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With a slogan of ‘No worries, Just drive’, GWC Warranty has provided vehicle cover to more than 11 million drivers across Canada. The warranty company was founded in 1995 and has ever since been the best-in-cl

ass automotive network management provider with paid claims of more than $3.5 billion till now. 

What makes GWC Warranty special from other competitors?

With the dedicated employees, GWC Warranty promises each consumer to offer the best in class service at an affordable price bracket. The insurance company has been awarded an A+ rating from the better business bureau. GWC Extended Warranty will save consumer wallets from unregulated maintenance and repair costs.

Achievement of GWC Warranty organization

  • Motor Trend considered Best Buy For Independent Dealers.
  • GWC Warranty has been called to Auto Remarketing Power 300 for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Coverage offered by GWC Warranty

GWC Warranty recognizes that with the introduction of modern technology, the repair and maintenance cycle has become costly and out of the customer spending limit. However, you are paid for out-of-pocket operating costs under the GWC Insurance Scheme. 

GWC car Warranty coverage for drivers

There is a range of products tailored to the desires of customers and their budgets. You will protect the new and used vehicles from an expensive repair bill with an auto insurance policy offered by the GWC Car Warranty.

Benefits offered by GWC Car warranty program to drivers


With Day One, Mile One Coverage offered by GWC Warranty Vehicle Protection Plans consumers obtain peace of mind with boosting confidence.


With a national service network operated by GWC extended warranty plan, you can travel everywhere without any hesitation.


When you get into an accident, you may lose a thousand bucks if you have a GWC car warranty plan then you will get peace of mind. GWC is a firm that has settled over $3.5 billion settlements so far.

Exclusionary Coverage

The exclusive car insurance package offers drivers the highest amount of auto insurance, which enables them to travel around the world without fear. This repair plan includes thousands of components of cars and equipment. To entitle with this coverage program your vehicle must be ranging up to 150,000 miles.

All items under the manufacturer’s warranty shall be incorporated by GWC. The Exclusion Coverage Plan will not cover only those components that are mentioned in the Coverage Exclusions list. The drivers will receive the same features as the manufacturer’s warranty with the expanded GWC guarantees at a rather competitive price level.

Stated Component Coverage

The GWC extended warranty covers a wide range of Stated Components of your vehicles. Drive the vehicle with securing peace of mind, the stated components coverage is available on vehicles that run for up to 200,000 miles. GWC warranty will offer reimbursement (in the case of mechanical failure) for each equipment listed under the stated component coverage section.


  • 24/7 roadside assistance, 
  • rental car/substitute transportation, 
  • and trip interruption.

New Vehicle Protection Plans

As like the name, these protection plans offer coverage for the newly owned vehicles. For entitling with the New Vehicle Protection Plans, your vehicle must be from the current generation and the policy must be purchased within the same year of acquiring the vehicles.

You do not need to worry, the coverage will be starting from the date of expiration of the manufacturer warranty. All the vehicle components are covered, you can treat this plan as a manufacturer warranty after the end of factory coverage.

Used Vehicle Protection Plans

GWC Warranty offers coverage on both new as well as old used vehicles. To benefit from this coverage plan the vehicles must be ranging within 200000 miles. Used Vehicle Protection Plans include the most common engine components, varying from safety to expanded coverage, compatible with the supplier’s standard manufacturing warranties. All the vehicles which are not currently covered under factory warranty are eligible for claiming compensation.

GWC Warranty plans for Dealers

GWC Warranty company helps dealers to expand their business territory. Now with many plans offered by GWC, dealers are able to sell their car in seconds. Since 1995, the company has helped over 7,000 dealers.

What is a pre-owned certified program?

The pre-owned certified program is designed to help dealers efficiently and expertly sell more cars in an easy process.

The pre-owned certified program offers the following benefits:

  1. Increase the demand for used cars.
  2. Accredited automobiles transform quicker than uncertified automobiles.
  3. Extend the warranty of pre-owned vehicles.
  4. This program helps to increase customer loyalty.
  5. Rise in CPO sales.

