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    Ronald J Legere

    my computer was running very slow and I had no idea what to do. Called these guys and they check my computer and now my computer is running like a brand new laptop. Thank you so much.

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    Kevin Haz

    I have now been in contact with Trend Micro antivirus support trice for assistance. Things that I have learn trying to get help from them. They never answer the questions but love to talk that is totally not related to what I asked. Secondly: Trend Micro support reps assume that everyone who calls them is tech savvy, and it is near to impossible to get the help. I have now given up on asking them for help. i have to get in touch with one of the local tech support like the geek squad and ask for their assistance. I have purchased a product (Trend Micro Security) that I can’t use, because Trend Micro support are that unhelpful. I don’t care about Trend Micro product. If they cannot deliver customer service, what’s the point??i am never, ever purchasing any product from Trend Micro ever again.

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    Edward Mandel

    my license key won’t activate the malware
    I paid $63.95 for a crappy product that recognize my key..I want my money back