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After more than two decades now, Omega Auto Care has emerged as a name to reckon with for a variety of protection and financial security services it offers to vehicle owners. The company pays for all types of covered mechanical problems, systems, and parts breakdown. Omega car warranty comes with a  host of other benefits also such as roadside assistance, road hazard coverage, rental car  reimbursement, and trip interruption protection. 

Why Choose Omega Auto Care?

One key feature that helps Omega Auto Care stand out is that it offers insurance to your vehicle for mechanical failures also unlike other companies. Since it is part of the Vehicle Protection Association and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, you can lend your trust to the brand like thousands of other loyal fans have. 

Under its Roadside Assistance program, Omega Auto Care covers the following: 

  • Towing
  • Jump starts
  • Flat tire changes
  • Vehicle fluid delivery
  • Lockout services
  • Reimbursement of up to $100/occurrence

Omega Auto Care Coverage Plans

Unlike other automobile insurance companies, Omega Auto Care coverage plans are available for various vehicle models irrespective of launch year and miles. The coverage plan is divided into three tiers: 

New Exclusionary coverage plan

This coverage plan is for current model year vehicles + 7 model years covering not more than 100,000 odometer miles at the time of purchase. All types of repairs of components are covered under this plan.

Used Stated coverage plan

This plan is for current model vehicles+10 model years covering a distance of less than 150,000 odometer miles. Almost all components are covered.

Powertrain Protection coverage plan

This cover protects current model vehicles + 15 model years covering a distance of less than 250,000 odometer miles. All components are covered in these coverage plans and these plans also provide coverage on engines, transmissions, transfer cases, and drive axles.

Benefits offered by Omega Car Warranty

Omega Auto Care brings to you a whole lot of perks and benefits with its contract. Some of which have been described below: 

Roadside assistance

  1. Towing
  2. Jump starts
  3. Flat-tire changes
  4. Vehicle fluid delivery
  5. Concierge services
  6. Lockout services
  7. Reimbursement: up to $100 per occurrence

Road Hazard Coverage (Tire Only)

It is available for Exclusionary, Used Stated, and Powertrain covers. 

  • Up to $20.00 is repaid per accident. 
  •  Up to $100.00 is reimbursed for the tire replacement.
  • The maximum benefit offered under road hazard coverage is $400.00.

Rental Car Reimbursement

New Exclusionary$30 per daymaximum of $150 per occurrence
Used Stated$30 per daymaximum of $150 per occurrence
Powertrain$25 per daymaximum of $125 per occurrence
Powertrain Plus$25 per daymaximum of $125 per occurrence
Powertrain Enhanced$30 per daymaximum of $150 per occurrence

Trip interruption 

Under this program, you get coverage for overnight stays and meals if left stranded due to covered breakdowns. You should be 100 miles away from home. You get $75 per day for up to 3 days of trip interruption. 


Omega Auto Care pays for all types of maintenance and servicing. 

Omega Auto Care: FAQs

How can I renew my insurance plan through the Omega Car Warranty Customer Service?

Step 1- Dial the Omega Warranty Phone Number +1-866-504-0961.
Step 2- Select the language and wait for some time.
Step 3- An agent will be appointed, ask the agent to renew your insurance care plan.
Step 4- The agent will ask you to confirm your policy number and premium plan.
Step 5- If you wish to upgrade, ask the agent to upgrade your policy plan by paying the premium.
Step 6- Always choose the premium which will fulfill your needs. In case if you wish, you can pay the premium through online medium also

What to do at the time of mechanical failure. How to start the claim process?

Step 1- Call the Omega Car Warranty Customer Service number. 
Step 2- Ask for a roadside assistance facility.
Step 3- Take your vehicle to the licensed repair center as per your choice.
Step 4- Describe the issue to authorized members.
Step 5- After diagnosis, the mechanic will give you a repair bill.
Step 6- Submit a copy of the bill to start your claim process.

Does Omega Auto Care pay for any work related to a vehicle break down?

Yes. If your vehicle insurance policy comes under the rules and regulations made by Omega Auto Group and the sanctioned replacement parts cannot surpass the proposed retail price of the manufacturer.
For claim, you need to contact customer service and need to present a copy authorized repair bill.

How do I contact Omega Auto Care for my concern about the payment process?

You can mail your concern on Email _ID  [email protected] or call in Omega Car Warranty Customer Service number +1-866-504-0961.

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Debra M Hill
Debra M Hill
2 years ago

I am interested in purchasing extended warranty.

Brian Gallagher
Brian Gallagher
5 years ago

Just bought an extended warranty and I have questions. The individual I spoke with is Michael
Rocks. It was on Sept 26th. I have been trying to reach you for the last couple of days at your advertised number and the same number Michael gave me.
I get a recorded message saying the number is no longer in service. I need to talk to someone about this warranty. Please give me a working number or call me at 772-538 0389 0r my landline at 772- 770 5965. Thank you.
Brian Gallagher Contract number AMA54504.

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