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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

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Being the national passenger carrier of Kenya, it is said to be the largest Kenyan Airlines in terms of the number of destinations served and the number of passengers carried. Kenya Airways is a member of SkyTeam that makes it reachable to the wider airline network across the globe. So far, the airline serves 53 destinations in 43 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Kenya Airways Booking Extras

With Kenya Airways, passengers can enhance their travel experience with the following additional services to make their journey more memorable :

Charter request – With Kenya Airways passengers can fly safely by maintaining a social distance that helps them move in these uncertain times. For travelers who need to fly home, get medical care, or get some urgent business done, Kenya Airways provides a custom charter solution to meet all specific needs.

Upgrade flight – With Kenya Airways, passengers can add quality and little extra safety to their journey with Kenya Airways booking class upgrade. All existing passengers can upgrade their existing reservations online up to two days before departure.

Book Hotels – Now club your Kenya Airways flight booking with a hotel to save up to 20 percent on your travel. Passengers can choose from 1200 properties listed on the Kenya Airways website. No need to search for flights and hotels separately, as the airline introduced flight plus hotel packages together for you.

Car Rentals – Combine your flight plus car with Kenya Airways to get the best deal under a single transaction. Kenya Airways booking website allows you to choose from a fleet of cars offered worldwide, thanks to their partnership with major car rentals companies like AVIS, National, Hertz, Alamo, etc. Kenya Airways online booking allows car rentals at minimal low deposits, as travelers can in as many installments as they like.

Group Booking – Kenya Airways offers a discounted group fare for the passengers traveling in a group of 10 or more in Economy Class and 5 or more in Business Class in the same departure and arrival flights. Give us a call on Kenya Airways’ phone number to get a prompt response on all your group queries.

Go Wild Safari – Kenya Airways offers an amazing wild safari experience in Nairobi. For only 200 USD, passengers would get a unique Kenyan Safari experience which includes a personalized guide 4-hour game drive, and breakfast or lunch in the park.

Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance

Hand Luggage – Each passenger is entitled to get one carry-on bag as long as it adheres to the weight limit of 10 kg and a maximum dimension of 56 x 36 x 20 cm. In addition, passengers can also carry one personal item such as a handbag, small camera, laptop bag, collapsible baggage trolley, crutches, and briefcase.

Checked Baggage – For passengers traveling from Europe to all destinations in Africa :

  • Economy Class – 2 checked bags, 23 kg per article
  • Business Class – 2 checked bags, 32 kg per article
  • Maximum Dimension – 158 cm or 62 linear inches

For all other airline routes :

  • Economy Class -1checked bag, weight should not exceed 23 kg
  • Business Class – 1 checked bag, weight should not exceed 30 kg
  • Maximum Dimension – 158 cm or 62 linear inches

Customer Service of Kenya Airways

Need end-to-end support with your travel? Call Kenya Airways’ phone number (toll-free) as our travel analysts help you meet all your expectations, everything from busing a flight ticket, to getting your airport transfer sorted to the actual journey. We stand out among the crowd, harnessing a competitive advantage that will lead to customers choosing us when they travel over the competition. Call us to get the maximum savings on your next Kenya Airways reservation.

Kenya Airways – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are my payment options while doing a Kenya Airways online booking?
Passengers can book and pay efficiently through any of the payment options with Kenya Airways such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, mobile payment, and real-time bank transfers.

Can I refund and cancel my Kenya Airways reservations online?
Only booking purchased through the Kenya Airways website can be canceled and refunded via the ‘Manage my booking’ section. Kenya Airways allows 150 USD for making changes to the existing reservation. Refunds are available only on selected fares with Kenya Airways

Is it possible to alter the multi-city bookings online with Kenya Airways?
Kenya Airways does not facilitate alteration or cancellation of multi-city bookings via the reservation website. The passenger needs to call at 24*7 Kenya Airways phone number at for all the travel-related assistance on multi-city bookings.

Do Kenya Airways reservations allow Upgrade to Business Class?
Kenya Airways offers a unique feature of allowing passengers to determine their own price for the business class upgrade by submitting an offer. Kenya Airways manage booking desk informs passengers 12 hours before departure whether a Business Class upgrade has been approved or not. Kenya Airways offers to upgrade on all scheduled flights in all the flight routes.

What happens to the booking that has been canceled by Kenya Airways?
Any reservation which has been voluntarily canceled by Kenya Airways is entitled to a full refund of the airfare without any deduction of fees and charges.

Can I change or transfer my Kenya Airways booking to another person?
Kenya Airways flight reservation desk does not allow travelers to switch names or transfer a booking to a friend or a family member.

