Porter Airlines Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal (EWR)

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Newark Liberty International Airport, a Porter Airlines hub, provides hundreds of daily flights to roughly 75 cities across the United States and Canada, including well-known business travel locations like Boston, San Francisco, and Dallas.

At Newark Airport, Terminal B house the Porter Airlines terminal. There are check-in options for levels two and three at this terminal, which has the IATA code “PD”.

Although Terminal B is the designated Porter Airlines terminal at Newark Airport, the flights to Canada depart from Terminal C. Check out the Porter Airlines Business Lounge, which is located at terminals B.

Porter Airlines Newark Airport Terminal

The round shape of Newark Airport houses terminals, short-term parking areas, and transportation infrastructure; the departure aisles are outside.

Since Terminals A, B, and C are not physically connected to one another by any walkways or bridges, travelers must use the AirTrain or shuttle bus to connect.

AirportAirport  Newark Liberty International EWR
Arrivals & Departures Terminals 1,2 & 3 
Airport AddressNewark Liberty International Airport, New York, New York, United States
CityNew York
CountryUnited States

Terminal A

Both domestic and foreign flights run out of Terminal A.

The terminals of Newark Airport have three concourses: A1, A2, and A3. One for security is present at each. This suggests that if you’re connecting to a flight that is in the same terminal but on a different concourse, you will need to go through security again.

There are 9 gates in Concourse A1, numbered A10–A18. There are 10 gates in Concourse A2 with the designations A20–A25. There are 10 gates in Concourse A3 with the numerals A30–A39.

There are Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges, United Clubs, and Porter Airlines Clubs on Concourses A1, A2, and A3, respectively. Each concourse’s atrium also has a number of stores and restaurants.

Star Alliance passengers can use the free shuttle bus to travel to the other terminals; it departs from a location near gate A28. Others will need to exit the terminal, board the AirTrain, and re-enter security at the terminal after that.

Terminal B

Having three concourses, Terminal B is the main international terminal at EWR. The nine gates on Concourse B1 are labeled B40, B41A-B, B48-B50, B52A-B, and B54. There are 7 gates in Concourse B2 with the numbers B55–B60.

There aren’t many shops and restaurants in the B2 concourse, thus travelers will need to use the amenities in the other 2 concourses. The three security checkpoints all lead onto a shared concourse area, allowing travelers to freely move between the three concourses without having to go through security screening again.

Terminal B has a USO Lounge, a British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, a Lufthansa Business and the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, a SAS Lounge, and a Virgin Atlantic Lounge.

Terminal C

Porter Airlines and United Airlines jointly operate Terminal C for both domestic and international flights. Concourses C1, C2, and C3 make up Terminal C, like the other terminals.

On Concourse C1, there are 21 gates.

Concourse C2 has 15 gates while Concourse 3 has 19 gates.

The three security gates lead into a single concourse area, eliminating the need to re-clear security in order to enjoy the terminal’s extensive selection of shops and restaurants.

At Terminal C, there are three United Club Lounges and a United Polaris Lounge. To get to Terminals A or B, travelers can board the shuttle bus that departs from a location near gate C65.

Porter Airlines Customer Service Counter

At EWR Airport, the following requirements must be met in order to check in and board: A valid boarding pass must be shown to Porter Airlines along with all checked luggage.

A Porter Airlines customer care representative is always on duty at the Porter Airlines Newark terminal airport to help you with the check-in process if you are going with a paper ticket.

Payment at the airport – Porter Airlines at EWR does not accept cash payments. Find out whether there are any possibilities for converting cash to debit or credit cards by asking the Porter Airlines employees at the airport.

Area for Baggage Drop-Off and Claim Desk For Porter Airlines

The baggage claim room and counter at the EWR Terminal A are only available to Porter Airlines passengers.

Drop Zone – If you need to check luggage, place it in Terminal A’s baggage claim area. The counter opens 3 hours prior to departure, but no earlier than 5:00 am. For domestic flights, the airline permits checked luggage 30 minutes prior to takeoff.

In the baggage claim section of Terminal B, Porter Airlines will make use of Carousel 2. Following your arrival, you have 90 minutes to pick up your bags.  Checked bags will only be accepted during ticket counter hours and no earlier than 8 hours prior to departure.

Information on Boarding at the Porter Airlines Newark Terminal

Before boarding a Porter flight, all passengers should be notified of the following information:

Security – Airport security must be finished at least 60 minutes before the Porter Airlines flight takes departure.

Before the flight, you have 30 minutes to arrive at the gate. When the plane is about to take off, the airline will let you know whether they have your contact information. There will be no flight delay to accommodate latecomers.

Pre-boarding – Passengers who want to use Porter Airlines’ pre-boarding option need to arrive at the gate early. Pre-boarding is accessible for:

  • Passengers traveling with infants and kids
  • Passengers with disabilities or those who need assistance moving around.

Priority Boarding – Priority services, such as priority check-in and boarding, are offered at the Porter Airlines Newark Terminal Departures. These offerings are offered to – 

  • First- and business-class passengers.
  • Frequent Flier passengers
  • Unaccompanied minors

Porter Airlines immigration counter at Newark International Airport

You can use an Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosk to expedite immigration if you are flying Porter into Terminal 1 at EWR airport. Additionally –

  • Passport holders with US or Canadian passports can use this service.
  • B1/B2 tourist visa holders and participants in the Visa Waiver Program.

Use the APC kiosk to submit your customs information rather than the standard form. In this location, you can take a picture, scan your passport, and answer a few questions.

To complete your entrance documentation for the US, please present your passport and receipt to a US Customs and Border Patrol agent.

Driving Directions to EWR

Coming from New York – Take the Lincoln Tunnel, the I-95 exit, and then the NJ-495 West merging route. Take the New Jersey Turnpike South exit, then use the left lanes to join onto I-95 South. Stay on I-78 West and take exit 14-14C toward US-1, US-9, and US-22. Take exit 57’s left two lanes to travel to the airport and US-1 South/US-9 South.

Coming from Philadelphia – Take I-95 North toward Elizabeth, then get off at Elizabeth Seaport/Newark Airport. Continue on NJ-81 North, keeping the signs for US 1/US 9, Newark, and Elizabeth in mind. Use the left two lanes to exit onto US 1-9/Newark and proceed to the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Porter Airlines at New York Airport?

At Airport Newark Liberty, the airline uses Terminal 3. This is an essential terminal at the airport with a number of facilities and services available. Hence, passengers can find it convenient to fly from here.

How early can I check in at New York Terminal?

Before your flight is set to leave, you should try to be at the terminal of New York Airport. 2 hours is the ideal duration suggested for this when you have to check in. 1 hour before the departure period is the maximum time allowed for checking in.

How do I contact Porter Airlines Airport Newark Liberty Terminal?

You can dial the official Airport Newark Liberty Terminal contact number. Your concerns or complaints will be duly handled by the airline on call.

What are the benefits of Porter Airlines New York Office?

The efficiency of Porter Airlines’ office in New York is a major benefit. It is reflected in the ways the airline’s office handles flight management processes. You can expect prompt and personalized guidance carried out by the officials for every process

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