GWC Warranty plans for Agent

Be an agent of GWC Warranty and increase profitability. For mechanical breakdown, GWC offers coverage on all equipment of your covered vehicles.

Benefits and Features:


The GWC Warranty Protective Package is primarily designed for high mileage vehicles. It is adaptable to the consumer and supplier specifications of the packaging.


The GWC warranty provides the best service and mobile device solution for dealers. 


GWC Warranty provides comprehensive instruction to each agent and distributor to promote the products of GWC and implement the coverage process wisely. 


For long-term relationships with Individual drivers, agents and dealers, GWC offers 24/7 assistance support. You can reach the customer service team by dialing GWC Extended Warranty Phone Number 1-833-831-9039.


The claim process was made easy with claim adjusters. All the claim adjusters are dedicated to offering the best quality service.

Coverage Plans

All the coverage plans are the same as the coverage plan offered to drivers.

Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusion policy provides so much security that what it does not cover is easy to understand. All sections of the car protected by the standard factory warranties of the supplier are secured, with the exception of those explicitly specified in the exclusions coverage section.

Stated Component Coverage

Stated Component Coverage plan explicitly covers listed contract components and systems. In the specified kit we compensate parts and labor expenses anytime an element is used, and drivers can quickly revert.

New Vehicle Protection Plans

New vehicle protection plans are available for vehicles still covered by the manufacturer’s factory warranty. These plans offer coverage after the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, the dealers will continue to secure the automobiles of their customers.

Used Vehicle Protection Plans

The Used Vehicle Protection Plans used to protect vehicles ends after the manufacturer’s assurance. And after a car has traveled thousands of miles, a GWC car security system would enable the dealerships to stay unconcerned.

GWC Warranty Plans for Lenders

GWC Insurance allows Lenders to protect their investments and boost their portfolio. The company offers world-class service contract schemes to protect the lender portfolio.

Benefits and features

1- Quality coverage

GWC warranty offers the best quality coverage by providing an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.

2- Automotive Expertise

You can trust GWC, the company is offering service over more than 20 years and guiding the success to each lender by compensating 3.5 billion claims to date.

3- Increased Control

GWC offers flexibility through delivering a plan which is suitable for both customers and company vehicles’ needs. You will not have to rely on distributors or service providers for offering additional shields to your wallet.

4- Protect your portfolio

With Day One, Mile coverage you will never short of payment during the mechanical breakdown. You can protect your portfolio with the best policy schemes offered by GWC extended warranty.

5- Strength Dealer relationship

By providing the dealer with an ability to make a business better by improving consumer service, preserving the credibility of a dealership and credit for increments in the market earning per delivered car, you can boost loyalty via automotive insurance agreement through GWC warranty.

6- Generate Incremental Revenue

GWC Guarantee Insurance Programs are often an additional way for borrowers to earn income on each loan.

7- Dedicate Expert teams

24/7 assistance support team to increase the quality of the relationship. Have any queries related to the claim call on GWC Warranty Claims Number +1-866-504-0961.

How to claim compensation through the GWC Extended Warranty Claims Number?

Follow these basic instructions for lodging a claim against a technical break down:

  1. To prevent further damage to the car, stop it instantly at the time of technical breakdown.
  2. Use the towing facility, call on GWC Extended Warranty Phone Number and ask at the roadside assistance facility.
  3. Carry the car into a reliable and accredited repair shop. 
  4. Dial the GWC Warranty Claims Phone Number +1-866-504-0961.
  5. Before the repairing process starts, inform the estimated repair cost to the GWC warranty customer service team.
  6. When your claim is approved by the claim department then they will offer you  GWC Extended Warranty Claims Number for further inquiry.

What is the facility offered under roadside assistance?

GWC Insurance includes the following benefits under the Roadside Assistance program:

  • Towing
  • Jump starts
  • Flat-tire alterations
  • Vehicle fuel delivery
  • Lockout services
  • Reimbursement
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