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Chengdu Airlines is the subsidiary of Chinese aviation major Sichuan Airlines. Initially, it was known as United Eagle Airlines, which was then renamed to Chengdu in 2010. The airlines operate a network of scheduled domestic passenger flights from its primary hub of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The airlines operate a flight to 54 destinations in the Asia region, of which 52 are operated in mainland China. The airlines operate a flight to two international destinations – Vladivostok in Russia and Koh Samui in Thailand. The airline has in total 59 fleets of aircraft that comprises Airbus 319-100, 320-200, and Comac ARJ21.

Chengdu Airlines Booking

Travel on your mind? Simplify your travel palms by booking the Chengdu Airlines reservation online. Skip the long queues and pesky calls to travel agents. Get online at the Chengdu booking platform and handle your own ticketing! Once you have decided where you’re traveling to and when it becomes easy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while booking for the online ticket :

  • Start looking for flight deals in advance of your travel schedule.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming promotions offers and discount coupons.
  • Narrow down your search from the list of flight options to destinations on your chosen dates.
  • Choose your seats at your convenience.
  • Make your flight booking into a package deal. Add a hotel and/or car rentals that help you curb the price, or you might end up having a better deal.

Here’s how you can book the cheapest Chengdu Airlines booking :

  • Keep your schedule flexible – If your travel dates are flexible, then Chengdu Airlines’ ‘ticket to anywhere’ can help you get the best deals of your life. An exclusive search combination that gives you an exhaustive list of where all you can head to under 29 USD. It will give you the details of the departure and arrivals airports and the travel dates on which a particular deal is available.
  • Price Tracker – Chengdu Airlines’ ‘price tracking’ feature notifies you of the price of the flight that you’re interested in changes. Just Sign up for free, and you will get the price notification on your email.
  • Find the cheapest travel day – Based on the flexibility of your plans, the ‘Monthly View’ and the ‘Yearly View’ feature help passengers to zero-in the cheapest flight in a given month or the season. As long as you move your travel schedules around a bit, you may end up booking cheap flights with Chengdu. The airlines will display flight prices for a particular route on your chosen date over an entire month and highlight the days with the cheapest prices – to help you make a better decision.
  • Be a Smart Flyer – Book a Chengdu Airlines app. And, you will get access to all of the above features and tools. In addition, booking on the app has never been made so easy.

Chengdu Airlines Flights Features

After booking the Chengdu Airlines reservation, here are some of the features that help you make the most of your travel experiences:

  • Comfort Economy Class – It is an extended economy class introduced by Chengdu Airlines that allows passengers to enjoy better flight services. Once you booked this privileged class, passengers would get free access to the priority boarding. In addition, a dedicated seat in the first row of the cabin.
  • Fly with Heart – It is an irregular ticket product offered and promoted by Chengdu Airlines. The passenger just has to purchase this ticket, and does not need to confirm the specific travel date immediately. Passengers only need to choose an approximate time travel period, such as June 01- June 10. This will allow passengers to book OPEN tickets at an exclusive 20% discount.
  • Value Pack – Chengdu Airlines provide you courtesy of making free of cost changes and better service for your travel under the following plans :
    • Basic package – exclusive service package involves free seat assignment, complimentary meal, and travel insurance. Price: 12 USD
    • Affordable package – You will get all the features and addons of the Basic package plus one free rescheduling. Price: 21 USD
    • Extravagant package – You will get all the features and addons of the Basic package plus two free reschedulings. Price: 42 USD
  • Free Booking for medical staff – In the wake of the pandemic outbreak, Chengdu Airlines would provide free round-trip tickets to medical staff around the world who are helping Wuhan to recover. The offer is valid until December 2023.

Chengdu Airlines Contact Details

Not comfortable booking Chengdu Airlines online? Feel free to reach us on our 24*7 Chengdu airlines booking support desk at . Our travel experts will not only help you book your flights but also help you travel services on your existing booking. Also, reach out to us for all the travel queries and concerns, and our travel against will help you in a better way.

Chengdu Airlines – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the checked baggage allowance on Chengdu Airlines?
A. For economy class passengers the checked baggage allowance is 20 kg. For the business class, the weight limit is 30 kg. Any excess baggage charge, if applicable, is calculated as 1.5% of the base fare of the ticket, irrespective of the class of service booked.

Q. What if I find the baggage case to be broken when I receive it?
A. Chengdu Airlines has engaged some vendors at most airports to provide free services of home delivery, baggage case repair, and alternative baggage cases. If your baggage case happens to be damaged, please visit the baggage service counter to escalate.

Q. What do I need for airport check-in?
A. You need to have the following items handy: your E-ticket, any government-issued photo ID, a valid passport, and visa or immigration document required by the country/region you will be entering.

Q. Can I order special meals when I check-in at the airport?
A. As it takes time to prepare the in-flight special meals, passengers need to inform Chengdu Airlines about special meals requested at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Q. How can I get a refund?
A. Any refund upon the cancellation of the Chengdu Airlines booking would be processed in 1-2 billing cycles. The claimed refund to be processed on the customer’s original method of payment.

Q. Can I board a flight while carrying two infants?
A. Children between 14 days and until their second birthday would be considered as an infant. Infants can travel on an adult’s lap for free of cost. If an adult is flying with two infants, then he has to purchase a child’s fare for the second infant. Passengers have to carry a medical or birth certificate at the time of boarding for age-verification.

Q. Can I apply for a refund online?
A. Yes! One can apply for a refund online upon requesting the cancellation of your Chengdu Airlines booking. But in certain circumstances, one has to call our travel executives at

Q. If there is any change to the Chengdu Airlines travel schedule, how do the passengers get the notifications?
A. Travelers booked through the Chengdu Airlines would be notified via text, email, and a phone call. Passengers must ensure that they update their contact details under the ‘manage booking’ section tab.

Q. After the flight is disrupted or canceled, how does the refund would work?
A. If any Chengdu airlines schedule is canceled or disrupted due to any external reasons such as severe weather, technical fault, or any riots like the situation, the passengers would not be charged any cancellation fee. Passengers would receive a full refund if they cancel their flight. In such situations, passengers can also change their flight without paying any extra fees.

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