What do I need to know about the Kenya Airways ticket cancellation policy?
Kenya Airways allows reservation cancellation by paying a 200 USD fee where the passenger would not get a refund rather a travel credit voucher for the remaining airfare balance that is valid for 365 days. Passengers can redeem the travel voucher with a new reservation provided that the travel needs to be completed within the validity period.

Can I pay for the Kenya Airways booking for another person traveling from abroad?
Yes, you can pay for another person’s reservation provided if you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, it must be presented at the time of commencement of travel. If the credit or debit cardholder is not traveling, a copy of the payment card with the authorization signed by him or her should be presented at the time of check-in.

For online flight booking, Changes and cancellations call on Toll-Free

Kenya Airways Contact Details

Customer Service

Phone Number

Kenya Airways Australia

1300 787 310

Kenya Airways New zealand

0800 737 747

Kenya Airways Angola

244 227270158

Kenya Airways Bangladesh


Kenya Airways Bahrain

973 17227815

Kenya Airways Belgium

32 26 200800

Kenya Airways Benin

229 2131 6332

Kenya Airways Botswana

267 74032112/00267

Kenya Airways Burkinafaso

226 50 33 18 14

Kenya Airways Burundi

257 22 243506

Kenya Airways Cameroon

237 2 – 33 43 94 98

Kenya Airways Canada


Kenya Airways Central African Republic

236 7570 00 75

Kenya Airways Chad

241 05127878

Kenya Airways China


Kenya Airways China(Taiwan)


Kenya Airways China(Hong Kong)


Kenya Airways Comoros

269 7733145 – 47

Kenya Airways Brazzaville

242 06 462 53 96

Kenya Airways Denmark

45 35 158 200

Kenya Airways Djibouti


Kenya Airways Egypt

2 02 26908166

Kenya Airways Eritrea


Kenya Airways Equatorial Guinea


Kenya Airways Estonia

372 699 96 96

Kenya Airways Ethiopia

25 11 5525548

Kenya Airways Finland

358 203 533 55

Kenya Airways Gabon

241 05127878

Kenya Airways Germany


Kenya Airways Ghana

233 307001333

Kenya Airways Hungry


Kenya Airways India

91 22 67986721

Kenya Airways Nepal


Kenya Airways Indonesia

62 21 5431 7498

Kenya Airways Iran

98 21 4296 7600

Kenya Airways Israel


Kenya Airways Italy


Kenya Airways Ivory Coast

225 20 30 31 08

Kenya Airways Japan

81 (0) 3-3498 3070

Kenya Airways Jordan


Kenya Airways Kenya

254 20 327 4747

Kenya Airways Korea

82 2 317 8877

Kenya Airways Lebanon


Kenya Airways Kuwait

965 22970243

Kenya Airways Liberia


Kenya Airways Lithuania

370 520 589 51

Kenya Airways Madagascar

261 20 22 35990

Kenya Airways Malawi

265 01-774 227

Kenya Airways Malawi

265-1-824 524

Kenya Airways Malaysia

603 2691 7100

Kenya Airways Mauritius

00230 202 67 01

Kenya Airways Mayotte

262 269 641 930

Kenya Airways Mozambique

258 21321 284

Kenya Airways Netherlands


Kenya Airways Nigeria


Kenya Airways Norway

47 23 500 431

Kenya Airways Oman

968 24660317

Kenya Airways Pakistan


Kenya Airways Philippines

63 2 759 2191

Kenya Airways Poland

48-22 55-66-444

Kenya Airways Portugal


Kenya Airways Qatar

974 44227304

Kenya Airways Russia


Kenya Airways Rwanda


Kenya Airways Saudi Arabia

966 12 2633009

Kenya Airways Senegal

221 – 33 823 00 70

Kenya Airways Seychelles

248 4322989

Kenya Airways Sierra Leone

232 77 001 001

Kenya Airways Singapore

(65) 6291 2109

Kenya Airways South Africa

27(0) 10 205 0000

Kenya Airways South Sudan-Juba


Kenya Airways Spain


Kenya Airways Sri Lanka


Kenya Airways Sudan


Kenya Airways Sweden

46 8 51992181

Kenya Airways Switzerland

41 22 5675851

Kenya Airways Syria

968 24660317

Kenya Airways Tanzania

255 22 216 3917

Kenya Airways Tanzania

255 784 531 250

Kenya Airways Thailand

66 2 630 4545

Kenya Airways U.A.E

971 4 5169000

Kenya Airways U.S.A


Kenya Airways Uganda


Kenya Airways UK

44 20 82831800

Kenya Airways Vietnam

84 4 3941 3808

Kenya Airways Zambia

260 211 367200

Kenya Airways Zimbabwe

263 4 731070

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