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    AMERICA BEWARE ..I called in after getting a “warrany” My vehicle had to be towed in and the dealership waited on hold for the entire month as l did and everyday it was for hours Can you imagine ? Every day you are on hold and thats it …This Car shield with all its fancy commercials is such the opposite of what they claim it is !It is such a shame that they call themselves American Car shield Poor American’s everywhere are being ripped off They have so many phone numbers and every number gets you absolutly no where! ! I stayed on on hold for hours for days with no help no car and then to be hung up on .l finally got through after being told l had to pick up my car from the automotive shop and the representative was arguing with me about the hold time as he swore l never had to wait .He never even let me speak and then he had no answers about the numerous calls or what was going to be done .This place should be investigated. What a big SCAM! I just feel used and belittled and still no help at all .Thanks to them l have a smaller bank account Thats all they provided .period ! Stars 0

  • Pamela Templeton says:

    Worst business in the world . The ots if great commercials but then if and when it came time for a claim they wont answer the phone EVER so you end up paying for everything including this so called warrant or protection plan unbelieveable Sick that they call it American ! MY TRUCK SAT AT THE AUTO MECHANICS FOR A MONTH and no one would help at all past giving your money away to these conartist This company is a fraud !!!!!!

  • Please let me know if there is a public law suite against American auto shield? I recently called them and decided to cancelled my cotract ABF-968142on 01-07-2018. Also mailed a cancellation request to car shield 333 mid river mall dr St. Peter mo 63376. My contract was done by phone dated 12-18-2017. They took my credit card number by phone and started deducting $80.96 per month for last 12 months . Total amount I paid since last 12 months were $971.52. During 12 months I had zero claim. In response to my cancellation request American auto shield responded me to Refund me only $150.00 out of $971.53. Which I paid from my credit card. I refuse to accept $150.00 from them and want all my $971.53 refunded. I want to file a law suite please help to get my full refund

  • ALERT!!!!!! To any person looking for a extended warranty/service plan for an automobile. TWO COMPANIES TO AVOID. AMERICAN AUTO SHEILD & CAR SHEILD!!! After claim was put in that was covered per there policy. A disagreement over another part AMERICANrefused to cover which was also a coverable part. escalated in to a heated moment. They decide to cancel the policy with out anything in writing or a confirmation from me agreeing to the cancellation. Conveniently canceling coverage when there is a claim they are liable for . In order not to pay for repair. They that doesn’t matter what I want. Coverage is done and they refused to fix it. Again I didn’t at any time agree or ask for my coverage to be cancelled. AMERICAN AUTO SHIELD/ CARS SHIELD underhanded, frauds, liars and the ethics they have proven to be no different than a thief’s in the night. They need to learn how treat there customers and to do better service. Pass this on to all your friends. Let unsuspecting people out here there know what to expect from these guys “ AMERICAN AUTO SHIELD/ CAR SHIELD
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