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  • Open 24 Hours
  • Tehran, Iran
  • https://www.qeshm-air.com/

Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Qeshm Air is an Iranian based air carrier. The airline has its headquartered at Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf. Qeshm Air was first incepted in the year 1993 as Faraz Qeshm Airline and went on to initiate its service by renting airplanes from other airline companies. In fact, the company’s initial flying route was from Tehran to Dubai and Tehran to Qeshm. The airline went on to grow in its fleet size with seven aircraft in the year 2000. 

Qeshm Air operates in numbers of scheduled services of both domestic and international flights and includes charter flights too. In any occasion where the customers of Qeshm Air may need some assistance for their flight can proceed to get help by dial the airline’s helpdesk number. A diligent agent of the airline customer care will take up the call and make the necessary arrangements and the best possible solutions. 

Qeshm Air Online Booking

Why do customers need to note down the given customer support phone number?

Every airline company wants to provide the best accommodation and in-flight experience to its customers. This way, they are able to maintain a satisfactory relationship with its customers who will want to come back again and again after being enthralled by the wonderful services provided by the company. One way to maintain customers’ satisfaction is by implementing the mechanism of customer support service and helpline numbers. 

Call Qeshm Air for Booking

Passengers may encounter a number of technical problems or confusion with regard to their flight information. Hence, they should call Qeshm Air support number to tackle any inquiries.

Typical reasons to call the given phone number:

  • Making seating arrangements in advance
  • Disposition of local shopping merchandise
  • In-flight entertainment amenities 

There are many other requirements that are fulfilled by the representative of customer care when you dial the number.

  • Customers who want to cancel their booking
  • Making arrangements for future flights
  • Inquiry on reservations and ticket offers
  • Access the flight status
  • Complete online check-in

Customers can avail the use of the given phone number or compose an email addressed to the airline’s support email. Qeshm Air endeavors to bring the rich culture of flight experience to all. Any disadvantages experience on the part of the passengers can be taken to the customer support agent. They should contact for an immediate and effective solution. 

The airline also offers the live chat support which will reduce the number of customer queries. It will take care of your flight booking, online check-in, flight delay status, canceling any flight tickets, scheduling your next flight reservations, etc. 

Qeshm Air provides alternative ways to get in touch with the airline. This includes using social media as a source of connecting with customers around the world. The airline has created a number of official pages on different social media platforms. 

Instagram: On Instagram, Qeshm Air has over a 12.3k number of followers and more than 400 post.

Facebook: Qeshm Air has more than a 2k number of followers on Facebook and provides daily updates about the airline.

For online flight booking, Changes and cancellation, main office contact details, domestic customer service phone numbers and the international customer service phone number, find all of the details from the list below.

Qeshm Air Contact Details

Customer Service

Phone Number

Qeshm Air General Enquiries

982147999/ 982142738888

Qeshm Air Tehran General Enquiries


Qeshm Air Main Office


Qeshm Air Booking and online ticket purchases (Text Only)


Qeshm Air Tehran Main Office


Qeshm Air Headquarter Qeshm Island, Iran


Qeshm Air Domestic Customer Service Phone Number

Qeshm Air Tehran


Qeshm Air Imam


Qeshm Air Qeshm


Qeshm Air Kish


Qeshm Air Mashhad


Qeshm Air Shiraz


Qeshm Air Ahvaz


Qeshm Air Bandar Abbas


Qeshm Air Esfahan


Qeshm Air Abadan


Qeshm Air Tabriz


Qeshm Air Orumieh


Qeshm Air Sanandaj


Qeshm Air Kermanshah


Qeshm Air Zabul


Qeshm Air International Customer Service Phone Number

Qeshm Air Istanbul


Qeshm Air Dubai


Qeshm Air Najaf


Qeshm Air Brussels


Qeshm Air Hamburg


Qeshm Air Sparta


Qeshm Air Airbus A300-600 EP-FQM | Smooth landing at St. Petersburg airport

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