of purchase. The full amount is generated to the consumer account under Protect My Car Cancel rules.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Your car breakdown in the road, no worry call Protect My Car Telephone number and tow your car to licensed repair center. Under this warranty plan, you do not need to pay anything extra for repairing your car. As Protect My Car policy offers roadside assistance at no additional cost.

How to get instant quotes from Protect My Car Customer Service team?

  1. Visit the official site and click on the contact us tab.
  2. Note down the Protect My Car Customer Service number as per your locality.
  3. Dial the number and ask the agent to offer you the best suitable quotes.
  4. Choose the quotes and pay the premium.
  5. You will get all the details about the insurance plan in your verified email.

Renew process through Protect My Car Phone Number

Consumers need to dial the Protect My Car Phone Number +1-866-504-0961, an agent is assigned who will offer various insurance plans, choose one of the best suitable plans according to your budget and vehicle requirement. When you buy an insurance plan, it will automatically renew. Always, make sure you are paying the premium within the allotted time. In case you have any concerns about the insurance plan, solve them by contacting Protect My Car representative.

How to request a quote online?

  1. Search the official website of Protect My Car on your web browser. 
  2. On the homepage, click on the login tab and finish the sign-in process.
  3. Click on the “Get free quotes” tab and fill the required field with the necessary contact details of consumers and vehicles.
  4. On the monitor screen, multiple options will be displayed with a proper breakup and benefits. Choose an insurance plan as per your budget and requirement.
  5. Fill the required field and pay the premium.
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Joann Williams
Joann Williams
3 years ago

I have canceled and you still took it out of account! Not happy

Peggie reed
Peggie reed
4 years ago

Need too contact this number and need to call from this I pad please

Lisa Auld
Lisa Auld
4 years ago

Does my warranty cover roadside assistance and if so what number do you call? Your ad says 24 hour service but when you call after 7 pm there is no one.

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