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  • +662-088-8955
  • 24x7 Airlines Booking
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

Nok Air was founded on the 10th of February 2004, however, the airline commenced operation from 23rd July 2004. The airline has gained an immense amount of success by delivering high standard services. Many choose Nok Air because they offer one of the cheapest baggage allowances and offer premium quality of in-flight services at an affordable price. If you are planning to book tickets in Nok Air, then make sure you are using Nok Air Promotion Code 2020 to reduce the total of airfare. You can use these codes in following manners, visit the official site, fill the reservation form, review the selection, and at the time of payment using this code on promo offers box.

How To Secure Seats Via Nok Air Reservations Team?

For people who don’t believe in online portals, but do not wish to visit the airport then they can schedule their journey over the call with the help of Nok Air Reservations. The booking process is simple and does not require an internet connection. Dial the Nok Air Reservations number , select a language for communication, press the suitable key for selecting reservation process, wait for the assistance of travel agent, ask the agent to schedule your journey, for that offer departure and arrival date, departure and arrival airport city, class of service, number of passengers. The agent will ask you to reconfirm the information, and now he will ask you the following questions:- Passenger name, passenger age, passenger occupation, and much more information related to the passenger. After informing all the details, now you need to present contact details for future support. Pay the airfare, and secure your seats in style, you will receive your e-ticket on a registered email address with Nok Air.

How To Get The E-ticket On Online Portals?

  1. Choose a web browser as per the availability.
  2. Visit the official web site of Nok Air.
  3. On the login page, press the login tab.
  4. You will be redirected to the homepage.
  5. On the page, choose the round trip function, select the departure date, arrival date, departure airport, arrival airport, and click on the book now tab.
  6. Now select a flight as per the suitable timing, and fill the passenger information page. On the information page, write the name of passenger, age, address, locality, nationality, occupations of passenger, and much more information related to the passenger.
  7. Before going to the payment section, review the passenger details, and input the contact details.
  8. Choose the payment mode, pay the airfare via Debit card, Credit card, Paypal wallets, and many other payment modes.
  9. Get the E-ticket on the registered phone number and email address. The Nok Air Reservation via the online process is easy and will help you to save money, time, and other important resources.

What Are The Destinations Covered Under Nok Air Flight And Ferry Services?

The following are the destinations that are covered under the Nok Air Flight And Ferry services:-

Andaman Sea

  • Koh Kradan (Trang)
  • Koh Phi Phi (Krabi)
  • Koh Lanta (Trang and Phuket)
  • Koh Yao Noi
  • Koh Lipe (Satun)
  • Koh Yao Yai
  • Koh Mook (Trang)
  • Railay Beach
  • Koh Ngai (Krabi)
  • Koh Libong
  • Koh Bulone
  • Koh Jum
  • Koh Lao Liang
  • Koh Phayam

Gulf Of Thailand

  • Koh Nang Yuan (Chumphon)
  • Koh Samui (Surat Thani)
  • Koh Phangan (Surat Thani)
  • Koh Tao (Chumphon)

Why Many People Choose Booking Tickets Via The Nok Air Reservations?

Many people choose the offline Nok Air Reservation process because for the following purpose:-

  • The Nok Air Reservation number is available 24/7.
  • The number is accessible in English, Spanish, and many other native languages.
  • No need for an internet connection. Dial the number and book tickets whenever you wish.
  • Through the Nok Air Reservation number, a user can complete the check-in process in a new stride.
  • No need to have technical knowledge.
  • The Nok Air Reservation number is toll-free across the United States and Canada.  
  • The offline reservation process will help you to save time and resources, this process will help you to book tickets over the call without visiting the airport counter.

Note:- The only drawback related to the offline Nok Air Reservation process is that you need to pay service fees excluding ticket fares.

Nok Air Baggage Policy?

Read In Details – Nok Air Baggage Policy

  • According to the Nok Air Baggage Policy, a passenger can take one checked baggage with one carry-on bag. 
  • The Nok Air Cabin Baggage Size for the carry-on bag is 22 x 14 x 9 inches and in centimeters 56 x 36 x 23 cm. The dimension is decided by the company in (LXBXH).
  • The maximum weight of the carry-on bag is 15 lb or 7 kg. You need to pay more if you exceed the allotted weight rate. 
  • Do not worry as for Nok Air your bags and commodities are the priority. You do not need to take stress, you will get the baggage at the airport counter. 
  • For the Promotion Class and Nok Eco Class passengers, the airline set the maximum weight to 33 lb/15 kg.
  • For the  Nok Fan Club passengers, the airline set the maximum weight to 44 lb/20 kg.
  • For the  Nok Smile Plus passengers, the airline set the maximum weight to 66 lb/30 kg.
  • The passenger can Purchase the Nok Air Baggage by paying $6.13 (THB 200) per kg for domestic routes flights and $9.19 (THB 300) per kg for International routes flights.
  • According to the Nok Air Carry On Policy, for some routes, the airline will not charge the baggage fee for carrying on bags.
  • For the extra Nok Air Baggage Purchase, you need to communicate with the reservation center or visit the official page of Nok Air.

How To Perform The Check-in Process?

If you are looking to complete the check-in process in advance make sure you are performing the check-in task online. Check the internet speed, open the web browser, and conveniently complete the check-in process online to save your money, time, and other resources:-

  1. Visit the official website, and click on the login tab.
  2. Use the registered email address and input the correct password to initiate the check-in process.
  3. On the homepage, press the check-in tab. 
  4. Input the confirmation code with the passenger’s last name.
  5. Click on the proceed tab.
  6. Select the travel ID and pay the check-in fees. For some routes, the airline does not charge change fees.
  7. The airline offers the check-in process over the call through the Nok Air Reservation number.

How To Perform Cancellation Over The Call?

  1. Dial the Nok Air Reservation number.
  2. Select the interaction language from the drop-down.
  3. Choose the cancellation option by clicking on the correct option.
  4. The agent will greet you and explain the cancellation fees. The airline will not charge a cancellation fee if the scheduled tickets cancel on the same day of booking.
  5. To perform the cancellation, the agent will ask you the number of air tickets, ask the family name of passengers, and reason for cancellation.
  6. The agent will tick the passenger name, and he or she will check if you need to pay the cancellation fee or not.
  7. If you qualify for free cancellation, you do not need to pay the cancellation fee but if you need to pay the cancellation fee then pay the fees via Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal wallets, etc.

Note:- After the successful cancellation process, you will get the confirmation message on your registered email address. The cancellation process through the Nok Air Reservation number will cost you more than the online process.

How To Use The Nok Air Promotion Code 2020?

  1. Open the website, and visit the reservation section.
  2. Fill out the passenger booking form with personal information, contact information, and travel information.
  3. To fill in the information you need to input the passenger name, passenger age, passenger occupation, contact details, and other required details.
  4. Review the input thoroughly, and click on the proceed tab to visit the payment section.
  5. Add your bags, in-flight service, and click on the continue tab to calculate.
  6. On the promo codes box, paste the Nok Air Promotion Code 2020, and choose the payment option.
  7. Click on the continue tab to complete the payment process.
  8. Pay the fees on visa Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or PayPal wallets.
  9. You will receive the e-ticket at your registered email address.

Note- The Nok Air Promotion Code 2020 will help you to reduce the total ticket fare and help you to get peace of mind.

List Of Nok Air Contact Details

Nok Air Contact In Thailand1318
Nok Air International Contact662-88-8955
Nok Air Group Booking Contact Number In Thailand1318 Press 12
Nok Air Group Booking Fax Number(66)2-858-4893
Nok Air Email Address[email protected]
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