About Sichuan Airlines

Sichuan airline is the airline based in China. It is the foremost airline company of China that offers the passengers with both the domestic and International flight services. Passengers can call at the Sichuan airline phone number and know about the ticket reservation system following any place located all around the world.

Sichuan airline runs different flights for the fliers moving in China and overseas. On a maximum extent, it serves its highest amount of services, i.e. cheap flights through the Chongqing Jiangbei International airport, which is located in China, itself.

Sichuan Airlines Customer Service

For a round the clock support to book flights online or to enquire anything about the airline, Sichuan airline customer service department is available. The numbers are toll free and customers are free to call at the Sichuan airline helpline number to talk to the customer care executive and make booking, or cancel the tickets, without paying any sort of extra charges.

User friendly airline

Sichuan airline is known for its user-friendly approach that makes it accessible by every passenger. Fliers can peep into the Sichuan airline contact details or directly make a call at the number and talk with the customer care representative.

Customers can easily login at the website of the airline and check out more about it. In case, customers find any suggestions or feedback to get posted, they can post them in the Sichuan airline reviews. Call at the number today and find access to the cheap flights to China or any other country.

Sichuan Airlines Reviews

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  • Cosimo Veracini says:

    Dear Seichun Airlines,

    My name is Cosimo Veracini. I had the flight 3U8088 from Osaka to Chengdu in October the 11th and then the flight 3U607 from Chendgu to Rome in the night between October the 11th and October the 12th, both in Business Class. Due to a delay of the first flight (Osaka-Chendgu, 1:10 h of late), I must leave in Chengdu my luggage (dark blue in fabric with wheels – boarded in Osaka), in order to catch the second flight to Rome (as suggested by your ground service person).

    I kindly ask to send the luggage to my attention as soon as possible at the address in below:

    Gucci Logistica Presso Artlab Ufficio Maggiordomo
    Via delle Nazioni Unite, 1
    50018 Casellina di Scandicci, Firenze
    Toscana, Italy

    In the attachment you can find all boarding pass and the tracking number of the luggage created in Osaka and referred to just Osaka-Chendgu flight. No tracking number from Chendgu to Rome because I didn’t have the opportunity to take my luggage from the baggage claim.

    Hoping you reply very soon,

    Best Regards

    Cosimo Veracini
    Global Product Care Process Excellence Coordinator

    Gucci Logistica S.p.a.
    Artlab – Via delle Nazioni Unite, 1
    50018 Casellina di Scandicci (FI)
    Phone: (+39)
    Mobile Phone: (+39) 348.79.01.141
    e-mail : cosimo.veracini@it.gucci.com

  • Hi, I would like to ask how could I request wheelchair service. I already booked the ticket.

  • Flew from Melbourne to Nanjing, then Shanghai to Melbourne in July 2019. Could not fault this airline. Will travel with again!! Excellent!

  • I’m booked to fly from Chengdu to Auckland, NZ in Aug 2019. Can i bring my children’s hoverboard on the aircraft as checked luggage?
    Do I need to remove the battery and take it in hand luggage ?

  • Yanhong Zheng says:

    I can’t finish paying the orders of the flight tickets online, how can I pay to make sure to confirm these tickets? Thank you so much

    • You can call on the given phone number, the representative must assist you with the booking process.

  • morton campbell says:

    Sichuan airlines customer service sucks big time

    • Agreed. If you even got in contact with their customer service, props to you! They have zero toll free numbers or any American contact information. Rating: 1

  • Shavee Soly says:

    have some doubts about using my flight tickets for flight 3U8645 CTU-CAN
    E-Tickets No. 8767116955806 & 8767116955807
    I still consider whether to use it or not.
    If I can get any refund for it I will cancel it so it can be re-sold buy you.
    Is it an option?
    Thank you

  • call the # list 1-+, but the guy told me i need to call the airline…….

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Flight Booking, Change, Cancellation & more...

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