Fidelity Warranty Services

Fidelity Warranty Services is dealing in the market of vehicle service plans and warranty plans for over 40 years. Fidelity Warranty Services provides a diverse category of vehicle protection plans that are accepted over 6000 service centers across the USA.

Vehicle service plans also known as Auto extended warranties helps in covering the costs of expensive repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. They typically cover the cost of repairs, labor, parts, and taxes under a set of terms and conditions.

Although the company is unaccredited by consumer affairs, it still holds a major position in the market.

Fidelity Auto Warranty Services:

Fidelity car Warranty Services is working for over 40 years to provide service and product as a part of your vehicle service plan. Our vehicles are our treasured possession and FWS is rightfully providing warranty to our valuable car. FWS covers for your repairs at over 6000 servicing centers around the USA. 

Purchasing a vehicle is an expensive affair but maintaining it in good condition is even more expensive. Thus, choosing a service plan wisely is critical. FWS assists their customers to choose among the plans and offers you with the most suitable one. In 2018, they have paid out more than $470 millions in claims.

Fidelity Extended Warranty:

FWS offers a number of plans for extended warranty services. They are listed as:

  • Vehicle protection: This plan starts on the very day of purchase and expires according to the period and mileage opted. 
  • Road hazard tire and wheel: this plan will allow the customer to either replace or repair the tires that have been damaged on the road while travelling. These damages are usually inflicted upon by potholes, debris present on the surface of the road and by the crack on the road surface.
  • Term select care: This is an optional protection plan where an individual can protect their new car from unexpected accidents. It provides coverage for items that the manufacturer’s warranty may not provide.
  • High mileage vehicle protection: In this plan, depending upon the age and mileage of the vehicle, one can purchase up to 48000 miles of coverage. This works in two levels: Owner select coverage and drivetrain plus coverage.
  • Car care service plan: This includes valuable maintenance service that helps in keeping the vehicle qualified for warranty protection.
  • Theft-deterrent system: During the limited-term, if your vehicle is stolen due to the failure of the theft-deterrent system, you are entitled to the set warranty amount.

There are few affiliated plans and products as well.

Fidelity Warranty and Extend Warranty Service Phone Number:

If you have any doubt regarding the services as offered by FWS then be sure to dial +1-866-504-0961 to avail more details.Fidelity Warranty Service Reviews: Being a veteran in the market, their experience speaks for itself. As per the reviews are given by its customers, most of them are happy with their assistance in opting the right plan, and rental reimbursement facilities in case of sudden damage. There are reviews which pointed out as they delay claims indicating the damaged to be temporary fix and improvement in case of more careful customer services.

Fidelity Warranty Services – Explained

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Jim Vogler
Jim Vogler
2 years ago

Hello! Can someone please call me? I’ve tried calling (800) 327-5172 but I can’t get thru! I need an extended warranty for my 2018 F150. Please call me at (305) 336-8676. Thank you!

Guido R Palermo
Guido R Palermo
2 years ago

Answer the phone

4 years ago

Which over your plans cover the computer parts of the vehicle which control cruising, navigation, bluetooth, audio, etc.

6 years ago

I purchased an extended warranty from fidelity warranty services when I bought my car in case anything happens to my car in the future. After a few years I started having some issue with my car so I took my car for service. They fixed my car heating problem and also found and fixed other issues I had with my car. I got my car after 4 days that cause me some problems but I am happy it was fixed.

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