MIAT Mongolian Airlines Phone Number

MIAT Mongolian Airlines Phone Number

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  • fierybluelotus says:

    I had a bad experience and I didn’t even fly MIAT airlines. I missed my flight to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from Beijing at 1:40am in the morning, as I arrived and there were no staff from MIAT airlines to a) help with check-in, or b) direct me to get onto the next flight or get reimbursed for the flight. Not one person was there. I went to the attending airport customer service to ask for help and they called MIAT airlines 3 times (2 times before flight and one time after), to which on the third time, they called, MIAT airlines picked up talked with the attendee and when attendee asked them if they could talk to me, they refused, while I was standing there listening in. Beyond being enraged at not getting to talk to MIAT personnel at all, I later was able to get in contact with the Manager of MIAT Airlines in Beijing, to which he threatened to sue me if I wrote a bad review. That is quite ridiculous. I had only asked MIAT Airlines to send a written documentation to the third party Feixu platform on Alipay that I had bought the ticket on to help me get reimbursement of 500rmb for the ticket, a ticket I bought for 2700rmb and they refused. In this case, as they are the airline, I don’t believe they lose any money. It would be just be providing documentation to get the third party to reimburse me the 500rmb. I complained to them about their service personnel being intentionally unavailable to talk post missing the flight and instead of helping to resolve the situation, and when I said that I will be posting on TripAdvisor to warn other people, the Manager threatened they, MIAT Airlines, could come and sue me. True story. Never fly MIAT Airlines if you have to. Poor service on top of added injury to passengers. I definitely don’t recommend this airline or their staff. I am appalled at the way I was treated by a Manager. Service rating 0


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