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The creators of Immunet have sufficient experience as they worked at McAfee and Symantec. You know that they know what they are doing. With this product they have developed one of the most powerful software products ever to be developed. The firm is developing and working on the current product. That is because few of the smart things developed are not enough in today’s market.

The product comes with the “My Community” feature which enables you to communicate with your contacts on Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. When somebody installs the software, you get an email on the “My Community” page. This enables you to know that the person is using a safe laptop or computer system and you can open their emails without getting worried about your system.

Customer service and verdict

You will be happy to know that the software has the ability to delete exe files which might be a threat for your computer system. The Immunet Customer Service is good. You can communicate with them anytime and expect to receive immediate replies. It is pretty good. You are replied by professional staffs who know what they are dealing with. Sometimes in few cases, the solution may not work and in these cases, the staff is very encouraging with you.

You can say that the Immunet Tech Support is very good software to have in your system. With the feature, you know that you are installing a very quick, immediate response to threats and software that comes with 24/7 toll-free phone support. You will want to know that the software was not able to remove rootkit.

With the feature, you are encouraging others to install the software in your system and ensuring that others stay safe. But, the software has to improve as far as its cleaning up malware and protection from harmful adware.

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