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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

About Vueling Airlines

Vueling airline is popularly known as the low cost Spanish airline that offers a fleet of about 170 aircrafts, which covers over 163 destinations. The airline is widely known for its cheap flights which cover destinations like; Algeria, Cyprus, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Israel, UK and the US, etc.

Passengers who are looking forward for discounted flights can book flights online via Vueling airline. With a toll free number, customers can talk to the Vueling airline customer service department and book their tickets anytime.

Book Your Flight Online With Vueling Airlines

Vueling airline’s website is readily available for the fliers, to assist them in making reservations to flights or hotels. It’s just that, passengers need to dial on the Vueling airline phone number and make the booking. With the toll free number, it’s easy for the customer to check their flight status or any other discounting scheme, currently managed by the airline.

One Station For Numerous Queries

Whether you want to enquire about the available reservation to a flight or hotel or you want to enquire about the lost baggage or any other related details, you can dial the Vueling airline helpline number, i.e. 00 34 931 51 81 58 and ask the representative.

Even the website is completely updated with the fresh deals available for the passengers. Apart from that, you can check out the Vueling airline contact details and confirm everything, before your flight.

Vueling airline reviews can also assist you in assessing the service quality offered by the airline.

Vueling Airlines Review

List of Veuling Customer Service phone number from across the globe
Spain ticket sale902808022
Spain flioght Information902808005
Spain Vueling Club902104269
Spain Customer Service902808005
Spain Lost luggage902486648
Germany Ticket sale1806661166
Germany Customer Service1806909090
Germany Luggage Lost1806700000
Austria Ticket Sale900270314
Austria Customer Service1230461105
Austria Luggage Lost820901332
Belgium Ticket Sale90233429
Belgium Customer Service28087812
Belgium Luggage Lost70354727
France Ticket Sale899232400
France Customer Service184886948
France Luggage Lost0821 23 23 22
France Vueling Club186266411
Holland Ticket Sale9007770005
Holland Customer Service208081295
Holland Luggage Lost208083759
Italy Ticket Sale8958953333
Italy Flight Information199206621
Italy Customer Service199206621
Italy Luggage Lost199308080
Italy Vueling Club199206324
Poland Ticket Sale708577610
Poland Customer Service708377610
Poland Luggage Lost34931518149
Portugal Ticket Sale707783939
Portugal Customer Service210020080
Portugal Luggage Lost707 78 66 77
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Ticket Sale4409050781000
United Kingdom Customer Service2035143971
United Kingdom Luggage Lost8443387780
Russia Ticket Sale34931518134
Russia Customer Service(495)2041611
Russia Luggage Lost34931518153
Switzerland Ticket Sale900000370
Switzerland Customer Service900000340
Switzerland Luggage Lost34931518154
Rest of the world
Ticket Sale34931221291
Customer Service34931518158
Luggage Lost34931518172
Vueling Club(+34)931221310
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5 years ago

1-14503475536 Ref Num

So disappointed for not giving me my refund. Vueling website says they will pay the expenses made for basic necessities while the lost luggage is being traced. So NOT true! They don’t give you anything. Just lousy!

Georges Arab
Georges Arab
5 years ago

I booked a basic economy flight on 08-12-2018 from Munich to Beirut. I tried to add Bagage, but i was shocked with the price that Vueling charges for one added Bagage which is 52 euro! as far as i know when traveling by vueling that i was used to pay around 25 Euro per bag. What is the truth?


Alex Kayden
Alex Kayden
5 years ago

I accidentally typed my name in wrong- flight below. Can you confirm that it will be changed to ALEXANDRA
Vueling Flight 3835
Sep 18-Confirmation #ZFRUJQ

5 years ago

I have a confirmed reservation On Vuelkng Airlknes LGW to CDG on 8/1 and I have called 4 numbers for customer service from the USA and have been hung up on 4 times and have been told that they can’t fknd my reservation!!! DK NKT USE THIS AIRMJNE FOR ANYTHING BTHEYBARE A SCAM AND A FRAUD

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